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- HMM 020 Lightning Saix

Release Date: September 18th, 2010  Retail Price: 4,500 yen  Product Length: Roughly 265 mm

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- Introduction

 TThe high-speed combat Zoid of the Empire, the Lightning Saix, joins the lineup of Kotobukiya's HMM series!

 Its aggressive form has been faithfully recreated with edgy armor and red fins on each part of the unit. Of course, the deployment gimmicks for each weapon are also recreated.

 The eye-catching weapon, the Pulse Laser Rifle is equipped to the back and can swing both vertically and horizontally.

 The Micro Missile Pod on the top of the fuselage and the 2-Barrelled Shock Gun on the bottom can be deployed without replacing any parts.

 The Strike Claws can also be deployed without replacing pieces, and a claw replacement part that can recreate the Strike Laser Claw is also included.

 If you display it alongside the Saber Tiger, you can recreate the High-Speed Combat Force that the Empire is so proud of.

- Technical Data

  Length: 18.4 m
  Height: 8.8 m
  Weight: 65.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 325 km/h

  2-Barrelled Vulcan  (Forehead)
  AZ Double Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Laser Killer Fangs  (Fangs)
  Micro Missile Pod  (Upper Back)
  Pulse Laser Rifles  (Back)
  Strike Laser Claws  (Claws)

  Camera Eyes  (Eyes)
  Cooling Plates  (Back of rear legs)
  Ground Sensors  (Feet)
  Heat Dispersion Armour x2  (Red plates on back, Red plates on front of legs)
  High-Speed Booster Pack  (Rear of back gun)
  Sensor Units  (Ears)
  Tail Stabiliser  (Tail)
  Vertical Stabilisers  (Lower back, above tail)
  Wing Stabilisers  (Sides of back gun)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core Unit  (Chest, internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in September 2015
  - Rereleased in October 2016

- History of the Lightning Saix

- The Guylos Empire Zoid

 The Dark Army, a mysterious military organization that had invaded the continent several times before the Central Continent War, suddenly launched a landing operation in ZAC 2051, at the end of the Central Continent War. They announced themselves as the Guylos Empire and declared war on the Helic Republic while simultaneously absorbing the bulk of the defeated Zenebas Empire forces.

 This marked the beginning of a long battle following the Central Continent War known as the Western Continent War, fought between the Republican Army and the new Imperial Army. Since the beginning of the war the Guylos Empire's military had been using reinforced Zoids that were originally made by the Zenebas Empire. They made up the majority of its mass-produced Zoids, which formed the core of its war potential. This was partially because they had absorbed the Zenebas Soldiers as well as their combat Zoids, and also because although the Zoids developedby the Dark Army had incredible combat power, their productivity wasn't very good. In order to make up for this deficiency, the Zoids made by the Zenebas Empire, which were well-balanced as a whole, were further upgraded with state-of-the-art weapons, diverting their resources in an attempt to increase their war potential.

 However, the situation soon changed completely. In the year ZAC 2056, a natural disaster known as Planet Zi's "Grand Catastrophe" occurred as a huge comet struck part of the Continent of Nyx, home of the Guylos Empire, submerging it. It was a painful blow resulting in the extinction of wild species unique to Nyx, as well as a loss of the raw materials used for the performance-enhancing ore "Diochalicum" and the special armor material "Ice Metal". With these setbacks it became virtually impossible to increase the production of the original Dark Army Zoids, which were the driving force behind the war. At the same time, it also meant losing the ability to strengthen the Zoids created by the Zenebas Empire. The Guylos Empire's army was sealed away from the technology produced on the Continent of Nyx, and its combat power was greatly diminished.

 With few exceptions, the rebuilding of the war effort didn't begin with the development of new models, but rather moved in the direction of using existing technology to strengthen the Zenebas Zoids. This thorough and steady military buildup, which took place over a period of more than 30 years, enabled the Guylos Empire to successfully turn Zenebas Zoids into Guylos Zoids, and allowed them to possess a huge number of units.

 Then, in ZAC 2099, the well-prepared Guylos Empire army invaded the Western Continent of Europa. This meant that they would collide with the Republican Army, which had begun its operations at the same time. This was the start of the Western Continent War.

 On the western continent both armies obtained the Organoid System, a Zoid technology developed by analyzing remains of an ancient Zoid. The Guylos Empire's military took this opportunity to finally begin developing their own genuine, legitimate production Zoids, something that hadn't been done since Zi's Grand Catastrophe.

- The Guylos Empire Zoid

 In the Western Continent War, the peak of high-speed combat Zoids remained the same as it had been since the Central Continent War: The Republican Army's units consisted of the Shield Liger and Command Wolf, while the Imperial Army forces consisted of Saber Tigers (modified versions of the Zenebas Empire's Sabre Tiger) and Helcats.

