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- HMM-033 Berserk Führer

Release Date: August 27th, 2012  Retail Price: 8,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 330 mm

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- Introduction

 "Another Ultimate X, the brother unit to Liger Zero."

 The Berserk Führer, which appeared in two anime series for Zoids, Zoids New Century /ZERO and Zoids Fuzors, has joined a lineup that's full of other Zoids from the HMM series! Its fierce fight with Liger Zero has been revived!

 It accurately reproduces the silhouette and details of the Berserk Führer, one of the most popular Zoids of the series. To recreate the structure of its various gimmicks, knowledge cultivated from making the Liger Zero has been integrated. In addition to recreating the rotating gimmick of the Buster Claws and the gun within them, we've also recreated its various forms of physical attacks, shelling attacks, defense, and storage, which is impressive to playing without the need to replace parts. In order to create a sort of "storage state", we've also included a fixture called a Traveling Lock, which bundles the three Buster Claws together, unique to the HMM original setting. Of course, the firing state of the Charged Particle Gun, its greatest weapon, is also able to be completely recreated with its movable gimmicks! You can easily enjoy the firing stance. It has also adopted the Changing Armor System, a feature of the Berserk Führer, so recreating the base frame (naked) state is also possible. The cockpit carries a painted pilot figure of Vega, which can be deployed to see inside. This kit comes with one standing figure and one sitting figure, and the standing figure can be displayed independently using the "1/72 Scale Figure Pedestal." It can also be used for 1/72 pilot figures that came with the past HMM series kits.

- Technical Data

  Length: 22.70 m
  Height: 12.3 m
  Weight: 127.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 340 km/h

  Charged Particle Cannon  (Mouth)
  Buster Claws  (Back)
  - Magnezers  (Buster Claws)
  - E-Shields  (Buster Claws)
  - AZ 185mm Beam Cannons  (Buster Claws)
  Electron Fangs  (Mouth)
  Strike Claws  (Feet)
  Strike Laser Claws  (Hands)
  Strike Smash Tail  (Tail)

  Anchors  (Heels)
  Charged Particle Generator x3  (Tail Armor)
  High-Manoeuvre Thrusters  (Backpack)
  Ion Booster Pack  (Back)
  Vernier Thrusters  (Legs)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in April 2016

- Repackage Version

 The Repackage version was released as an updated version of the Berserk Fürher with all of the modifications made to the Sturm Tyrann. This means it's a bit more stable than the standard, and better equipped to handle the Sturm Unit.

 ⚫ Includes a general pilot figure instead of the Vega figure
 ⚫ Has updated box art by Mercy Rabbit

Release Date: July 14th, 2019
   Rereleased July 2020

Price: 8,800 Yen

- History of Berserk Führer

- The Origin of CAS

 At the end of the Western Continent War, the Guylos Empire began developing two new Zoids based on a brand new concept, that should've put an end to the endless arms race to develop the strongest combat Zoids. Two prototypes were created, a lion and a tyrannosaurus, both of which were based on completely wild forms and possessed high combat power without any artificial manipulation. In addition, new features were added to these units based on the brand new concepts developed by the Guylos Empire's Military Development Department.

 During the Western Continent War, a number of new Zoids had been developed, but the mainstream Zoids out on the battlefield were still mostly reinforced versions based on those created by the Zenebas Empire during the Central Continent War. The Guylos Empire Army Development Department began a plan to create a Guylos Empire unit that could maintain its posterity. Anticipating that the war could last for several years, or even decades, they developed a unit that would utilize a "naked form" that retained its full fighting abilities. It was decided that it would be created with the ability to be upgraded to the latest equipment to allow it to adapt to the changing combat situations for several generations to come.

- The Dragon and The Lion

 The Guylos Empire's Zoids Development Arsenal had selected two types of new Zoids to be equipped with CAS, a lion type and a tyrannosaurus type. This was due to the fact that there were limits to the types of fully wild forms that could be used as a base, and also because the lion type was designed to have "high fighting performance" as a countermeasure to the Liger type, which was the main unit of the Helic Republic, the enemy military.

