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- HMM Gun Sniper Bone Color Ver.

Release Date: July 2019  Retail Price: 4,200 yen  Product Length: Roughly 200 mm

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- Introduction

Special Color Ver. HMM Zoids!

 Dinosaur Expo 2019 will be held at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno Park, Tokyo). A special color of the velociraptor-type Zoid, the Gun Sniper, will be available at this venu!

 Similar to the Geno Saurer, which is being released at the same time, the new molding color expresses the coloring of fossilized skeletons.

 It includes a Wild Weasel Unit which enhances artillery power and radar functionality, allowing you to enjoy additional customization.

 Dinosaur Expo 2019 Official Website: https://dino2019.jp/

 This product will be sold at the Dinosaur Expo 2019 venue first, then at Kotobukiya stores (Tachikawa Main Store, Akihabara Hall, Osaka Nihonbashi, and Kotobukiya's online shop) starting October 18th, 2019.

- Technical Data

  Length: 11.9 m
  Height: 7.2 m
  Weight: 25.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 200 km/h

  3-Barrelled Beam Machineguns  (Arms)
  AZ 144mm Sniper Rifle - Custom  (Tail)
  AZ 80mm Beam Gun  (Chest)
  Bite Claws  (Hands)
  Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
  Booster Scram Pods (8-Shot Missile Launchers) (Back)
  Strike Anchor Claws  (Large foot claws)

  All-Range Dual Sensor  (Tail Tip)
  Leupold Scope Sensor  (Middle of back)
  Multi-Blade Antennae  (Head)
  Multi-Packs  (Shoulders)

  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

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