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- HMM-045 Sturm Tyrann

Release Date: March 29th, 2018  Retail Price: 12,000 yen  Product Length: Roughly 330m

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- Introduction

 The Red Gale machine finally joins the HMM series!

 The Sturm Tyrann, a crimson Zoid equipped with the CAS Sturm Unit for the Berserk Furher, has joined the lineup! Each piece of the armor has the gimmick of being removable as part of the Changing Armor System, as well as being movable/deployable, such as the Charged Particle Gun firing stance, which is a gimmick inherited from the popular Berserk Furher. At the same time, the Sturm Booster and Active Shield are equipped for the new high-speed combat form.

 The armor has a different shape from the Berserk Furher, and each part has been recreated without fail. In addition, a general pilot figure is included, and can board the cockpit. Please add one of the most popular machines, the crimson Zoid, to your lineup!

- Gimmicks

 ⚫ Each piece of armor is removable as part of the Changing Armor System gimmick, making it possible to recreate the unarmored state.

 ⚫ The head cockpit can be opened and closed with a double hatch consisting of the armor and frame, and a general pilot figure can be added for boarding.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core built into the body can be attached or removed.

 ⚫ There's a 3mm hole in the lower part of the body that corresponds with various flying bases, sold separately. (We recommend using Flying Base Neo)

 ⚫ The Charged Particle Gun firing stance can be reproduced by extending the internal barrel, deploying the neck and tail armor, and deploying the anchors on the heels.

 ⚫ The back boosters, the Sturm Booster and the High Maneuver Thruster can be deployed.

 ⚫ The Active Shield mounted on the shoulder can be flexibly moved by an arm attachment, and the built-in Ex Breakers can move independently up and down to recreate a powerful fighting battle scene.

- Technical Data

  Length: 23.4 m
  Height: 14.4 m
  Weight: 145.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 400.0 km/h

  Active Shield (Ex Breaker) x2  (Shoulders)
  Charged Particle Gun x1  (Mouth)
  Electron Fang  (Mouth)
  Strike Claw x2  (Feet)
  Strike Laser Claw x2  (Hands)
  Strike Smash Tail  (Tail)

  Charged Particle Generator x3  (Tail armor)
  High-Maneuver Thruster x2  (Small boosters on back)
  Ion Booster Pack x1  (Black booster on back)
  Large-Scale Anchor x2  (Heels)
  Sturm Booster x2  (Large boosters on back)
  Thrusters  (Heels)

  Cockpit  (Jaw)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in October 2019

- History of the Sturm Tyrann

- The Berserk Leader

 In ZAC 2101, two new Zoids clashed on the Dark Continent of Nyx. On the side of the Republic was the Liger Zero. On the side of the Empire was the Berserk Führer. These two Zoids were based on completely wild forms, and were originally siblings based on the same concept that were developed by the Guylos Empire.

 The Changing Armor System, or CAS for short, was a revolutionary system that allowed them to fully change their armor and weapons according to the combat situation, and had the potential to rival the Organoid System as the next generation's main Zoids. However, in the middle of the project, the lion-type was taken by the Republican Army while it was still in the prototype stage, along with its development data. It would later be turned against the Empire as the Liger Zero, along with three types of Republic-specific armors.

 The Imperial Army, on the other hand, concentrated all of their efforts on the remaining tyrannosaurus-type unit in anticipation of a future confrontation with the Republic's CAS Zoid. They completed the Berserk Führer, a powerful Zoid with an even higher degree of perfection than originally planned.

 The Berserk Führer's firepower, maneuverability, and defense were all at a much higher level than previous Zoids. It was an entirely different degree of combat power, and would become the flagship Zoid of Neo Zenebas, a new nation that secretly emerged from the Guylos Empire. Thus, the Berserk Leader appeared before the Republic and overwhelmed their troops with their mysterious new Zoids units.

- Reconsideration of the CAS Project

 In the battle of the Vigrid Plains on the Dark Continent of Nyx, the CAS Zoids of both sides clashed. Initially, the first subterranean Zoids developed by the Empire, the Grounchars, emitted a jamming wave from the ground that disrupted the control functions of the Republic's Zoids, causing them to lose all mobility in front of their enemies, and were thus defeated one after another.

