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- HMM-032 Liger Zero Panzer

Release Date: July 5th, 2012  Retail Price: 7,300 yen  Product Length: Roughly 320 mm

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- Introduction

 Liger Zero Installation System Call, Panzer!!

 The Changing Armor Systems of the Liger Zero, which appeared in Zoids New Century /ZERO, is now fully loaded with the final Heavy Ammunitions mode!

 A total of 22 missile hatches, which are on the legs, fuselage, etc. can all be deployed. The missile parts are molded in color, so you can enjoy the coolness of it even in an unassembled state, thanks to it being color coded like the original setting. The heavy cannon / Hybrid Cannon has a built-in sliding gimmick that recreates the firing state.
 A folding gimmick has been added, which is original to the HMM Zoid, so that the head sensors don't interfere with the Hybrid Cannon when it's deployed.
 In addition, the heels of the rear legs come with an anchor to recreate the moment of bombardment.
 It's even possible to carry the included Bit Cloud figure in the cockpit.

 It's compatible with Kotobukiya MSG Mechanical Flying Base 3, which you can use to display it in your favorite pose.

- Technical Data

  Length: 24.0 m
  Height: 8.3 m
  Weight: 85.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 307 km/h

  2-Shot AZ Homing Missile x2  (White Shoulder Missiles)
  2-Shot AZ Homing Missile x2 (x2)  (Top of Shoulders)
  2-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2  (Front of Rear Legs)
  3-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2  (Front of Shoulders)
  4-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2  (Top of Rear Legs)
  5-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2  (Lower Front Legs)
  6-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles  (Tail)
  6-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2 (x2)  (Side of Upper Legs)
  7-Shot AZ Micro Homing Missiles x2  (Sides)
  Grenade Launcher  (Chest)
  Hybrid Cannon  (Back)
    - AZ 216mm Railguns  (Top Barrel)
     AZ 108mm Beam Guns  (Bottom Barrel)
  Missile Pod  (Upper back)
  Vulcan Pods  (Sides of Tail)

  Micro Homing Missile Pod  (Tail, the pod itself)
  Clairvoyance System  (Sides of Missile Pod)
  Head Aero Fairings  (Top of Mane)
  Retractable Outrigger x2  (Brown Piece On Rear Legs)

  Leg Cowls  (Leg Armor)
  Shoulder Cowls  (Shoulder Armor)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in October 2017

- Marking Plus Version

 The Liger Zero Panzer was rereleased in 2019, as a new Marking Plus version. It was one of the first MPVs ever released.

Differences From The Original:
 - Includes a general pilot figure, instead of Bit Cloud
 - New decals that include various emblems, including the Leo Master crests are included.

Release Date: May 27th, 2019
Length: Roughly 320mm
Price: 8,400 Yen

- History of Liger Zero Panzer

- The Origin of CAS

 At the end of the Western Continent War, the Guylos Empire began developing two new Zoids based on a brand new concept, that should've put an end to the endless arms race to develop the strongest combat Zoids. These units were created using the Zoid cores of purely wild form Zoids from the Western Continent, which hadn't been artificially manipulated. They used "naked forms" that would ensure that the Zoid could retain its original fighting power. The Zoids were made with the ability to swap to the latest equipment over time so that it could respond to the developing combat situations for several generations to come. This was the "Changing Armor System (CAS)", the next generation Zoid concept developed by the Guylos Empire Army.

- The Birth of the Liger Zero

 In ZAC 2100, the Republican Army succeeded in capturing the Guylos Empire's lion-type prototype fully intact during the Battle for Nixie Base, an Imperial Army base in northern Europa. Later, the Republican Army took notice of this excellent unit, and put it into production in very limited numbers under the name of "Liger Zero", which was to be a replacement as the much-needed next-generation Liger. Like the prototype, it was equipped with the Imperial Army's new "CAS" function, only, the Republican Army's captured production model was also equipped with a standard CAS. However, unlike the original concept of the CAS that was created by the Imperial Army, which was a "function that could respond to technological developments over generations", the Republican Army used it as an armament exchange system that could respond to various tactics, specializing the Liger Zero for each battle.

 Three types of armors were prepared. The development team was greatly influenced by the unimaginable success of the Blade Liger, Lightning Saix, and Dibison, the favorite machines of three pilots who belonged to the Guardian Force, a special task force jointly established by the Republic and the Empire, and it's assumed that their intention was to give the characteristics of these three units to the Liger Zero itself. Therefore, the three units developed for the CAS were: "Schneider" for melee combat with characteristics from the Blade Liger, the Jager for high-speed combat with characteristics from the Lightning Saix, and the Panzer for bombardment warfare, with characteristics from the Dibison.

 At the same time, a dedicated ground-based mothership, the Hover Cargo, was developed to allow instant swapping of these CAS units on the battlefield, especially on the frontlines. With all of these things completed, the first multi-purpose high-speed combat Zoid, the Liger Zero, was sent into battle.

 The special operational form of Liger Zero was entrusted to the special task force, the "Ray Force", which was composed of professional liger pilots known as the Leomasters. They were deployed as an advance unit to the Guylos Empire's headquarters on the continent of Nyx, which was to be the site of the decisive battle. It was given the role of clearing the way for the landing of the Republican Army's main force.

