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- HMM-003 Limited Blade Liger AB Leon Spec.

Release Date: September 20th, 2008  Retail Price: 6,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 400 mm

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- Introduction

 Accelerate!! Attack Booster!!

 Blade Liger is back, with the Attack Boosters! Leon Toros' favorite machine, the Blade Liger that appeared in the anime /ZERO.

 It changes the normal blue color of the Blade Liger to Leon's specific machine's red color, and it also comes with new parts, the addition of the Attack Booster! The Attack Booster, which has been included as a new part, has had its gimmicks recreated, being an accelerator as well as having movable gimmicks that can recreate the attack mode.

- Technical Data

  Length: 25.9 m
  Height: 12.2 m
  Weight: 140.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 330 km/h

  Attack Boosters  (Blade Arms)
    - AZ High-Density Beam Cannons
    - High-Mobility Rocket Boosters
  AZ 2-Barrelled Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Laser Blades  (Sides)
  Laser Sabres  (Fangs)
  Strike Claws  (Claws)

  3D Dual Sensor  (Tail Tip)
  Blade Aero Balancers  (Long upper mane pieces) *1
  Completion Refrigerators  (White leg armor) *2
  E-Shield Generators  (Sides and top of mane)
  High-Sensitivity Multi-Sensors  (Ears)
  Rocket Boosters  (Upper back)

  *1 This is spelled as "Drade". It is most likely a typo. The motorized kit calls them Multi-Blade Antennas.
  *2 May have been intended to be Compression Refrigerators.

  Cockpit Canopy  (Cockpit)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Battle Story

- The Limits of the "Republic's Shield"

Translation for the Battle Story segment courtesy of Falcarius~

 The Shield Liger is a high-mobility combat Zoid of the Helic Republic, developed to fight against the Saber Tiger. This machine was sent onto many major battlefields along with the Command Wolf, which was developed at the same time as a support unit, and provided great gains. However, although the glorious lion known as the "Republic's shield" served at the forefront for more than 50 years after its first campaign, the number of machines declined due to the arrival of a huge comet and repeated aggressive wars by the Zenebas and Guylos Empires. And against fierce attacks from new enemy Zoids being released one after another, shortages of machines and abilities began to be seen as a problem on the front lines. The evolution of Zoids on the battlefield was progressing at a greater speed than they had imagined. And the iron beasts that were left behind by this wave were branded as "losers" - such was the fate of Zoids. Winners or losers. Now, the Liger lineage stood at the crossroads.

- The Road to a New Liger

 The Republic Zoid Development Bureau develops weapon reinforcement units and additions to machine variations, including the personal Zoids of ace pilots. By introducing a Shield Liger enhancement plan that would respond to the battle situation, they attempted to recover some ground in its evolution. Through this, the Shield Liger's range of activity was expanded and it was given forefront-level combat power, successfully restoring its crumbling pride as the "Republic's shield". However, this was ultimately no more than a stopgap measure, and the front-line release of a new high-mobility Zoid to replace it became an urgent mission.

 The Development Bureau set about developing a new Zoid based on the Shield Liger, due to the excellence of its basic design and its high reliability. While leaving in the basics of the Shield Liger, which had an advanced design compared to other Zoids, they planned a review of all its parts and introduced cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, they collected combat data and requests from the front lines in Zoid battles. All kinds of experts were called together in order to aim for the "strongest Liger". For its armaments, it was equipped with innovative weapons capable of handling not only melee combat but also bombardment battles, starting with "Laser Blades", which combined both close combat and shooting abilities and would become the source of the machine's name. They also considered high-speed combat, planning to make it lightweight and adding speed-increasing boosters. Furthermore, under directions from the military's upper levels, they decided to introduce the "Organoid System", an unknown new combat feature under development. Thus began the new Liger development of a next-generation high-mobility combat Zoid.

- Supertechnology

 The Western Continent, Europa. The ancient ruins on its highest peak, Mount Olympus, were a sacred site worth protecting, even in a war. But despite this, the sacred mountain became a harsh battlefield where the armies confronted each other. A struggle developed over the information concerning Zoid weapon evolution sleeping in the ruins here, intense enough that many victims and a third of the mountain's base were lost, and as a result, both the Republic and Empire obtained almost identical research material. The information hidden in the ruins was supertechnology left behind by an ancient civilisation, the "Organoid System".

 The Organoid System is a combat system that fully releases the "wild instincts" Zoid Cores naturally possess, which are suppressed by adding a pilot control module when adjusting Zoids from wild forms into combat Zoids, and draws out the Zoid's latent abilities dramatically. When this system is introduced to a Zoid, it awakens its sleeping wildness, markedly increasing the machine's combat and survival abilities. But on the other hand, it also forcibly draws out the ferocity of the wild form, so the machine's operability is terrible and control by the pilot is exceedingly difficult. It is a "double-edged sword" that is also prone to malfunctioning during combat.

