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- HMM-009 Saber Tiger Schwalz Ver.

Release Date: January 22nd, 2009  Retail Price: 6,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 270mm

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- Introduction

 The HMM Saber Tiger is reappearing with some newly modeled parts and color changes!

 The favorite machine of Karl Licthen Schwarz, who appeared in the anime ZOIDS. It's a powerful kit that's equipped with a giant beam gatling gun and sports a jet-black body.

- Technical Data

  Length: 15.6 m
  Height: 10.8 m
  Weight: 103.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 195 km/h

  AEZ 20mm Beam Gun  (Upper Back, Left Side)
  AEZ 20mm Linear Lasers  (Tail)
  Gatling Gun  (Back)
  Killer Sabres  (Fangs)
  Strike Claws  (Claws)
  Triple Shock Cannon  (Chest)

  Ground Sensors  (Paws)
  Sensors  (Ears)
  Sub Armament Pack  (Back, Opposite 20mm Beam Gun)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in January 2015

Color Change:
 The first Saber Tiger Schwarz released was released with anime-accurate yellow claws and teeth. This was the 10th anniversary edition of the kit. Subsequent releases all had bone-colored claws and teeth. If you want the one that has the anime-accurate colors, be sure to look for the 10th anniversary logo on the upper left hand corner of the box.

- Disclaimer

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