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- HMM-010 Geno Breaker

Release Date: February 28th, 2009  Retail Price: 8,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 350 mm

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- Introduction

 Crimson Destroyer

 Based on the combat data of the Geno Saurer, an improved Zoid was born, the Geno Breaker.

 It's highly mobile, with charged particle converters, wing thrusters, and free round shields, all of which are fully recreated, to allow you to enjoy their gimmicks. Of course, the Ex Breaker that's equipped to the shield is also included, and we've recreated the deployed state of them!

 HMM original details have also been added, based on careful calculations, so here's a creation that'll leave your eyes buldging, the Geno breaker, born as a new high-end figure!

- Technical Data

  Length: 23.0 m
  Height: 13.7 m
  Weight: 137.5 tons
  Maximum Speed: 345 km/h

  Concentrated Charged Particle Cannon  (Mouth)
  Hyper Killer Claws  (Hands)
  Hyper Strike Claws  (Feet)
  Laser Charging Blade  (Head)
  Sword Breakers  ('Thumb' claw)
  Weapon Binders  (Legs)

  Anchors  (Heels)
  Charged Particle Converter + Wing Thrusters  (Back)
  Composite Laser Sensors  (Eyes)
  Free Round Shields  (Sides)
  Open-and-Shut Cooling Units  (Tail Vents)

  Cockpit  (Chest)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

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