- The Black Dinosaur

 While it could not be called perfect, the Empire Army succeeded in analysing the Organoid System with a high certainty ahead of the Republic Army. They completed the dinosaur-type Zoid "Geno Saurer", the Organoid System's heaven-sent child derived by chance from the data. This machine itself was part of the system, and even though it was not mature, it showed no particular problems in operability and was immediately introduced into actual combat without waiting for mass production. When the wild black beast appeared on the battlefield, it trampled the Republic Army's Zoids with demonic power, as if toying with them. And all who tried to stop its advance were completely destroyed.

 However, there was a single Zoid that stood in its way. "Bang Freiheit", a militia boy who had acquired unique Zoid piloting skills and was later assigned to the special mission force "Guardian Force", and his beloved Shield Liger.

 He was not part of the Republic's regular army, but to stop the Geno Saurer, which had turned into a god of destruction, Bang and the Liger confronted it head-on. However, they suffered defeat against the wild black beast's tremendous combat power...

- Birth of the Blade Liger

 The Shield Liger was shot down by the Geno Saurer and entered a state of apparent death (shutting off the link between the Zoid Core and the outer equipment, including weapons) due to its own defensive instincts. Bang called for a rematch, and the Republic Zoid Development Bureau put all their effort into repairing the Shield Liger, but it had already been destroyed beyond repairable levels. To deal with this situation, they gave it an entire reworking using parts from the "new Liger", which they had experimentally produced for hurried tests, and the Shield Liger was revived as a "reborn Liger". However, although they had restored the Zoid Core, its output was unstable, and the system linkages with the many experimentally-produced weapons and the newly introduced Organoid System ran into difficulties, greatly troubling the development staff. It was like the "crying heart" of the Shield Liger, which had been enhanced against its will with a heretical power.

 Bang was full of hot-blooded vigour for his rematch with the Geno Saurer, but in response to the Shield Liger's feelings, he removed all of the experimental weaponry and performed tests. Bang ran with the Shield Liger, forgetting to eat and sleep, and as if the Organoid System was responding to Bang's feelings, its output gradually stabilised. Out of several experimental weapons, the Laser Blades were chosen as the weapon with the best compatibility with Bang, who specialised in high-mobility combat. The reborn Liger was thus named the "Blade Liger", after its main weapon.

 As the black demon Geno Saurer approached the Republic's capital, Bang set out with the Blade Liger before the machine had even been tuned. However, faced with the Geno Saurer's overwhelming attacks and keeping its E-Shield fixed to its body's surface, it suffered a malfunction. In the cockpit, Bang apologised to the Blade Liger. For making it stand in front of a demon while still incomplete, for not being able to protect the Blade Liger, for his own power falling short... The Blade Liger had completely stopped moving, and the black demon attempted to finish it off, but at that very moment, the Liger's survival and defensive instincts, which recognised Bang as a "companion", activated the Organoid System it was equipped with. The Blade Liger smashed its own E-Shield and overpowered the enemy with miraculous combat abilities. It succeeded in overwhelming and destroying even the Geno Saurer, which was equipped with a similar Organoid System.

 By chance, the Blade Liger was born through the "trust" between it and its pilot, just like the Shield Liger. But although this relationship between Bang Freiheit and the Blade Liger was the ideal form of the Organoid System, combinations of pilots and Zoids that reach this territory are almost never observed.

 Later mass-produced Blade Ligers are equipped with a limiter set on the Organoid System, given stable operability, and deployed mainly to ace pilots. And pilots who obtain victory with these are given the glorious Liger pilot title of "Leo Master". Thus the "Republic's shield" was reborn carrying swords and released onto the foremost lines, which grew even more intense.

- The Zoid Sought by the Battlefield

 The "Liger series", high-mobility, high-speed combat Zoids and the pride of the Helic Republic Army, are combat Zoids originally designed to focus on close-quarters melee. Their abilities are a response derived from a revolution in Zoid design ideologies due to the main flow of battlefields changing from group combat centred on small-scale Zoids to one-on-one combat between high-performance medium-class Zoids.

 However, the ages moved on to large-scale resource-based combat. In response to this, the Empire Army successively introduced the new Zoid "Geno Saurer", which specialised in high-mobility melee combat and was also capable of bombardment battles, and the further enhanced "Geno Breaker". These machines tormented the Shield and Blade Liger series, which only possessed melee combat abilities, and brought the Republic Zoid forces at various battlefronts into a crisis with their abilities, capable of gaining control of an area with only a single machine. The battlefield sought all-purpose Zoids.

