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- HMM-008 Molga And Molga With Canory Unit

Release Date: August 23rd, 2008  Retail Price: 4,200 yen  Product Length: Roughly 165 mm and 205 mm

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- Introduction

 It's the first medium-sized Zoid in the HMM Zoids series, the Molga.

 In addition, it'll also be a two-piece set along with the Molga Canory.

 Molga is a three-dimensional model with a unique low-set profile and heavy armor, dedicated to land combat.

 In addition, the Molga Canory is equipped with a long-range cannon, which has an unprecedented density created by dividing the cannon into many smaller parts.

 The large wheels arranged on the side of the fuselage are movable, and are equipped with a spiked spinning gimmick, as well as a new gimmick that allows it to play the role of outriggers when in the Canory firing state.

- Technical Data

  Length: 11.8 m
  Height: 2.95 m
  Weight: 19.7 tons
  Maximum Speed: 200 km/h

  20mm Gatling Guns  (Head, Molga Canory)
  AZ 120mm Grind Cannon  (Back Gun, Molga Canory)
  Caterpillar Claws  (Legs)
  Grenade Launchers  (Head, Basic Molga)
  Laser Cutters  (Mouth)
  Small-Calibre Lasers  (Tail, Basic Molga)
  Wheel Claws  (Wheels)

  3D Radar Antennae  (Tail)
  Cockpit (Escape Pod)  (Head)

  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in April 2020

- Disclaimer

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