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- HMM-017 Red Horn

Release Date: February 20th, 2010  Retail Price: 6,800 yen

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- Introduction

Red Horn, The Moving Fortress

 Red Horn, which has always been at the top of the rankings for commercialization surveys, is finally being commercialized.

 It was the core Zoid of the Imperial Armored Division, and was called the "Moving Fortress" because of the heavy equipment and armor that was applied to the whole body.

 - The weapons, which are applied to over 10 different places are a true highlight.
 - More than 60 movable parts place it at the highest level in the HMM series.
 - With lots of gimmicks, including the hidden claws within the toes, coupled with movable parts across the whole body, you'll remember the fun of assembling the sheer width of this plastic model, and getting to pose it.

- Technical Data

  Length: 20.8 m
  Height: 7.6 m
  Weight: 94.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 130 km/h

  4-Shot Multi Missile Launchers  (Sides)
  80mm Surface-to-Air 2-Barrelled Beam Gun  (Right Side)
  AEZ 20mm Beam Guns  (Tail Tip)
  Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Linear Cannon  (Back)
  Bite Fangs  (Teeth)
  Crusher Horn  (Nose)
  High-Pressure Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Spray Gun (Short Barrel)  (Chin)
  Multi-Launchers  (Shoulders)
  Multiple Assault Beam Guns (All-Weather 3D Radar Antennae)  (Frill)
  Surface-to-Surface Missile Pod  (Ontop of Linear Cannon)
  TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Guns  (Base of Tail)

  Composite Sensor Unit  (Antenna On Gun)
  Cooling Units  (Side Vents)
  Infrared Laser Searcher  (Back)
  Radar Unit  (Disc Under 80mm)
  Sensor Unit  (Forehead)
  Shock Absorber Skids  (Bottom of Tail Tip)

  Driver's Cockpit  (Head)
  Gunner Cockpit x2 (Small-Scale Reconnaissance Vehicle)  (Back, Tail)
  Spike Plates  (Heels)
  Weapon Platform  (Back)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in January 2018

- Disclaimer

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