- High-End Master Model Release

 In 2006 Kotobukiya launched its new HMM "High-End Master Model" series. Over the years, this has become the longest-running model kit series in the history of Zoids, and has been the tide to carry fans through many dry spells for other Zoids media. The line features reimagined designs from earlier series, including some original variations or versions of Zoids that were never realized in model kit form before now.

 With this series you can expect fully poseable model kits with tons of movable gimmicks, and a high number of parts. The older motorized kits tended to average around 60 ~ 100 parts. By comparison, many HMMs in the Liger size range from 400 ~ 550 parts. The line also features gorgeous custom-drawn box art, mostly by Mercy Rabbit. Each kit reimagines its battle story lore and offers unique details about the specific Zoid.

- Instruction Legend

 This image appears in most Instruction Manuals. Keep an eye on these icons to see where the kit may demand closer attention. While these are still snap-together kits they may require glue to make sure some parts stay firmly attached (they can otherwise be loose and create sagging parts). A good hobby knife and sprue cutters/nippers are recommended.

- Lore Bookmarks

 Anything with a silver bookmark beside its name has some degree of lore on the page, usually either the concept sketches or the story from the instruction booklets. If it has a gold bookmark, it has all of the lore included in the instructions. If it has a red mark, it doesn't seem to have any of its own original lore (either re-uses earlier release lore or only has descriptions about the kit.) We will review box stories on a case-by-case basis, but many seem to be summarized versions of the instruction info.

- High-End Master Model Pages

HMM-001 Shield Liger

HMM-001 Ltd Shield Liger Desert Type
HMM-001 Ltd Shield Liger Ramar
HMM-002 Command Wolf
HMM-002 Ltd Empire Command Wolf LC
HMM-002 Ltd Command Wolf Irvine Custom
HMM-003 Blade Liger

HMM-003 Ltd Blade Liger Mirage
HMM-003 Ltd Blade Liger Leon Ver.
Blu-Ray Box Blade Liger Limited Ver.
HMM-004 Geno Saurer

Dino Expo Geno Saurer Bone Color Ver.
HMM-005 Shield Liger MK-II
HMM-006 Saber Tiger

Zoids Source Exhibit Saber Tiger CA Color Ver.
HMM-007 Command Wolf AC
HMM-008 Molga & Molga Canory Unit
HMM-009 Saber Tiger Schwarz
HMM-010 Geno Breaker

HMM-011 Cannon Tortoise

HMM-012 Molga AA & Molga Carrier
HMM-013 Gun Sniper

Dino Expo Gun Sniper Bone Color Ver.
HMM-014 Buster Tortoise

HMM-015 Iron Kong

HMM-016 Blade Liger AB

HMM-016 Ltd Blade Liger AB Bang Ver.
HMM-017 Red Horn

HMM-018 Gun Sniper Naomi Special with W2 Unit
HMM-019 Great Sabre

HMM-019 Ltd Saber Tiger Gold
HMM-020 Lightning Saix

HMM-020 Ltd Lightning Saix Irvine Special
HMM-021 Dark Horn

HMM-022 Liger Zero

Liger Zero 2014 Blu-Ray BOX Ltd Ver.
HMM-022 Ltd Liger Zero Empire Ver.
Limited Liger Zero CAS Set Clear Ver.
HMM-023 Command Wolf LC & AC Ballad
HMM-024 Gun Sniper Leena Special
HMM-025 Pteras Bomber Jamie Ver.
HMM-026 Liger Zero Schneider
HMM-027 Geno Saurer Raven Ver.
HMM-028 Godos

HMM-029 Shield Liger Bang Ver.
HMM-030 Liger Zero Jager
HMM-031 Dark Horn Harry Special
HMM-032 Liger Zero Panzer
HMM-033 Berserk Führer
HMM-034 Shadow Fox

HMM-034 Ltd Fire Fox

HMM-035 Geno Breaker Raven Ver.
HMM-036 Dibison Thoma Ver.
HMM-037 Psycho Geno Saurer
HMM-038 Iron Kong Schwarz Ver.
HMM-039 Iguan