 The tyrannosaurus model was selected based on the premise of creating a "primary Zoid of legitimate evolution", which made use of the know-how gained from the Geno Saurer's systems, which was one of the greatest Empire-developed units thus far, and could operate effectively in any region. If these two models could be operated simultaneously, the Imperial Army, which had been outmatched during that time, might've succeeded in turning the tides. However, shortly after the completion of these two prototypes, the research facility was attacked by the Republican Army, and the development came to a natural halt.

 The lion type was seized at that time, and the Republican Army converted it into a semi-mass production machine. Equipped with CAS that differed from the original development concept, it was put into battle as the "Liger Zero," a machine dedicated to the special forces. The tyrannosaurus prototype narrowly escaped this attack, and the completed model equipped with the original CAS was sent into battle was the Berserk Führer, taking the lead in the Imperial Army. It was an ironic fate that the two blood brothers would meet again on the battlefield.

- Berserk Führer

 The Guylos Empire Zoids Development Department was fortunate enough to have a tyrannosaurus-type perfect wild form, which allowed them to sublimate all of the technology that they'd been continuously developing thus far for the Geno Saurer into the base body. The Charged Particle Cannon was installed to its mouth, a feature of the Geno series, and was enhanced in destructive power, gaining the ability to converge or diffuse the beam freely. Its mobility was also greater than that of the Geno series, which also led to improved melee capabilities. As with the Liger Zero, which was developed at the same time, the use of a pure-blooded "perfect wild form" resulted in a strong and high-powered Zoid Core. The body itself, called the Naked Form, was completed as a unit with combat power comparable to that of Zoids equipped to the Organoid System. It was a good thing. It surpassed the performance of the Geno Breaker in all regards.

 The exterior armor of the CAS was made up of multiple layers of armor, with the surface of the armor composed of Multi-Layer Annihilation Armor, which is striped with microscopic dimples and coated with a special ferrite. This causes the color of the armor to change depending on the viewing angle and the incident angle of the light, resulting in blurring and afterimage effects. This greatly improves its armor strength as well as its stealth, which is difficult to detect with direct visuals, thermals, optical sensors, and radio wave radar.

 The CAS "Berserk Unit", which is the first generation of the Fürher as well as its standard equipment, is equipped with an Ion Booster Pack, a high-powered sub-generator/engine on its back, and the Buster Claws, which are compound weapons that function as a Claw/Magnezer/Beam Gun/E-shield. This equipment allows for a wide variety of combat responses, from artillery combat to melee battles or even assault battles. In addition to the Berserk Unit, other armors were developed for the Fürher, including the Sturm Unit used for high-speed combat, which was produced in small numbers for elite troops, and the Tyrann, whose main body was adjusted prior to the second lot of Sturm Units. Various other CAS were also planned and prototyped, and there are records that some of them were secretly put into actual combat for data collection purposes.

- Ultimate X

 Time had passed, and war had disappeared from Planet Zi. Combat competitions known as Zoids Battlers were held in various locations. At this time, the Berserk Führer once again made its appearance. In order to sabotage the activities of the Zoids Battle Commission, which organized Zoids battles as a sport, the Backdraft Group which conducted illegal battles discovered and recreated the legendary Ultimate X, the most powerful Zoid of all time. That Zoid was the Berserk Führer.

 A 10-year-old genius Zoids Warrior, Vega Obscura (also known as the Undefeated King) boarded the Berserk Führer and participated in the final Zoid Battle, the Royal Cup. He dropped three Geno Saurers in the blink of an eye, and showed off his absolute fighting prowess by defeating five Zoids, all driven by famous Zoid Warriors, one after another.

 His final opponent was Bit Cloud, a member of Team Blitz, and his favorite machine, the Liger Zero. It was an era when neither the Guylos Empire nor the Helic Republic existed. A long time had passed, and yet the the ancient brothers had awakened from their slumber, and a fateful confrontation unfolded on the Zoids Battle Field.

- Fuselage Commentary

- Disclaimer

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