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- HMM 019 LIMITED Saber Tiger Gold

Release Date: February 26th, 2011  Retail Price: 6,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 290 mm

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- Introduction

 This color is a testament to The Emperor.

 Kotobukiya is releasing the pinnacle of the Guylos Empire in the HMM Zoids series.
 The Emperor's exclusive machine, the Saber Tiger Gold is joining the lineup.
 The Emperor's exclusive machine, Gold, is reproduced with painted armor, and you can recreate a finish close to the original setting just by assembling it.
 On the back is the High-Mobility Unit, reproducing the heavy firepower with items such as the 8-Shot Missile Unit.
 In addition, two pre-painted figures of the Guylos Emperor, Rudolph, are included in the same scale as the kit.

 * This product is only distributed by Irisawa.

- Technical Data

  Length: 15.8 m
  Height: 11.5 m
  Weight: 90.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 240 km/h

  20mm Solid Rifle  (Flat gun on right)
  8-Shot Missile Pod  (Upper back)
  AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2 (Chest and Right side, top)
  AEZ 20mm Linear Lasers  (Tail)
  High-Pressure Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Spray Gun  (Furthest right)
  Killer Sabres  (Fangs)
  Strike Claws  (Claws)
  Surface-to-Surface Missile Pod  (3-pod weapon on back)
  Triple Shock Cannon  (Chest)

  Composite Sensor Unit  (Left side, antenna)
  Electromagnetic Wave Reflection Type Exterior  (Ears, a sensor?)
  Ground Sensors  (Feet)
  Infrared Laser Searcher  (Box on chest gun)
  Sensor  (Nose)
  Sub-Generators  (Diamond shaped tanks)
  Tail Wing Stabilators  (Tail) *They might mean Stabilizers
  Wing Balancers  (Wings)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, internal)

- Battle Story

- The Bloodstained Monster VS The Great Gold Tiger

Translation for the Battle Story segment courtesy of Falcarius~

- ZAC 2101/November, the Dark Continent of Nyx -

 Around the Imperial capital of Valhalla, an inconceivable scene had been painted in a brief span of time. A united battlefront formed by the Guylos Empire's regular army and the Helic Republic Army. The armies had come to a ceasefire the moment that Prozen's ambitions became clear. An allied army had been born that would act to take back the capital from the source of their malice. The allied army drew near to the royal court, their coordination unthinkable from people who had been enemy and ally until a few hours ago. However, the attrition from their battles until now made the forces' mobilisation harsh, and the iron-walled determination of Prozen's private army and elite force, the "PK Division", stood in their way, as if increasing the height of the ramparts before them. But even the tenacious PK Division was gradually cornered by the fierce attacks of the allied army. The ramparts were broken through. Battle began in the royal court. Meanwhile, a noble duel was unfolding in an underground hangar. "Rudolph vs Prozen", "the Guylos Emperor vs the Neo Zenebas Emperor", "the Saber Tiger Gold vs the Bloody Death Saurer". Expressed in writing, one could say that this battle would go down in Zoid history. But its appearance was more like "an adult playing with a child". If anyone had been watching this battle, they would probably speak of it as "the most foolhardy and cruel of battles".

 The Saber Tiger Gold had been given blows that soundly impeded its functions, while the opposing Bloody Death Saurer merely had some damage to its outer armour. The battle had gone on for less than five minutes. The Saber Tiger Gold's body looked as if it had endured several days of fierce combat, and from the distortion of its frame, it was no longer in any state to withstand repeated melee combat. Its missile launcher had suffered an obstruction in the firing device with a few shots remaining, and its feebly gasping Zoid Core could not even afford to supply energy to its beam weaponry. It was truly covered in wounds. But the fact that Rudolph, who had never moved a Zoid on his own, had continued combat until it reached this state was a miracle. "If I can remove even a single pipe from its back...!" The many cables extending from the Death Saurer's back were directly connected to immature Zoid Cores installed in important locations across Valhalla. The Bloody Death Saurer was designed to make them internally collapse simultaneously, releasing the enormous energy generated by the Zoid Cores at once and causing them to function as a gigantic bomb - truly a "fighting detonator". Prozen would draw the majority of the Empire and Republic's forces into Valhalla and use the city itself as a bomb to annihilate them. At the same time, he would eliminate Rudolph, descendant of the Guylos royal family. Prozen was planning to carry out the majority of his revenge plot in that instant. "I have to stop him!" But with the Saber Tiger Gold lacking its mobility, catching it was no trouble for the Bloody Death Saurer. Metal arms began to crush the Saber Tiger's head from either side like a vise. Not instantly but slowly, little by little. Prozen was clearly enjoying the fact that the Guylos royal family line was about to be severed at his own hands. "I- I can't- give up yet!" Inside the cockpit, which was groaning as it led him towards death, while Rudolph did not fully understand, he calmly adjusted the devices and distributed the machine's power. Prozen felt slightly moved by Rudolph's style of fighting and his attitude as Emperor. Putting his own feelings into running with his Zoid, Rudolph unmistakably had the makings of a true Zoid pilot. If he were to grow into an adult, he would probably become a splendid Zoid pilot rivalling the Empire's long-serving heroes. But all of that would end here. "Now, let's finish this, Rudolph." Prozen's cold-hearted words echoed through the Death Saurer's arms.