HMM-040 Gojulas

HMM-041 Death Stinger

HMM-041 Ltd Death Stinger Hiltz Ver.
HMM-042 Iron Kong PK

HMM-043 Gojulas the Ogre

HMM-043 Ltd Gojulas Gunner
HMM-044 Storm Sworder

HMM-044 Ltd Storm Sworder Ala Barone
HMM-045 Sturm Tyrann

HMM-045 Ltd Sturm Tyrann Berserk Unit Set
HMM-046 Shield Liger DCS-J
HMM-047 Godos Former Republic Ver.
HMM-048 Iron Kong Yeti

HMM-049 Gun Sniper W2

HMM-050 Death Stinger ZS
HMM-051 Rev Raptor

HMM-052 Raven Raptor

HMM-053 Liger Zero X

HMM-W001 Wild Liger

HMM-W001 Ltd Wild Liger Guren

* Basic Info updated through September 8th 2022

- Ultra Rare Limiteds

 These kits are in a separate section because it's nearly impossible to the average collector to obtain them. These were all kits made for exclusive events, and were released in extremely low numbers (usually 1 ~ 10). See individual pages for more info.

Site Renewal Campaign Berserk Führer Holotech
Photo Contest Plated HMM Liger Zero
Photo Contest HMM Godos Clear Ver.
Photo Contest HMM Iguan Clear Ver.

- Zoids List

Standard Release
Limited Release
 HMM 001: Shield Liger
 HMM 001: Shield Liger Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 002: Command Wolf
 HMM 003: Blade Liger
 HMM 004: Geno Saurer
 HMM 005: Shield Liger MK-II
 HMM 006: Saber Tiger
 HMM 007: Command Wolf AC
 HMM 008: Molga and Molga with Canory Unit
 HMM 009: Saber Tiger Schwalz Version
 HMM 010: Geno Breaker
 HMM 010: Geno Breaker Repackage Ver.
 HMM 011: Cannon Tortoise
 HMM 012: Molga AA & Carrier
 HMM 013: Gun Sniper
 HMM 014: Buster Tortoise
 HMM 015: Iron Kong
 HMM 015: Iron Kong Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 016: Blade Liger AB
 HMM 017: Red Horn
 HMM 018: Gun Sniper Naomi Special with W2 Unit
 HMM 019: Great Saber
 HMM 019: Great Sabre Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 020: Lightning Saix
 HMM 021: Dark Horn
 HMM 022: Liger Zero
 HMM 022: Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 023: Command Wolf LC & AC Barad Version
 HMM 024: Gun Sniper Leena Special
 HMM 025: Pteras Bomber Jamie Version
 HMM 025: Pteras Bomber Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 026: Liger Zero Schneider
 HMM 026: Liger Zero Schneider Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 027: Geno Saurer Raven Version
 HMM 028: Godos
 HMM 029: Shield Liger Bang Version
 HMM 030: Liger Zero Jager
 HMM 030: Liger Zero Jager Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 031: Dark Horn Harry Special
 HMM 032: Liger Zero Panzer
 HMM 032: Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 033: Berserk Fuehrer
 HMM 033: Berserk Furher Repackage Ver.
 HMM 034: Shadow Fox
 HMM 034: Shadow Fox Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 035: Geno Breaker Raven Version
 HMM 036: Dibison Thoma Version
 HMM 036: Dibison Marking Plus Ver.
 HMM 037: Psycho Geno Saurer
 HMM 038: Iron Kong Schwarz Version
 HMM 039: Iguan
 HMM 040: Gojulas
 HMM 041: Death Stinger
 HMM 042: Iron Kong PK
 HMM 043: Gojulas The Ogre
 HMM 044: Storm Sworder
 HMM 045: Sturm Tyrann
 HMM 046: Shield Liger DCS-J
 HMM 047: Godos Former Republic Ver.
 HMM 048: Iron Kong Yeti
 HMM 049: Gun Sniper W2
 HMM 050: Death Stinger ZS
 HMM 051: Rev Raptor
 HMM 052: Raven Raptor
 HMM 053: Liger Zero X
 HMM 054: Redler Zenebus Empire Ver.
 HMM 055: Redler Guyros Empire Ver.
 Unreleased: Rev Raptor Night Patrol
 Unreleased: Konig Wolf
 Unreleased: Heavy Arms Konig Wolf
 HMM W001: Wild Liger
 HMM 001 LTD: Desert Liger
 HMM 001 LTD: Shield Liger Ramar
 HMM 002 LTD: Command Wolf IC
 HMM 002 LTD: Empire Command Wolf LC
 HMM 003 LTD: Blade Liger Mirage
 HMM 003 LTD: Blade Liger AB Leon Ver.
 HMM 003 LTD: Blade Liger AB Leon Renewal
 HMM 016 LTD: Blade Liger AB Bang Version
 HMM 019 LTD: Saber Tiger Gold
 HMM 020 LTD: Lightning Saix IS
 HMM 022 LTD: Liger Zero Empire Ver.
 HMM 034 LTD: Fire Fox
 HMM 044 LTD: Storm Sworder Ala Barone Ver.
 HMM 045 LTD: Sturm Tyrann Berserk Unit Set
 HMM W001: Wild Liger Guren
Other Limited Kits
 HMM Saber Tiger Schwarz 1st Release: Had bright yellow claws/teeth. Later releases had bone colors.
 HMM Blade Liger Blu-Ray Box Limited Version
 HMM Liger Zero Blu-Ray Box Limited Version
 HMM Liger Zero Changing Armor System Set Clear Version
Exclusive Kits 6 or less in existence
 HMM Photo Contest: Liger Zero Silver Plated
 HMM Photo Contest: Godos Clear Version
 HMM Photo Contest: Iguan Clear Version
 HMM Kotobukiya Direct Renewal Campeign: Berserk Fuehrer Holo Tech