- The Blade Liger's Evolution

 The Liger series had no shortage of melee combat abilities, but what they needed was bombardment battle abilities. The Shield Liger had been mounted with a previously existing bombardment system and released onto the battlefield as "Shield Liger Mk-II". However, the heavy bombardment system was clearly overweight, and they needed to jettison this equipment when performing melee combat.

 Based on this, the Republic Weapons Development Department took the speed-increasing parts for the Blade Liger that they had been planning for some time and hastily attempted to adjust them for use against the Geno Breaker.

 These parts, which had been developed as boosters to forcibly increase the machine's speed, contained high-output generators in boosters which produced a large output and were able to move their nozzles flexibly, freely changing the output direction. Reusing these systems, they equipped the "AZ High-Density Beam Cannons", which accelerated and fired heavy particles compressed at higher densities than ever before, in order to compensate for the shortage in bombardment combat power, and succeeded in making them function as both flexibly-moving acceleration boosters and beam cannons. By equipping these reinforcement parts, named the "Attack Boosters", they were able to raise the Blade Liger's maximum speed to 330km, along with increases in firepower and mobility.

 Having obtained the Attack Boosters, giving it combat power on par with the Geno Breaker, the Blade Liger would later use these as standard equipment and evolve into the "Blade Liger Mirage", a re-tuned small-lot production type. The Mirages passed into the hands of Republic aces and acted as a Zoid special mission force. These lions, painted with a white base, sprinted across many battlefields as the strongest high-speed Zoids.

- Blade Liger Leon Special

 Even after a peaceful era arrived in which the Republic and Empire's battlefields had disappeared from Planet Zi, battles between Zoids continued. Combat in fighting tournaments called "Zoid Battles" developed into a variety of fights in small team formations in various environments. This thrilled the people, particularly the pilots, "Zoid Warriors".

 The "Blade Liger Leon Special" is a crimson Blade Liger driven by "Leon Toros", former leader of Team Blitz and famous as a wandering Zoid Warrior who engages in melee battles that draw out the machine's abilities more than sufficiently.

 Leon was repeatedly engaging in Zoid Battles alone in a Shield Liger in order to train as a warrior, but he lost his beloved machine in an illegal Dark Battle, and he too bore serious damage. While wounded and wandering, Leon arrived at a legendary place where the strongest Zoid pilot was said to have travelled, and what appeared before him was a Blade Liger clad in crimson armour, which could be called a mutant species. This machine is thought to have returned to the wild, and is said to have naturally accepted Leon, who stood there unmoving and covered in wounds, as its pilot for some reason.

 From perusing existing materials, the combination of Leon Toros and his red Blade Liger is thought to possess abilities rivaling the combat power of "Bang Freiheit", the legendary Liger pilot assigned to the Helic Republic Army special mission force "Guardian Force", and his blue Blade Liger. On top of its high shooting abilities and speed, its melee combat abilities closely resemble the legendary combination, and it can even pin down other Zoids that surpass it in specs.

 In this era, the number of individual Ligers themselves is low, and a red machine is even rarer. This, coupled with Leon's savvy battle methods, makes him popular in Zoid Battles.

 Leon Toros is also famous as a Zoid Warrior who judges himself calmly. He says, "I cannot properly pilot the Blade Liger yet". The answers he is pursuing about becoming the "ultimate Zoid pilot", and the unleashing of the Blade Liger's original abilities, may be sighted in future Zoid Battles.

- Renewal

 The Red Rival, Leon Toros returns!

 To commemorate the release of the ZOIDS New Century /ZERO Blu-Ray Box, the Blade Liger AB Leon Spec. will reappear as a Renewal specification! It's an item that couldn't be overlooked, simply because it receives so many requests for resale.

 A painted pilot figure for the pilot Leon Teros, both in standing and sitting poses, is finally included as new parts. With this, the fierce battle against the Liger Zero Schneider can be recreated in its entirety! In addition, a Universal Decal that can be used for the entire series is also included, so you can easily upgrade your favorite Zoids and enjoy them. The package is drawn by Mercy Rabbit, who is familiar from the HMM series! The molding color of the main body is red, as it appeared in the anime, so just be assembling it you can get a finish close to the original setting! The Attack Booster can be transformed from the High Mobility Rocket Booster to the AZ High-Density Beam Cannon. It can be attached to the Blade Liger's body as you please.

Release Date: October 23rd, 2014
Length: Roughly 400mm
Price: 7,500 Yen

- Stock Images

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.