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- HMM-043 LIMITED Gojulas Gunner

Release Date: November 18th, 2019  Retail Price: 29,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 370mm Tall, 590mm Long

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- Introduction

 The flagship Zoid of the Republic.

 Gojulas Gunner is equipped with huge Long-Range Buster Cannons, and the invincible Gojulas is now available as part of the HMM series!

 The colors of the New Republic Version, such as the silver armor and the orange canopy, are recreated with newly molded colors. In addition the AZ 4-Barrelled Shock Cannon, 8-Shot Missile Pods, Power Cables, Backup Unit, and Posture Control Stabilizers are available in this alternate color as bonus parts. Furthermore, the clear orange parts come in both orange and a set of clear colorless plastic parts, which are nice for painters.

 Please add this symbolic Zoid of the Republic to your lineup!

- Gimmicks

 ⚫ The hatch in the cockpit opens and closes, and a general pilot figure is included for boarding.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core built into the abdomen can be attached or detached.

 ⚫ The fighting weapon in the head, Hyper Killer Bite Fangs, allows the huge jaw to be opened and pulled out along a movable axis.

 ⚫ The container block on the tip of the tail opens and closes, and the AMD 30mm Beam Gun expands and cotracts, while the Maxer Multi-Purpose Machineguns are attached to the sides and can be folded in.

 ⚫ A leaning posture is possible by moving the heels.

 ⚫ The Long Range Buster Cannons are an enormous size, with a total length of 360mm. The magazine can be removed from the main unit, with gimmicks installed at the back of the cannons.

 ⚫ The Long Range Buster Cannon, AZ 4-Barrelled Shock Cannon, 8-Shot Missile Pod, Power Cable, Backup Unit, and Posture Control Stabilizers are included in the same molded colors as bonus parts.

 ⚫ A set of colorless clear parts are included as bonus parts.

 ⚫ Decals with various emblems such as caution marks are included, so you can attach them as you please to finish it with precise details.

- Technical Data

  Length: Unavailable
  Height: Unavailable
  Weight: Unavailable
  Maximum Speed: Unavailable




- Release Notes

  - This was a Koto Shop exclusive, meaning that it could only be purchased through a physical Kotobukiya store or through their online webstore, Koto Direct. It did not sell through standard overseas stores such as AmiAmi, HLJ, etc.

- Disclaimer

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