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- HMM Geno Saurer Bone Color Ver.

Release Date: July, 2019  Retail Price: 8,200 yen  Product Length: Roughly 350 mm

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- Introduction

Special Color Ver. HMM Zoids!

 Dinosaur Expo 2019 will be held at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno Park, Tokyo). The tyrannosaurus-type Zoid, Geno Saurer, in a special color available as a pre-order at the venue, will be joining the lineup of HMM Zoids!

 The coloring characteristic of white bone fossils is recreated in this new molding color.

 The parts have been renovated to allow you to pose it in the classic Charged Particle Gun stance.

 Dinosaur Expo 2019 Official Website: https://dino2019.jp/

 This product will be sold at the Dinosaur Expo 2019 venue first, then at Kotobukiya stores (Tachikawa Main Store, Akihabara Hall, Osaka Nihonbashi, and Kotobukiya's online shop) starting October 18th, 2019.

- Technical Data

  Length: 23.0 m
  Height: 11.7 m
  Weight: 112.8 tons
  Maximum Speed: 260 km/h

  AZ 30mm Laser Gun  (Nose)
  Focused Charged Particle Cannon  (Mouth)
  Hyper Killer Claws  (Hands)
  Hyper Killer Fangs  (Mouth)
  Hyper Strike Claws  (Feet)
  Long-Range Pulse Laser Rifle  (Back)
  Sword Breakers  ('Thumb' claw)

Information uses the basic Geno Saurer stats.

  Anchors  (Heels)
  Composite Laser Sensors  (Eyes)
  Magnesser Systems  (Lower Leg Vents)
  Open-and-Shut Cooling Units  (Tail Vents)
  Weapon Hardpoints x2  (Nose, Back)

  Cockpit  (Chest)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

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