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- HMM-051 Rev Raptor

Release Date: September, 2021  Retail Price: 4,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 120 mm

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- Introduction

 The Mainstay of the new generation small Zoids!

 The small Zoid equipped with the Organoid System, the Rev Raptor, has finally joined HMM Zoids! This machine boasts fearsome agility, and it has both mobility and style to match. The Rev Raptor can be posed not only in familiar poses, but also in velociraptor-style poses by moving its head and the large Strike Haken Claws on its feet in an upwards motion. Please add this small-scale Zoid, which surpasses medium-sized units and took the seat of the Empire's main Zoid, to your lineup!


 ⚫ The hatch on the head cockpit opens and closes, and a generic pilot figure is included to board it.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core built into the body can be removed.

 ⚫ In addition to the HMM-original telescopic joint gimmicks, the Counter Scythes on the back allows for powerful poses by adding a movable joint.

 ⚫ In addition to symmetrical design-oriented molding, the arms also include 3mm holes in the elbow, so it's possible to increase the number of hard points by selecting specific parts during assembly.

 ⚫ Supports various bases by replacing the piece on the belly with those that include 3mm holes.

 ⚫ Equipped with a back connection part that corresponds with the Customize Part "Pile Bunker Unit", scheduled to be sold separately. It's possible to equip two of them.

 ⚫ Decals with abundant emblems and caution marks are included, and it's possible to finish it precisely to your preferences by attaching them.

- Technical Data

  Length: 11.4 m
  Height: 7.56 m
  Weight: 23.5 tons
  Maximum Speed: 210 km/h

  Counter Scythes  (Feet)
  Hyper Claws  (Hands)
  Killer Fangs  (Mouth)
  Strike Haken Claw  (Feet)

  Ion Charger  (Back)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

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