- Liger Zero Panzer

 In this form, the bombardment warfare CAS, the Panzer Unit, is installed to the Liger Zero. Just as the close-range combat CAS Zero Schneider and high-speed combat CAS Zero Jager were both used for specialized combat, the Zero Panzer CAS is designed with artillery capabilities on the premise of suppression fire in combat. For its armaments, it's equipped with a Hybrid Cannon, which is a combination of the AZ 108mm Beam Gun that fires long-range energy light bullets, and the AZ 216mm Railgun, which fires super-heavy and super-hard specialized bullets. Each part of the fuselage is equipped with Micro Homing Missile Pods, which fire missiles that can automatically track any objects it detects, and Missile Pods that carry mid-size homing missiles. It's also equipped with close-range armaments, like the grenade launcher on its chest that can fire a variety of projectiles, from missiles to rockets to smoke bombs, and Vulcan Pods on its tail that are added in addition to the Micro Missiles. The entire fuselage is fully armed.

 These armaments are controlled by the "Clairvoyance System", which works by directly connecting the radar and fire control systems on the back to the Zoid Core of the Liger Zero itself, as well as the avionics within the cockpit. This function analyzes the combat situation, such as the location of enemies and the natural environment, such as air flow, temperature, humidity, etc., and makes its own predictions, such as the size and speed of the target. Using this, it can usually target 50 enemies, but depending on the situation, this function allows it to use its armaments with extreme efficiency by selecting the optimum armament for more than 100 targets.

 In addition, thorough consideration has been given to its defense functions, and the exterior of the unit is coated with a special High Conductivity Heat Dissipation Paint, which covers the new metal, Elwatium Zero, which has the same lightweight yet durable, heat-dissipating functions as the main body of the Liger Zero. It gives high elasticity to all weapons, from optical weaponry to real bullets. At the same time the armor has excellent cooling performance, which functions as a countermeasure against overheating by naturally exhausting excess heat generated by the base unit and CAS.

 Simultaneous use of these weapons and functions has made it possible to perform the simultaneous firing move, the Burning Big Bang, which fires all on-board armaments, resulting in the Liger Zero's greatest special move. Even after all of the artillery weapons have been used up, the Liger Zero's inherent fighting abilities and heavily armored body are more than sufficient enough for it to continue to operate as a conventional high-speed combat Zoid.

 By installing the Panzer unit with all of these functions, the Liger Zero will be transformed into the unprecedented Zoid, the Liger Zero Panzer, known as the "High-Speed Combat Zoid Equipped With Heavy Artillery".

- Zero Panzer's First Battle

 The withdrawal of the Guylos Empire's army from the continent ended the second war, the Western Continent War. In March of ZAC 2101, things began to shift towards the Dark Continent War with the development of the Imperial Army and their pursuit of the Helic Republic. The Imperial Army's counterattack operation, using ten Death Stinger KFDs (Killer From the Dark) was launched in order to stop the Republican Army's invasion of the Dark Continent. In response, an order to sortie was issued to the newly-founded Ray Force, and the pre-mass-production Liger Zeros, including the originally captured Type Zero, formed into a unit of Jager, Schneider, and Panzer units, and sortied.

 In the fight against the ten KFDs, which had such immense fighting power that they were able to wipe out the Republican Guard's Defense Forces, the Liger Zero troops drove the KFDs back with a combination of tactics and making use of the unique characteristics of their respective equipment. The Zero Panzer Corps used a wave of missiles and the Hybrid Cannons to degrade the KFD's defenses, providing support to the Zero Schneiders who were entering close range combat.

 Several KFDs were rendered immobile by the Zero Panzer's Burning Big Bang, a special move that was unveiled for the first time during this battle. As a result, the ten KFDs were silenced, and the Imperial Army's campaign of defiance was foiled by the Liger Zero unit. The existence of the new "High-Speed Combat Zoid Equipped With Heavy Artillery" was questioned by most front-line officers as some half-baked operation, but the victory of this first battle, which showed their tremendous support potential, swept away the concerns of all of those around it.

- Zero Panzer On The Frontlines

 July, ZAC 2101. The fleets of the Helic Republic were approaching Entrance Bay on the Dark Continent of Nyx. As originally planned, the Hover Cargo fleet which doubled as the operational mothership of the Liger Zeros of the Ray Force had begun landing. The Liger Zero unit sortied. However, there weren't many Zero Panzers to be seen.

 The Hover Cargos were equipped with three types of CAS for each Liger Zero, but the use of each CAS was left up to the pilot, and most of the Leomasters seemed to prefer the Jager and Schneider for their missions. The pilots who chose to use the Zero Panzer had previously piloted Shield Liger DCS or Blade Ligers, both of which were equipped with large beam cannons, and were thought of as leaders who had a good grasp of the entire unit's combat situation, able to guide the battle. The Zero Panzers in the front lines seemed to be units that played the role of the Captain's machine, in addition to support.

- Installation System Call, Panzer!

  In an era when warfare had disappeared from Planet Zi, Liger Zero's activities continued to be seen in Zoids Battles, combat competitions between Zoids. The Zoid Warrior Bit Cloud from Team Blitz was said to have freely used all three types of CAS. However, the Panzer Unit was believed to be a replica recreated by the team's owner, Dr. Steve Toros. Initially, the Liger Zero itself rejected the unit, and even when it was installed, the weight of the CAS made it difficult to move. Even then, it would overheat after firing the Burning Big Bang.

 It has been speculated that this was due to the armor not using the rare special alloy "Elwatium Zero". Regardless of the situation, it seemed that Bit Cloud had no intention of using the Zero Panzer much. The firepower of the Zero Panzer was far too powerful for a competition like the Zoid Battles. It was dangerous, with enormous firepower that even the pilot felt was foul play. A "Running Powder Keg". That's what the Liger Zero Panzer was.

- Fuselage Commentary

- Disclaimer

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