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- HMM-034 Limited Fire Fox

Release Date: April 10th, 2013  Retail Price: 4,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 240 mm

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- Introduction

 The limitation "Blazer Fox" has appeared!

 The fox-type high-speed combat Zoid, the Shadow Fox, which was adopted as a support unit for the Liger Zero, is now available as the "Fire Fox", sporting a "Special Recursive Hologram Armour", painted in a reddish-pink color! The molding color was changed to a "red-peach" color, and it became the Blazing Fox, and completed as a new machine, which stood in the way of the Liger Zero.

 We're making a first attempt with this product, by including a highly versatile decal sheet that can be used for all items in the series! It has a wide variety of items, such as the characters needed to mark a model with a designation number for the Republican Army, Zenebas, or Guylos Empire. The cockpit can be opened and closed, and an unpainted PVC General Soldier Pilot Figure can be placed inside. It's compatible with the MSG Mechanical Flying Base 3, so please enjoy displaying it running at full speed.


 ⚫ Comes with a highly versatile decal that can be used for all items in the series

 ⚫ The head cockpit can be opened and closed, and an unpainted PVC General Soldier Pilot Figure is included.


 ⚫ A Multi-Weapon Rack, a simpler version of the CAS (Changing Armor System) which can easily change weapons, is installed to the back.

 ⚫ The AZ-30mm Armour-Piercing Laser Vulcan Gun is flexible and can be moved around by deploying the support arm.

 ⚫ The tail can be opened and the built-in AZ 70mm Internal-Type Electromagnetic Net Gun has also been recreated.

 ⚫ The neck has a double ball joint and the torso and legs have a slide-out movable joint, so that a realistic turning pose can be achieved. It has a wide range of motion.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core is exposed when the abdominal armor is deployed.

- Technical Data

  Length: 17.3 m
  Height: 8.0 m
  Weight: 52.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 290 km/h

  AZ 30mm Armour-Piercing Laser Vulcan Gun (Back)
  AZ 70mm Internal-Type Electromagnetic Net Gun  (Tail)
  Electron Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
  Strike Laser Claws  (Feet)

  3D Radar & Multi Ear Sensors  (Ears)
  Acceleration Boosters  (Back of Vulcan)
  Anchors  (Heels)
  Shoulder Weapon Rack  (Upper Back)
  Smoke Dischargers  (Upper Rear Legs)
  Wing Balancer  (Lower Back Armor)

  Cockpit  (Head)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- History Of Fire Fox

 ⭕ The Birth Of The Blazer Fox

 The Republican Armed Forces General Command was focused on the high-speed combat Zoid, the Shadow Fox, which was adopted as a support machine for their core military Zoid, the Liger Zero, of the special unit "Ray Force." In consideration of this, they had begun considering to adopt it as the main Zoid. This was because first of all, when it came to mass production, they had already decided to give up the idea of using a purely wild type body even though they had excellent fighting power, because they weren't suitable for mass production. Instead they used an adjusted body type. This obviously suffered from a reduction in fighting power, but the installation of the "Simple Organoid System" adopted by the Gun Sniper was considered as a possible solution to that problem. However, this system had already been established, and the use of it for a unit that was to be introduced as the next-generation machine would be dissatisfying to the higher ups of the military.

 At that time, one technical proposal was brought to them from the outside. The new technology "DBCS (Direct Brain Control System) was an EEG control device developed in-house by the newly established civilian company "Heitrich." It could directly communicate the pilot's thoughts to the Zoid Core and the onboard fire control system via the operating computer. This epochal machine allowed improvements in reaction speed and high-precision operations. In addition, the DBCS was found to be capable of normal operation without the adverse effects on the pilots of the full-spec Organoid System, which caused the Zoid's thoughts to backflow from the core into the mind of the pilot.

 The Zoids Development Bureau had to achknowledge the existence of the DBCS, which had reached a stage where it could be put into practical use to promote clear performance improvements, and immediately adopted it. They had approved its use for 9 models, which were prototypes of the mass-produced Shadow Foxes equipped with the Organoid System + DBCS.

 Nine female Zoid riders were chosen as test pilots, including former mercenary / bounty hunter "Angel Hikita", and given extremely high maneuvering technology selected by Heitrich Co.. It was all up to them. Luckily, a fully prepared mass-produced combat Zoid would be completed in a short period of time. The Zoid Development Bureau, which had been unable to obtain a new mass-production Zoid that could be deployed to the entire army for the coming years, smiled at the grand performance of this machine, and the general command and upper echelon saw the potential for it to be deployed in the second Continent of Nyx landing operations.

 These to-be mass-produced Shadow Foxes wore green armour. This prototype was approved as the pre-production model upon completion of the fuselage, and was given the name "Blazer Fox."

 ⭕ The Flame Fox's Lie

 The Blazer Fox continued to carry out two trials to strengthen their armed forces. One of them was for a Blazer Fox support Zoid, Cannoneer Gordos, which had firepower equivalent to Gojulas the Ogre, a machine called the Republican Army's strongest mobile artillery. It was reintroduced with some fine tuning. This old Zoid was equipped with the DBCS to provide high maneuverability, and they planned for it to have ultra-precision and provide support attacks by using the controlling brain waves that linked its inherently heavy fire power with the Blazer Fox.