- HMM Customize Parts

HMM Customize Parts
HMM CP-001: Canopy Set (Shield Liger, 200 units)
  - Gold chrome teeth and pilot
  - Smoke canopy and clear parts

HMM CP-002: Strike Claw Set (Command Wolf)
  - Gold chrome claws and pipes
  - Clear canopy (both head and back)

HMM CP-003: Strike Claw Set (Blade Liger)
  - Gold chrome claws

HMM CP-004: Laser Blade & Gray Canopy Set (Blade Liger)
  - Gold chrome laser blades & teeth
  - Smoke canopy

HMM CP-005: Hyper Killer Fang Set (Geno Saurer)
  - Silver chrome teeth/head pieces, silver chrome gun connector piece
  - Clear red sprue (replaces clear pieces, including the 'glass' that goes over the eyes)

HMM CP-006: Heat Radiation Fin Set (Geno Saurer)
  - Red chrome vents

HMM CP-007: Saber Tiger Customize Part Set
  - Additional Decal Sheet
  - Silver chrome claws
  - Silver chrome teeth & pilot
  - Smoke Eyes

HMM CP-008: Geno Breaker Silver Plated Parts
  - エ Sprues (Chrome silver blades, various round shield pieces, booster vent covers, etc.)
  - ウ Sprue (Chrome silver laser charging blade & forehead parts)

HMM CP-009: Joint Caps Set (Large)
  - Silver chrome caps (for large scale Zoids, 40 total)

HMM CP-010: Joint Caps Set (Small)
  - Silver chrome caps (for small scale Zoids, 16 total)

HMM CP-011: Holotech Armor Set (Shield Liger)
  - Holotech blue armor for Shield Liger

HMM CP-012: Joint Caps Set (Large) Gold Ver.
  - Gold chrome caps (For large scale Zoids, 40 total)

HMM CP-013: Joint Caps Set (Small) Gold Ver.
  - Gold chrome caps (for small scale Zoids, 16 total)

