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- HMM-005 Shield Liger MK-II

Release Date: March 29th, 2008  Retail Price: 4,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 400 mm

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- Introduction

 A completely new model! Equipped with Dual Beam Cannons!

 In order to compete with the Imperial Army, the Shield Liger MK-II, which was a reinforced armaments version of the Shield Liger (the fastest Zoid of the Republican Army), has appeared in the HMM series. The Dual Beam Cannons mounted on the back are completely new designs. THe fangs, claws, and Dual Beam Cannons are gold, making it an irresistible product for Zoids Fans who are reminiscent of the MK-II unit.

- Technical Data

  Length: 21.6 m
  Height:11.5 m
  Weight: 110.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 240 km/h

  Anti-Zoid 30mm Two-Barrelled Beam Gun  (Tail)
  Attack Claws  (Claws)
  Dual Beam Cannon  (Large Back Guns)
  Laser Sabres  (Fangs)
  Missile Pods  (Lower Back)
  Triple Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Two-Barrelled Accelerated Beam Gun  (Upper back)

  Air Veil Systems  (White rear leg armor)
  Energy Shield Generator x2  (Mane)
  Energy Supply Belt  (Gun Belts)
  Ground Sensors  (Feet)
  Intercoolers  (White front leg armor)
  Power Assist Controllers  (Large packs under guns)
  Power Pipes  (Upper Back)
  Sensors  (Ears)

  Large Canopy  (Cockpit)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Battle Story

- The Republic's Blue Shield

Translation for the Battle Story segment courtesy of Falcarius~

 The Shield Liger is a high-mobility, high-speed combat Zoid developed in ZAC 2042 as a competitor for the Zenebas Empire Army's Saber Tiger, which had appeared late in the Central Continent War, with the assumption that it would be introduced as a main Zoid in the Republic Army later.

 This Zoid focuses on melee combat, making use of the Energy Shield deployment abilities of the wild form, but also has gunning abilities, being equipped with beam and ballistic weaponry, and thus has a high degree of completion, with both medium and close-range combat abilities. The machine is coloured in blue, one of the Republic's two symbolic colours (blue and white), and was released onto the battlefield as the "Republic's shield", befitting its name.

 As was their initial objective, the Shield Ligers on the battlefield displayed abilities that lived up to expectations as a countermeasure against the Saber Tiger, which had become a serious problem on the various battlefronts. However, the fact that it took time to synchronise the Zoid Cores and pilots, a problem which had come to light during development, had not been resolved in the slightest, so the launch of Shield Liger production lines was greatly delayed, and they were unable to deploy a satisfactory number of machines. To compensate for this, the "Command Wolf" was introduced in advance as a substitute, and the Republic Army was forced to continue to use this Zoid as one of their major Zoids and turn mixed forces of two species into their standard basic formation. However, reconstructing their forces using this formation produced better results than expected, and while it was only temporary, the Republic Army Zoid mobile forces succeeded in stopping the Empire Army's advance. Furthermore, not only did it provide good results in combat, but the actions of the "Republic's shield" played a role in increasing the morale of soldiers fighting at the front lines, mentally supporting the Republic when it had been pressed into a disadvantage. But despite this, it was rare to see a Liger on the battlefield.

- Awakening in the Sixth Year

 Naturally, there were many requests from the front lines to increase the production of Shield Ligers, and in the upper levels of the Republic Army, planning the augmentation of their forces by increasing the production numbers of what was originally meant to be their main Zoid, the Shield Liger, took form as an urgent matter. However, they were completely unable to discover a solution to the problems of moving it into smooth production.

 In the meantime, the state of the battle worsened, and faced with repeated fierce attacks by the Empire Army, the Republic's capital "Helic City" was captured by the Empire Army in ZAC 2044, delaying the Shield Liger's production even further.

 The appearance of a proper mass production-type Shield Liger that solved the problem would have to wait until the appearance of the "Shield Liger Mk-II", which was introduced in ZAC 2048 in the operation to retake the capital.

 The problem of synchronisation between Zoid Cores and pilots also had an adverse effect on the production of species such as the Gojulas and Command Wolf. The Republic union dealt with researching this with all their might, and solved the problem by performing "training" in the form of bringing them into contact with humans while they were still wild forms, suppressing the Zoid Cores' instincts when weaponising them, and compensating for the lowered instincts with the mechanisms they equipped. Furthermore, by standardising detailed parts between different Zoids, they made it possible to construct production lines. Increased-production Zoids produced with these systems were collectively called "Type Mk-II". The Shield Liger required the most time to be made compatible with this mass production system, but it produced favourable outcomes as a result, and was released in the operation to retake the capital along with the Gojulas and Command Wolf as the Republic Army's main Zoids, clad in the "white" colour symbolic of the Republic, as the "Mk-II Force", the keystone of their counterattack.

