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- HMM-003 Blade Liger

Release Date: November 28th, 2007  Retail Price: 4 ,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 300 mm

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- Introduction

 The invincible blade that can cut through steel

 The Blade Liger, which appeared in the TV anime ZOIDS, as well as being the successor to the Shield Liger, is still overwhelmingly popular among Zoids fans, and is finally available as a kit!

 It completely recreates the deadly Blade Attack by deploying the laser blade, its biggest feature. This is a biological feature unique to ZOIDS, and now a figure of this great beast is in your hands!

 In addition, the cockpit is a double-seat type like in the anime, and the exterior will also has an amazing three-dimensional look as the main character, the Van Spec.!

- Technical Data

  Length: 25.9 m
  Height: 12.2 m
  Weight: 124.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 305 km/h

  AZ 2-Barrelled Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Laser Blades  (Sides)
  Laser Sabres  (Fangs)
  Pulse Laser Guns  (Blades)
  Strike Claws  (Claws)

  3D Dual Sensor  (Tail Tip)
  Blade Aero Balancers  (Long mane pieces) *1
  Completion Refrigerators  (White leg armor) *2
  E-Shield Generators  (Sides and top of mane)
  High-Sensitivity Multi-Sensors  (Ears)
  Rear Wing Air Balancer  (Lower back armor)
  Rocket Boosters  (Upper back)

  *1 This is spelled as "Drade". It is most likely a typo. The motorized kit calls them Multi-Blade Antennas.
  *2 May have been intended to be Compression Refrigerators.

  Blade Holder Arms (Weapon Hardpoints)  (Sides)
  Cockpit Canopy  (Cockpit)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. It likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.