HMM CP-014: Multi-Blade Antenna, Bite Fang & Multi-Pack Cover (Gun Sniper)
  - Silver chrome claws & teeth
  - Silver chrome armor (replaces the light blue/white parts)

HMM CP-015: Pilot Set Gold & Silver
  - Gold chrome pilot x1
  - Silver chrome pilot x1

HMM CP-016: Bite Fang (Silver Plated) (Lightning Saix)
  - Silver chrome teeth & leg discs

HMM CP-017: Strike Laser Claw (Silver Plated) (Lightning Saix)
  - Silver chrome claws and paw parts

HMM CP-018: Strike Laser Claw & Laser Fang Set (Liger Zero)
  - Gold chrome upper claw pieces & gold chrome teeth
  - Silver chrome lower claw pieces & leg discs

HMM CP-019: Joint Caps Set (Crimson Plated) (Liger Zero)
  - Red chrome (large) caps (48 total)

HMM CP-020: CAS Type Zero Armor Pearl Version
  - Replaces all white armor with pearl armor

HMM CP-021: Liger Zero Schneider Seven Blade (Silver Plated)
  - Silver chrome blade edge pieces

HMM CP-022: Pteras Old Republic Image Color (Pteras)
  - Black armor that replaces the blue Pteras armor
  - Dark blue caps (small scale, also works for OJR Command Wolf colors)

HMM CP-023: Double Beam Cannon (Shield Liger)
  - DCS unit for Shield Liger (Gray)

HMM CP-024: Liger Zero Customize Plating Parts Set
  - View Advertisement
  - Black chrome booster parts (New)
  - Black chrome (assorted) body parts (Such as joints, back pieces, etc.) (New)
  - Black chrome (assorted) body parts (inner top booster pieces, leg vents, face vents, etc.) (New)
  - Gold chrome upper claws halves & teeth
  - Gold chrome pipes (New)
  - Silver chrome lower claw halves & leg discs
  - Transparent colorless pieces (Replaces orange transparent pieces) (New)

HMM CP-025: Berserk Fuehrer Customize Plating Parts Set
  - View Advertisement
  - Red chrome (large) caps
  - Silver chrome teeth & tail blades
  - Silver chrome claws & pipes
  - Silver chrome blades & connector pieces
  - Gold chrome discs around blade arms & gold chrome pipes

HMM CP-026: Geno Breaker Raven Version Customize Plating Parts Set
  - View Advertisement
  - Silver chrome teeth/head pPieces (This sprue is missing the gun mount piece from CP-005)
  - Silver chrome laser charging blade & head pieces
  - Silver chrome blades and blade arm/round shield pieces
  - Silver chrome claws, talons, and anchors (New)
  - Silver chrome pipes (New)
  - Gold chrome pipes (New)
  - Gold chrome vents (New)

HMM CP-027: Shadow Fox & Fire Fox Customize Plating Parts Set
  - View Advertisement
  - Chrome gold & silver gun barrels
  - Chrome gold & silver secondary armor (canopy, shoulder fonts, discs, etc.)
  - Gold & black chrome small caps
  - Gold & silver chrome teeth and claws
  - Gold & silver chrome pipes

HMM CP-???: Booster Cannon Set
  - Booster Cannon x2
  - Adapter (to combine the 2 booster cannons)
  - Includes clear green and clear colorless parts

Gojulas Cannon Set
Additional Customize Parts
HMM Kotobukiya Direct: Iron Kong Weapon Set

 HMM Kotobukiya Direct: Gojulas New Republic Color Armor Set
  - Replaces the blue armor of the standard Gojulas with black
  - Exclusive bonus for ordering the Gojulas

HMM Kotobukiya Direct: Gojulas Customize Parts Set (View)
  - Gojulas the Ogre parts, colored to match the Gojulas Cannon Set
  - Pre-order bonus for ordering Gojulas the Ogre
  - * Cannons not included. Comes in a plain white box with black text.

