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- HMM 031 Dark Horn Harry Special

Release Date: April 19th, 2012  Retail Price: 7,300 yen  Product Length: Roughly 400 mm

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- Introduction

 "My name is Harry Champ! I'm a man destined to be king!"

 The moving fortress Dark Horn is now available as a Harry Special!

 The Dark Horn Harry Special, of the adorable man Harry Champ that left such a huge impression in the anime Zoids New Century /ZERO has appeared as an HMM!

 In addition to the golden Custom-Made Gatling Gun that's the signature of the Harry specifications, the newly-created Custom-Made Beam Launcher and the Thruster that was installed to the side of the abdomen to compensate for its lack of mobility are included. The two-sided head and radar antenna are also gold, and the shapes of the back mount and tail are recreated with new molding and molding colors based on the Harry Spec. A Harry Champ pilot figure and standing figure are included. It also comes with his helper robots, Benjamin and Sebastian, who are indispensable to Harry.

 With parts of the molding color changed, and new parts added, the luxurious contents are suiting for the chief of the Champ Zaibatsu's son.

- Technical Data

  Length: Unknown
  Height: Unknown
  Weight: Unknown
  Maximum Speed: Unknown


  4-Shot Multi Missile Launchers  (Sides)
  6-Barrelled Gatling Unit  (Gold gatling on back)
  Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Linear Cannon (Gold gun, left side)
  Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
  Double Crusher Horn  (Nose)
  High-Pressure Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Spray Guns x2  (Side of Linear Cannon, chin)
  Multi-Launchers  (Tops of Legs, 4)
  Multiple Assault Beam Guns  (Crest)
  Super High-Output Beam Launcher  (Large gray gun)
  TEZ 20mm Beam Guns  (Base of Tail)

  Cooling Units  (Side Vents, Tail)
  Energy Tube  (Belt)
  High-Mobility Thruster Units  (Sides)
  Large Searchlights  (Sides of neck)
  Sensor Unit  (Forehead)
  Spike Plates  (Backs of feet)

  Driver's Cockpit  (Head)
  Weapon Platform  (Silver plate on back)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in March 2018

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.