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- HMM-040 Gojulas

Release Date: December 13th, 2013  Retail Price: 23,000 yen  Product Length: Roughly 320 mm

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- Introduction

 A challenge for all Zoids fans! The dinosaur-type Zoid, the symbol of ZOIDS, is finally here as an HMM!

 Boasting the largest size of any HMM in history, the full volume of this kit has a total height of about 322 mm x a total length of about 513.5 mm x a width of about 195 mm. The RBOZ-003 Gojulas, which was decided to be commercialized at the Zoids Public Planning Conference, was produced with the aim of achieving the highest level of detail and mobility that far surpasses the past HMM series.

 As an HMM, its aggressive poses are possible with the fiercely arranged proportions! The joints of each part move so flexibly that you can recreate the powerful roaring and fighting scenes. The most characteristic feature of the Gojulas, the tail that extends from its back is the most articulated part, and the AMD 30mm Beam Gun at the tip can be expanded with an additional hatch, which stores the Maxer Multipurpose Machineguns and the 30mm Versatile Machine Gun, which have a folding gimmick. In addition, the tail is connected with a shaft of the same diameter, except for the first section (which has an attachment part for the anchors), so you can change the length if you like. Decals are also included, with decals like the emblem of the Republic, and various other markings.

 Please enjoy the super-large item that's suitable for the ending of the 30th anniversary of Zoids to your heart's content.

- Technical Data

  Length: 26.0 m
  Height: 21.0 m
  Weight: 230 tons
  Maximum Speed: 75 km/h

  70mm 2-Barrelled Heavy Machineguns  (Sides of belly)
  AMD 30mm Beam Gun (Internal Deployment Style)  (Container block)
  ARZ 20mm Beam Gun  (Left arm)
  Crusher Claws  (Hands)
  Hyper Killer Bite Fangs  (Teeth)
  Maxer Multipurpose Machineguns  (Sides of Tail Tip)
  Panova 20mm Surface-to-Air Beam Guns  (Base of Tail)
  TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun  (Right arm)

  Enforced Cooling Machinery  (Leg Armor)
  Lowerable Spike Heels  (Heels)
  Multipurpose Cooler/Sensor Plate Units  (Spines)
  Posture Control Outriggers  (Tail anchors)
  Posture Control Thrusters  (Heels)
  Rocket Boosters  (Back)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Container Block  (Tail tip)
  Main Generator / Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.