- = The Black Saviour

 Just then, the factory wall behind the Bloody Death Saurer was destroyed and a "black giant" suddenly appeared, extending a rescuing hand. It was the "Iron Kong SS" driven by "Major Karl Lichten Schwarz", a Guylos warrior who swore loyalty to Rudolph. "Your Majesty!" He couldn't see inside the cockpit through the armour. But he instantly sensed Rudolph in the Saber Tiger before his eyes. "Prozen, you bastard!" The Kong's fist became a hammer using the machine's weight, slamming into the Death Saurer's body along with Schwarz's fury. Unable to withstand it, the Death Saurer staggered, and the Saber Tiger slipped from its hands. Immediately regaining its stance, the Death Saurer struck a blow from its tail, the Added-Gravity Impact Tail, into the Kong, as if to pay it back twofold. The blow was so powerful that the Kong ceased functioning for a moment. Its huge body was flung away like a rubber ball, slamming into the wall of the maintenance facility. The Death Saurer once again targeted the escaped Saber Tiger. A voice reached the Saber Tiger's cockpit from the Iron Kong as it rose unsteadily to its feet. "Your Majesty, please ru..." Rudolph's order flew, interrupting Schwarz's words. "Schwarz, cover me!" Schwarz responded immediately to that powerful voice. "As you wish!" Forgetting that they were clearly at a disadvantage, Schwarz wiped away the blood leaking from his lips and chuckled. The Saber Tiger Gold mustered its strength and leapt forwards. "Grovel before me, Rudolph - no, Guylos!" With words loaded with his hatred towards the blood flowing in Rudolph, Prozen unleashed the Death Saurer's whip-like tail. But Rudolph instantly predicted the Death Saurer's next action from the movements of its legs and dodged the flash of the swinging tail, leaving it cutting fruitlessly through empty air. Using the fully swung tail as a foothold, the Saber Tiger slammed its Strike Claws into the Charged Particle Intake Fan on the Death Saurer's back. The Death Saurer lost its balance, exposing its head in front of the Iron Kong. "Schwarz! Now!" With Rudolph's call, Schwarz fired the large-scale Beam Gatling Gun located on the Kong's shoulder. The trajectory was drawn into the Death Saurer's other weak point, its mouth, the firing port of the Charged Particle Cannon.

- = The Avenger's Last Moments

 Schwarz's attack did not manage to destroy the head completely, but it dealt major damage to the cockpit where Prozen was held. Running wild after the shot to the head, the Bloody Death Saurer was in a state where they might have been able to silence it in one more hit. Schwarz's voice called from the Kong, which was clinging to the Death Saurer's leg and trying to keep it from moving. "Your Majesty, finish it!" But after regaining his stance, Rudolph's attack target turned to the cables extending from the Death Saurer's back. "Keep the explosions from the Zoid Cores to a minimum. That comes first!" It was purely in the realm of "conjecture". But he wagered on it. He prioritised protecting the Guylos citizens over finishing off Prozen. "Go, Gold!" The Saber Tiger leapt at the back cables with all its might, and caught several of them in its mouth. The cables were strong. But... "Now!" It was for this moment that he had been adjusting the energy supply to the "Killer Sabre" fangs, even when it seemed his cockpit would be crushed. Emitting temperatures high enough to melt even those fangs, the full-power Killer Sabres bit through the "steel of fate". As Prozen's life was about to come to a close within the Bloody Death Saurer's cockpit, wrapped in blazing flames, the image of a peaceful Planet Zi with people living under the flag of Neo Zenebas filled his mind. Picturing "leadership through conquest" after his "personal revenge", the man ended his life by pressing the switch of his self-ordained fate. Light leaked through the gaps in the Bloody Death Saurer's armour. It was the phenomenon of a Zoid Core on the brink of collapse. Knowing what would happen afterwards, Schwarz immediately pushed the Saber Tiger into a Zoid underside tuning area that was a level lower than the floor of the maintenance facility, and covered it with the Iron Kong's body. At that moment, an explosion intense enough to destroy the hangar broke out. But the explosion of the Bloody Death Saurer at ground zero was not as powerful as they had assumed. Its energy had flowed into the other Zoid Cores through the remaining cables, giving a great blow to the Imperial capital of Valhalla. However, it was far from the explosion that Prozen had planned; he had been unable to accomplish his revenge. It was thwarted by the hands of the young Guylos Emperor...

 When the shockwave died down and Schwarz regained consciousness, he used the arms of the Kong, which was no longer moving as he wanted it to, to wrench open the armour hatch of the Saber Tiger Gold. "Your Majesty, are you safe?!" After a moan, Rudolph responded. "Schwarz, are your wounds alright?" At that kind question, Schwarz realised once again that it was worth risking his life to protect this man.

- = A New Battle

 Explosions occurred in several places across the Imperial capital of Valhalla, and flashes rose high enough to pierce the heavens. And there were some who saw that light as a beacon to begin action. "Wolff Muroa", orphaned son of the Neo Zenebas Empire's founding Emperor "Gunther Prozen Muroa", and the Neo Zenebas Empire Army he commanded, centred around the "Eisen Dragoon", an elite combat group brought up alongside his father Prozen. "All forces, move out! We and our comrades in the old Zenebas territories will annihilate the Guylos/Helic allied army! The objective of our charge is the Helic capital on the Central Continent, Helic City!" Even after Prozen's death, his revenge and ambitions were continued. Now, the curtains rose on a new battle, "the Neo Zenebas Empire vs the Helic Republic".

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.