 At the beginning of the war, the Imperial Army maintained superiority due to its excellent operational methods, but the two Republican high-speed Zoids showed their true performance in time, and the Empire's Zoid forces gradually backed into a corner. The problem was clear. "The Helcat has insufficient fighting abilities." The Helcat was an earlier concept of the Saber Tiger design model. Because of that, it was possible to synchronize their combat behavior, and the two units were often sent out as a mixed unit including both.

 However, the original development purpose of the Helcat was special ops, including scouting, and it excelled most at group warfare when fighting alongside the same type of unit. The basic performance difference between the Helcat, a small Zoid, and the Saber Tiger, a medium-sized Zoid, was too great. The Command Wolf, on the other hand, was a machine that was developed from the beginning to accompany the Shield Liger. In the Western Continent War where the basic performance of all Zoids had increased, the Guylos Empire, which had previously been required to supplement the number of Saber Tigers with Helcats, was now confronted with a problem that had been apparent since the Zenebas Era.

- The Selection of a New Zoid

 On the front lines, the activity of the Imperial Army's high-speed combat Zoids had visibly declined, and the development of a machine to replace the Helcat in accompanying the Saber Tiger was urgently needed. In order to match the Saber Tigers, a quadrupedal model was decided upon from the beginning. The selection of this unit was based on high-speed combat Zoids that had existed before, such as the Zeek Dober, Gul Tiger, and Descat, which were around at the time that the Guylos Empire was founded.

 However, these were based on wild Zoids unique to the continent of Nyx, and were developed based on the premise of using Diochalicum, an ore that awakened the instincts of the Zoid, so there were issues with developing a similar type of machine. However, a large feline wild form which was similar to the Descat was discovered near the Tau Plateau on Europa, and this made them re-examine development based on the Descat model. Wild Zoid populations had been significantly reduced by the Planet Zi Grand Catastrophe. This valuable discovery had the potential to serve as a basis for new combat Zoids.

- Development of the Lightning Saix

 Since the newly discovered wild forms were cheetah-types, which excelled at high speed running, it was possible to utilize the development data and high-speed operating mechanisms of the leopard-type Descat, and by incorporating structures like the enemy Blade Liger, they succeeded in improving maintainability. The exterior design and know-how of heat exhaust and cooling at high speeds were based on the experience gained during the development of the fastest small-scale Zoid of the Imperial Army, the Lidier.

 A new technology known as the Organoid System was introduced to the central units that would be participating in melee combat. However, this was a simplified version similar to the ones installed in the Rev Raptor, because operational problems discovered when it was installed to the Geno Saurer had not yet been resolved. By using these technologies combined with the capabilities of the wild form, the unit was able to hit a top speed of 325 km/h with the use of additional boosters.

 Stealth features were also added as a unit characteristic. It incorporated a modified version of the silencer system from the Helcat. In addition, the unit was painted with a special metallic paint. Although this special paint "Majestics" was easily visible to the naked eye, it had the ability to disperse heat generated by the fuselage and mislead optical and thermal sensors, giving the machine which already sported ultra high-speed running performance high forced reconnaissance capabilities as well.

 A Laser Rifle was also added to the speed-boosting unit attached to the back. The redesigned backpack, which doubled as an attack and speed-boosting unit, successfully improved its firing capabilities and maneuverability. With this, in July of ZAC 2100, the Saber Tiger support Zoids were rolled out, with combat power surpassing that of the Command Wolf. The machine was named the Lightning Saix because of the name given to it by the people who lived in its natural environment, as well as its lightning-fast run.

- The Introduction of the Lightning Saix

 Several prototypes of the completed Lightning Saix were built without sufficient testing. One of the test machines was entrusted to Dr. D, an authority on Zoid engineering and also a member of the Lightning Saix development staff for further improvement.

 Lieutenant Barrett Gutter, who belonged to the Imperial Engineering Department, boarded the test machine "BS" type, which was equipped with anti-energy armor painted entirely in silver and sporting enhanced artillery capabilities. He went out on the battlefield alone. In addition, several other Lightning Saixes were supplied to the Special Forces and test units on a priority basis, and experienced actual combat on the front lines as their tests.

 After that, around 70 of the original model machines were produced, but following that, the establishment of a production line was delayed and their production efficiency was low, so it took a long time for the Zoid to reach a full-scale introduction. Therefore, the initial use was operating as a single unit or as a pursuit unit with the Geno Breaker. It wasn't until the emergence of a common enemy to both the Guylos Empire and Helic Republic, the Neo Zenebas Empire, that it began playing a clearer role, fulfilling its original purpose as an escort machine for Saber Tigers. The Lightning Saix was created to counter the high-speed combat Zoids of the Helic Republic, so it's ironic that it showed its true power during joint operations with the Blade Liger and Command Wolf.

- Fuselage Commentary

- Disclaimer

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