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- HMM-016 Blade Liger AB

Release Date: February, 2020  Retail Price: 7,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 400 mm

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- Introduction

 The Blade Liger that appeared at the beginning of the HMM Zoids Series has been equipped with the Attack Boosters that were popular with earlier versions of the kit, and re-lined up!

 We improved the recreation further by reviewing the molding colors used for the entire body, including the Attack Booster that enhances its armaments, speed, and mobility all at the same time.
 As a bonus part, we've included clear parts in addition to the clear orange pieces used.
 Please add the blue lion-type Zoid that holds the fate of the Republic to your lineup!

- Gimmick

 ⚫ The cockpit hatch in the head can be opened and closed, and a generic pilot figure can be placed inside.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core that's built into the fuselage can be removed.

 ⚫ The laser blades mounted on the side can expand and retract, recreating its powerful fighting poses.

 ⚫ The attack booster has a built-in gimmick to open and close the cover, expand the booster, and expand the beam cannon.

 ⚫ Clear parts such as the cockpit in the head and the tail lamp are included in both clear orange and clear colorless plastic, so it's possible to paint your favorite color on the clear parts.

 ⚫ A new decal sheeth, including various emblems and caution markings is included, so you can decorate it as you like to finish it accurately.

- Technical Data

  Length: 25.9 m
  Height: 12.2 m
  Weight: 140.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 330 km/h

  Attack Boosters  (Blade Arms)
    - AZ High-Density Beam Cannons
    - High-Mobility Rocket Boosters
  AZ 2-Barrelled Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Laser Blades  (Sides)
  Laser Sabres  (Fangs)
  Strike Claws  (Claws)

  3D Dual Sensor  (Tail Tip)
  Blade Aero Balancers  (Long upper mane pieces) *1
  Completion Refrigerators  (White leg armor) *2
  E-Shield Generators  (Sides and top of mane)
  High-Sensitivity Multi-Sensors  (Ears)
  Rocket Boosters  (Upper back)

  *1 This is spelled as "Drade". It is most likely a typo. The motorized kit calls them Multi-Blade Antennas.
  *2 May have been intended to be Compression Refrigerators.

  Cockpit Canopy  (Cockpit)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.