 However, in the middle of the battle, the Republic's newest bombardment Zoids, the Gunblusters, suddenly rushed onto the battlefield and opened fire, breaking the Berserk Führer's E-Shield and collapsing the Imperial siege, and the Liger Zero was forced to eject its armor. In the face of the wild instincts and extreme maneuverability displayed by the bare Liger Zero, the fully equipped Berserk Führer was nearly destroyed. When the Berserk Unit was first prototyped, the original CAS plan was abandoned in favor of a mass production plan, as it was deemed unnecessary to further perfect the Führer. Only the armaments provided by the accompanying ultra-compact SS Zoids were implemented as optional enhancements. However, during their battle with the Republican Army, the Berserk Führer's over-reliance on the all-purpose Buster Claw weapon equipped to its back, which had been a symbol of its strength, resulted in its inability to counter the enemy's ambitious plans. This made the Führer realize the necessity of the CAS.

 Therefore, the Empire hastily revived the development of armor for the Führer, for high-speed close-range combat situations. Originally, the Führer had wild instincts that were too ferocious for its own good, and the only way for it to show its true strength was to engage the enemy in close-range combat. The Charged Particle Cannon was sufficient for firepower. Therefore, an armor that acted like a gale was planned, intended to fire the Charged Particle Cannon then immediately approach the enemy afterwards and engage them in combat, later leaving the area at high speeds.

 The Sturm Boosters created explosive mobility and were accompanied by posture control thrusters placed in various locations. Active Shields that could block the Gunbluster's artillery were equipped to the super-hard X Breakers, whose combat power had been proven by the Geno Breaker. It was then that the Führer's second armor, the Sturm Unit, was born.

- Sturm Führer

 Although it's inferior to the Berserk Führer in terms of artillery power, the Sturm Führer's fighting performance, mobility, and acceleration exceed expectations. At the time of its rollout, it was the fastest machine in the history of large Zoids, far exceeding the Republic's high-speed Zoid, the Liger Zero Jager.

 It's also equipped with Active Shields that semi-automatically defend it in conjunction with sensors that detect enemies, so it's second to none in terms of defense. In addition, the shield is equipped with a pair of giant scissors for close-range combat, the X Breakers, which instantly slice through enemies and fold backwards during high-speed maneuvers.

 With this powerful equipment, it has been completely reborn as a different Zoid, and the new form of the Führer is now known as the Sturm Führer instead of the Berserk Führer Sturm.

- The Storm Tyrant

 When the Imperial Development Department discovered that it was impossible for normal humans to control the Tyranno-type's wild form, which was brought out by the Sturm Führer, they drew up a plan to further develop the Sturm and rebuilt it from scratch. However, as more and more ace pilots emerged who were compatible with the Sturm Unit, the Imperial Development Department realized that the Sturm had not yet lost its usefulness, and shifted its focus to a plan to recondition the wild tyranno and complete it as a single Zoid with the Sturm in mind.

 Major Karl Windsor, whose Sturm Führer was chosen as a data sample, was known as the Red Gale. He had originally piloted a crimson Berserk Führer, so even after the Sturm unit was converted, his machine was painted crimson. Based on the actual combat data of this red Sturm Führer, the sensors and balancers were further strengthened, and a step-by-step acceleration/deceleration control system was installed. The balance of the body was also changed to accommodate the Sturm unit.

 As a result, its weight was increased by 5 tons and the maximum speed was reduced to 400 km/h. However, the burden on the pilot was also reduced, and the Zoid could be operated by ordinary soldiers as long as they didn't engage in full-throttle combat. The Führer's second production model, which rolled out with this format, was given the new name "Tyrann", and its basic colors were crimson in honor of Major Windsor.

 This was done to distinguish the early production type of the Führer, which had no difference in appearance, from the later production model type of the Tyrann, and the term Tyrann was usually used to refer to the Sturm Führer.

 However, in the middle of production, a part of the Guylos Empire's army rose up as the Neo-Zenebas Empire, and the Berserk units that continued to be produced at the request of the frontline pilots were also painted crimson to distinguish them from the Guylos specifications. There was no significant difference in performance between this model and the previous model, but since it was deployed in the field after the founding of the Neo-Zenebas Empire, the soldiers called it the Berserk Tyrann.

- Fuselage Commentary

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