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- HMM-044 Storm Sworder

Release Date: November 17th, 2017  Retail Price: 8,300 yen  Product Length: Roughly 280mm long, 480mm wide

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- Introduction

 It's the birth of the strongest air combat Zoid in the Western Continental War!

 The pteranodon-type Zoid, Storm Sworder, that secured control of the skies for the Helic Republic Army and led to the victory of the Western Continent War, has appeared in the HMM Zoids series with a completely new design!

 Each part is fully movable, and the colors are recreated in the molding color, including the clear parts, so just by assembling the kit it'll look close to the original setting. In addition to the independently movable Top Sword and Wing Swords, which are characteristic equipment, the whole body is equipped with gimmicks such as opening and closing each part, and deployment and pull-out type joints. The 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun and Iron Claw are interchangeable and can be completed and recombined into your favorite form. In addition, a general pilot figure is included and can board in the cockpit.

 Please add this long-awaited new flight-type Zoid to your lineup!

- Gimmicks

 ⚫ The jaw and cockpit can be opened and closed independently to allow a pilot figure to board.

 ⚫ The Top Sword and the left and right Wing Swords can move independently.

 ⚫ The 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun and the Iron Claw can be interchangeable to make your favorite form.

 ⚫ A movable gimmick is built into each joint, and pull-out joints are built into the neck and legs to expand its range of motion.

 ⚫ The arm at the bottom of the wing can be unfolded and moved, so it can appear to be in an acceleration state.

 ⚫ Special attachment parts are included, so that you can combine it with the Flying Base Neo (sold separately) to display it during stable flight.

- Technical Data

  Length: 10.1 m
  Height: 12.9 m
  Weight: 47 tons
  Maximum Speed: Mach 3.2

  2-Barreled Pulse Laser Gun  (Belly)
  Head Sword  (Head)
  Iron Claw x2  (Wings)
  Wing Sword x2  (Wing fronts)

  Accretion Mechanism  (Laser gun arm)
  Cooling / Magnesser Absorber x3  (Vents on base of wing, top of legs)
  Engine Pod  (Back)
  Ion Engine  (Back Cylinders)
  New-Type Magnesser Wing  (Wings)

  Cockpit  (Jaw)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in May 2020

- Disclaimer

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