 The other trial was the production and practice tests of special combat equipment utilizing the Blazer Fox's weapon exchange system, the Multi Weapon Rack, which had functionality referred to as a simplified version of the Liger Zero's CAS (Changing Armour System.) Among these armed units, they selected 6 that were equipped with weapons that could be repaired and replenished even on the front lines. There was the Close-Range Melee Spec "Irrlicht", the Mid-Range Bombardment Equipment "Taugou", the Long-Range Bombardment Equipment "Castor & Pollux", the Electronic Warfare / Anti-Zoid Disruption Equipment "Corto Sanpo", the Long-Range Sniper Equipment "Luminous Serpent" and the Heavy Gunner Attack Equipment "Ignis Fatuus".

 In addition, they had developed two other types, the Close-Range Attack Equipment, "Jack-O-Lantern" and the Bombardment Equipment "Will-O'-Wips", both equipped with the next-generation remote weapon "LEAVES."

 A total of eight types of armed units were manufactured, and the mounted equipment tests were carred out from 1 to 8, all except number 9. As soon as these tests were being completed, the development team led by Angel Hikita, which was just landing on the mainland of Guylos, Nyx, was dispatched to the continent as the support unit "Ray Force Angels" in spite of being a civilian, following the delay of the operational deployment of the special Ray Force unit.

 To prepare for this sortie, Angel Hikita independently mounted a "Special Recursive Armour" on the nine Blazer Foxes, which was painted with the red peach color that was used on the Blade Liger Mirage, and was applied with a high-conductivity heat-radiating paint. In addition, it had the additional function of reacting to plasma in the air to generate an after image of the machine, even if it meant losing its stealth abilities.

 There was criticism from the upper echelon of the army with the emergence of the first red Zoid units in the Republican Army, which sported the trademark color of the enemy army, but they admitted their own actions regarding their reckless orders, and prepared for them to sortie without further disagreements. Even the upper echelons mused that "these female foxes will be a sight to see for the Empre." The paint was thus approved as the official colors for the Ray Force Angels.

 Then, according to Angel Hikita's declarations, final tests were carried out to test the modified exterior and the interlinking connections for support attacks by the Cannoneer Gordos. These tests were required for mass production to commence.

 However, at this final test, a shocking scandal would be discovered.

 ⭕ The Fox's Rondo

 The nine DBCS-equipped Cannon Gordos showed unprecedented mobility, and the heavy fire was accurately recorded as a hologram without the need to use voice or data communications from the preceding Blazer Fox. They were nailing it. The boarding pilots and other senior members of the military cheered as they watched the situation unfold.

 However, shortly after their voice communications were interrupted, and a bombardment from the Cannoneer Gordos, who had suddenly stopped operatons, struck the monitor room of the people who were supervising the tests. The Blazer Foxes stood nearby, with no response to their communications.

 Upon seeing this, the officers in the monitor room immediately decided to cut the system, and instructed the Cannoneer Gordos to disconnect the DBCS. Their silence was exchanged for a communication, a situation report from Angel Hikita, who was on board the ninth unit. But that communication was...

"People of the Republic! I am Captain Michelle Ganty of the Guylos Empire Army's special spy force, Red Illusion. We'll receive these Zoids gratefully and make effective use of them as Fire Foxes - for our Zenebas comrades!"

 It was a statement by an operative that still pledged loyalty to Zenebas, even though they were in the Guylos army. However, the now normally-activated Gordos troops launched an attack against their enemies, who had stood as their allies only moments ago.

 Yet, there was no way for the old machines to counter against the illusions caused by the special recursive hologram armour without the use of their DBCS, and while they were snared in the AZ 70mm Electromagnetic Net Gun, they were fired upon by the Fire Fox's standard equipment, the 9 fireball firing Vulcans. The Fire Foxes deployed their smoke dischargers to create a dense smog. By the time their vision was cleared, the nine flame foxes had disappeared to somewhere.

 Later, the Military Intelligence Department submitted a report declaring that Heitrich, which had provided the technology and the container full of additional units, including the DBCS data program, had all vanished. The Republican Army had been fooled by these female foxes sent by the Guylos army, and even the ghostly fires of Zenebas had shown themselves.

 The Blazer Fox's production plans were frozen, having become a stain on the Republic's reputation, and were since disregarded.

 Later, in the Red Illusion Force, Michelle Ganty equipped the "Shiranui" equipment and a Plasma Generator to the additional unfinished unit, which had a 9-tailed silhouette. The 9th unit joined the 8 other units, and appeared on Nyx as a total of 9 "Full Spec. Fire Foxes".

 Their road was blocked off by the Ray Force of the Republican Army Advanced Landing Force. The flame foxes that burned with their dreams of reviving Zenebas, and the white lions, the combat weapons of the Republic. Both sides paused, and the battle of the high-speed combat Zoids of such an unhappy fate, who had now reversed camps, commenced as both sides fought a fierce battle on the grounds of the decisive war, the Dark Continent of Nyx.

 - Taugou is a misspelling of Tanguou
 - Corto Sanpo is a misspelling of Corpo Santo
 - Will-O'-Wips is a misspelling of Will-O'-Wisp

- Fuselage Commentary

- Disclaimer

Please note! While the stats and equipment list on this page is properly translated by Falcarius, the remainder of the info on this page (including the story) relies on automatic translation done by this site. Parts of it references information posted by Falcarius, including his translation of Angel's one moment of speech and the names. However the rest of it likely contains errors, and exists only to give users the gist of what is being said, where better translations are currently unavailable.