 Thus the Shield Liger came to display its true power, but it required six long years after the machine's introduction before the sleeping lion reached that day.

- Double Cannon Special

 Shortly before "Zenebas Hammer", the operation to retake the Republic's capital Helic City, Second Lieutenant Heruma McGregg's skills as a Command Wolf pilot were recognised and he was given a Shield Liger Mk-II. But far from being cheerful in front of his machine, which was receiving additional tuning in the Liger force's exclusive hangar, Lieutenant McGregg was instead showing his dissatisfaction.

 As both enemies and allies released new Zoids one after another and the battlefield expanded and intensified, rather than demanding individual abilities from each machine, they demanded a broad range of combat abilities that could handle a variety of situations. The close combat Zoid Shield Liger Mk-II was no exception, and had been equipped with two large-calibre beam cannons of the same type as those equipped on the large-scale decisive battle Zoid "Madthunder", nicknamed the "Double Cannon Unit", in order to supplement its ranged combat abilities. This equipment clearly increased the Shield Liger's firepower dramatically. However, it was also apparent that this equipment, which weighed the same as a small-scale Zoid, greatly decreased the high-speed melee battle abilities that were the Liger's original specialty. Lieutenant McGregg was unable to understand the thoughts of their force leader, Colonel Johann Ericsson, a man with the alias of Leomaster, who had proposed this weighty additional equipment that halved the Liger's abilities.

 "Lieutenant McGregg, you don't look pleased." "Colonel, I'm not sure I'll be able to handle this heavy equipment with my abilities..." "Leave it to the Liger. You should just make use of your Wolf-piloting skills." "I'll do my best to live up to your expectations!" With that response from the laconic colonel, all he could do was set out, still uneasy.

- Operation Zenebas Hammer

 The retaking operation, "Operation Zenebas Hammer", had started. At the 120km point, Helic City was before their eyes. The vanguard force, centred on Command Wolves, found their advance blocked by fierce attacks from an enemy force. "Liger force, it's your turn! The enemy is a Saber Tiger force. Mow them down in one go!" At Colonel Ericsson's order, the Liger force entered high-speed combat mode. At that moment, Lieutenant McGregg sensed the abilities of the Liger Mk-II for the first time. The dashing power produced by the Liger's legs instantly drew out its maximum speed, as if the weight of the two large-calibre beam cannons was nothing. The uneasiness he'd been feeling vanished with the scenery, which was flowing away at speed. "I-is this the power of the Liger!?" Colonel Ericsson's orders continued. "We're out of range of the enemy's attacks. We'll hit them first! Commence bombardment as soon as the Command Wolf force gets down!" The instant he confirmed the movements of the Command Wolves in front of him, he pulled the trigger. With a huge shockwave, bright light rained down from overhead. At that moment, the canopy protecting the cockpit changed colour, and two beams that looked like deep orange lances pierced a Saber Tiger one after another as it tried to attack the Command Wolves. "This is the power of the Double Beam Cannons! But man, to have this firing stability without lowering the Liger's speed! The Command Wolf would be staggering with just one cannon." Glancing at the Saber Tiger as it exploded and turned into a pillar of flame, he set his sights on his next target.

 He deployed his shield against the enemy's attacks. While warding them off, he lowered the focus of the beam cannons in close combat and fired them like shotguns. He finished them off with melee combat. "They said they'd suppressed the wild form's instincts and lowered its melee combat abilities somewhat in order to increase this machine's usability... How are they lowered?" Infatuated with the white lion, which responded to him like his own hands and feet, Lieutenant McGregg raced across the battlefield with his beloved machine as much as he pleased, regardless of how many enemies were surrounding him or whether he had allies to cover him.

 He was in enemy territory, 12 kilometres away from his force. "Lieutenant McGregg, are you alive!? Report on the situation!" He finally returned to himself at Colonel Ericsson's call. Seeing the billowing gunpowder smoke and the countless wrecks of red Zoids scattered around him, he shouted the situation he'd reached with his machine into the communicator as one word, forgetting that he was on the army-wide line. "Clear!" As if it had heard him, the Shield Liger Mk-II let out a victory roar towards the Helic skies.

 Second Lieutenant Heruma McGregg later accomplished the mission of opening breaches in various important areas during the operation to retake the capital, and participated in the special Zoid force "Liger Delta" during the great counterattack operation afterwards. He was even called the second Leomaster, along with the nickname "Mister Clear".

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.