- Liger Zero [Naked]

Registration Number: RZ-041
Name: Liger Zero [Naked]
    * AKA Liger Zero Ultimate [Smack!Zoids]
Japanese: ライガーゼロ [素体]
Height: 7.9 m
Length: 24.0 m
Weight: 75 T
Speed: 307 km/h
    Bit Cloud
    Ray Gregg
* Stat Information: Based on the Battle Card Game
Weapons: Equipment:
    Laser Fang
    Strike Laser Claw

- Liger Zero [Naked] Introduction

    The Liger Zero in its raw form. No longer weighed down by armor it's said to be able to move with incredible mobility and acceleration, though official speed stats are not given. While this would theoretically make the Zoid an incredible machine its basic frame is so frail in this state that a single enemy shot can take the Zoid out of battle. For this reason it is rarely seen without proper armor installed, sacrificing mobility for much better survivability.

- Details of Design


    The name, Liger Zero (literally translated to 'Prime Field') means different things in different context. It can also mean bare, but for the purpose of Liger Zero the closest and most accurate translation is Naked.

Strike Laser Claw

    In the anime Liger Zero uses the armor of its face for the Strike Laser Claw, but there is no media (that we're aware of) stating that this technique cannot be used without it. To the contrary, both mangas (NC0 and CC) show the Liger Zero still using an energy-claw attack, even if Strike Laser Claw is not specifically called out.

- Merchandise

Model Kits:

    * Model kit information can be found on the basic Liger Zero page.



- Media Appearances

* Primary media appearances include those where the Zoids are more distinguished characters.

Zoids New Century /Zero

Liger Zero appears armorless in the New Century Zero anime on several occasions. This almost always follows the use of the Liger Zero Panzer armor, which in the show causes severe overheating. To jettison the armor cools the Zoid back down and eliminates the overheat risk.

Zoids CC Manga

Another appearance of the unit was in the Chaotic Century manga. In a battle against the Death Stinger, Caesar the Blade Liger was translated into a new body -- The Liger Zero. Because the armor had not yet finished routing to the frame he chose to toss it away, fighting the Death Stinger in his raw form.

Zoids New Century Manga

Last but not least, one other major media appearance was in the New Century Zero manga. Instead of fighting the Berserk Furher with his basic Zero form, Liger instead chooses to fight without any armor at all. This is following severe damage from protecting the Hover Cargo, which was under threat of being crushed by falling rubble.

- Secondary Media Appearances

    Anime Media: Zoids New Century Zero
    Anime Media: Zoids Fuzors

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 4