 HMM Kotobukiya Direct: Iron Kong PK Clear Red Parts (View)
  - Transparent green sprues cast in transparent red

 HMM Kotobukiya Direct: Liger Zero Jager 'Strike Laser Claw' painted claw pieces
  - Exclusive bonus for ordering the Jager

 HMM 026 CAS: Liger Zero Schneider Unit

 HMM 030 CAS: Liger Zero Jager Unit

 HMM 032 CAS: Liger Zero Panzer Unit

 HMM 045 CAS: Berserk Furher Sturm Unit

- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Marking Plus Version, Repackage, and original release?
 MPV and Repackage (which are essentially the same thing) are rereleases of old kits with some extra love. They usually contain additional waterslide decals (often based on the battle story with emblems and logos not seen in the original release), clear colorless plastic (eyes, sensors, etc.), a generic pilot figure instead of the anime ones, and sometimes updated or new box art.

Are the molds updated for MPV kits?
 No mold changes are made specifically for the MPV/Repackage kits, aside from maybe slots for flying bases. However, many confuse this matter because the older koto kits, some nearing 15+ years old, have not aged well. Some of them exhibit poor plastic quality and worse joints (PC parts deteriorating or not gripping as well, parts crumbling, and so on.) Kit materials age and HMMs are no exception. MPVs/Repackages also usually include mold changes made to earlier variations. For example, the Shield Liger MPV has a slot for a flying base, a change made for the earlier-released DCS-J. The Geno Saurer/Breaker Repackage have the mold modifications made for the Raven Version.

My Blade Liger AB is missing two parts for the blades!
 Blade Liger AB variations only include two PC parts for the blades, a note in Japanese that might be missed during assembly. You're supposed to choose between which assembly you wish to build: Blades only, or Blades + Boosters.

What's the best place to buy HMM Zoids?
 If you're in the US, stores like USA Gundam are now carrying Zoids at near retail prices and offering cheap shipping to boot. The down side is that they release quite a while later. If you want the faster Japanese release, stores like amiami, amazon JP, and HLJ are great places to go. If you're after used kits, always err towards Buyee (Yahoo Japan) instead of Ebay, where prices can get insanely out of hand.

I was panel lining my Zoid, and the part shattered! What happened?
 ABS plastic can be quite sensitive to paint, which can cause tiny microfractures in the plastic that are often invisible to the human eye. When the part is strained, these microfractures can turn to serious cracks, and the parts can literally fall to pieces as you try to assemble them. You may want to check out Kotobukiya's insight into how to handle ABS plastic over on their website. It's also worth noting that this effect is especially noticeable with pour type Gundam Markers and paints using thinners, because the ink is thin enough to sink into the plastic.

How do I tell what parts are ABS?
 In your instruction manual there'll be a couple pages with a list of sprues that come with the kit. Underneath of the names (Part A, Part B, etc.) there'll be a note about what type of plastic it is.

Why do you use "Spec" instead of "Version"?
 The is based on the kanji that was used for most of these kits during the early days (仕様), which at the time was often translated to Specification, Special, or Version. Koto's official stance is that while it's discussed among the team, there's no hard and fast rule for how it should be translated. We use "Spec." because it applies to multiple possible variations and works fluidly with most lore bits. Yes, we know it's not entirely consistent with box names.

- Extra Details

  •  According to an interview posted in December 2011, Tomy requested the HMM Project as early as 2003.

  •  HMM Zoids almost came to an end around the late teens - early 20s in registration numbers. In order to save the series, they rushed to produce the Liger Zero, moving it to the forefront of their development schedule.

  •  Everyone on the HMM design team has their various Zoids that they'd love to see commercialized in the series. For Mercy Rabbit, they want to see an HMM Sea Panther. Gojuyana would love to see Salamander, more HMM original Zoids, and Bio Zoids. (These are not products confirmed for commercialization, they're just the favorites of the team!)

  •  One of the original inspirations for creating the HMM line, according to the Iguan MPV introduction blog, was to be able to recreate the staged box arts from the franchise, which often manipulated the Zoid's pose or customized them to achieve poses not possible with the actual model kits.