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- HMM-041 LIMITED Death Stinger Hiltz Ver.

Release Date: December 24th, 2015  Retail Price: 14,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 450 mm (Tail down)

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- Introduction

 From old legends, the messenger of the end, the Death Stinger has appeared!

 The Death Stinger Hiltz Spec., which is finally being commercialized as an HMM, will be released at the same time as the standard, as a Kotobukiya Shop limited product!

 In addition to the Death Stinger's body being molded in the colors of Hiltz's unit from the anime version of Zoids, a new model Blade Liger figure of the same scale helps recreate the huge Death Stinger Vs. Blade Liger scenes during play. In addition, the Organoid Ambient and a Hiltz (standing) figure, as well as a newly created Hiltz (sitting) figure that can be used to board the unit are included. The kit also comes with gold-plated and silver-plated parts that make up the claws, fangs, and cylinders for each part, making it a special specification with a lot of luxurious benefits.

Changes From The Regular Version

 ⚫ Changed the molding color to the look of the Death Stinger Hiltz Spec.
The standard version colored parts are not included

 ⚫ A newly molded, partially painted Blade Liger figure (made of PVC) is included in the same scale to recreate the confrontation, reflecting the enormous size of the Death Stinger in the anime version.

 ⚫ It includes an Organoid Ambient and Hiltz figures. The sitting Hiltz figure is a new model.

 ⚫ Gold-plated and silver-plated parts for changing the color of the claws, fangs, and cylinders of each part are included. You can choose to assemble it with the new parts or the normally molded parts.


 ⚫ Equipped with a high-power Charged Particle Gun at the top of its long tail. The AZ 120mm Hyper Laser Gun and AZ 120mm Hyper Beam Gun can be deployed, and the center barrel can be expanded and contracted to recreate the firing state.

 ⚫ The cover on the sides of the tail can be folded out so that it can transform into sea scorpion mode.

 ⚫ The Strike Laser Bite Scissors and Laser Cutters on the front legs move as a set.

 ⚫ The Strike Laser Bite Scissors can be opened and closed to expose the Retractable AZ 105mm Linear Cannon.

 ⚫ The head armor can be opened and closed, and the evil eyes beneath the armor are recreated with clear parts. The cockpit can also be opened and closed, carrying a pilot figure.

 ⚫ The E-Shield Generator on the head can expand.

 ⚫ The interior and exterior parts for the Laser Fangs can be moved independently.

 ⚫ When the tough chest armor is removed, there's a Zoid Core embedded inside.

 ⚫ The AZ 930mm 2-Barrel Shock Cannon has a movable base and can be tilted upwards.

 ⚫ A flexible Rocket Booster is equipped to the rear.

 ⚫ Four pairs of walking legs are all articulated. The claws at the tips can be expanded for stable installation.

 ⚫ In addition to expanding the thruster hatch on the bottom of the chest, the nozzle is compatible with Flying Base Neo, so various display options are available.

- Technical Data

  Length: 19.4 m (Land) 28.8 (Sea)
  Height: 10.7 m (Land) 4.6 (Sea)
  Weight: 320.0 t
  Maximum Speed: 185 km/h (Land), 72 Knots (Sea)

  Expandable Linear Cannon  (Folding pincers)
  Convergence Hyper Beam Gun x2  (Tail, interior guns)
  Large-Bore Hyper Laser Gun x2  (Tail, exterior guns)
  2-Barrelled Vulcan Cannon x2 (Face)
  Charged Particle Shock Gun  (Back)
  Charged Particle Gun  (Tail, big barrel)
  Laser Cutter x2  (Blades on pincer)
  Laser Fang x2  (Mouth)
  Strike Laser Bite Scissor x2  (Large pincers)

  E Shield Generator  (Head plate)
  Rocket Booster x2  (Inside rear pincers)
  Sensor Eye / Multi Sensor  (Eyes)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - This was a Koto Shop exclusive, meaning that it could only be purchased through a physical Kotobukiya store or through their online webstore, Koto Direct. It did not sell through standard overseas stores such as AmiAmi, HLJ, etc.

- Disclaimer

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