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- HMM-015 Iron Kong

Release Date: December 4th, 2009  Retail Price: 9,800 yen

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- Introduction

 Sorry to make you wait! The commercialization of the Iron Kong has been decided, and it's the largest Zoid in the current HMM lineup!!

 Because it's on the same scale as other HMM Zoids, it's huge body feels incredibly powerful.

 The unique poses of gorillas, with the way the forelimbs stand on the ground and the stance of drumming on the chest with both fists have been beautifully reproduced.

 It has an abundance of moving parts and play styles. Both of the hands are fully articulated.

 The cockpit in the head is a double-seat type to faithfully recreate the original setting.

- Weapons

 ⚫ Anti-Zoid 6-Shot Missile Launcher

 ⚫ TVM Surface-to-Surface 2-Shot Tactical Missiles

 ⚫ The magazine part of the 6-Shot Missile Launcher is removable

- Technical Data

  Length: 11.5 m
  Height: 17.7 m
  Weight: 187.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 150 km/h

  10-Shot Self-Guided Rocket Launcher  (Shoulders)
  Anti-Zoid 6-Shot Missile Launcher  (Right Shoulder)
  Bite Fangs  (Teeth)
  Iron Hammer Knuckles  (Fists)
  Shoulder Missile Pods  (Front of Shoulders)
  TVM Surface-to-Surface 2-Shot Tactical Missiles  (Back)

  Composite Detection Sensor Unit  (Forehead)
  Cooling Units  (Cheeks)
  Missile Magazine  (Ontop of Shoulder Launcher)
  Sound-Collecting Sensors  (Sides of Head)
  Ventilator  (Nose)

  Backpack  (Back)
  Exhaust Ducts  (Shoulders)
  Launcher Mount Latch  (Right Shoulder)
  Multi-Seater Cockpit  (Head)
  Shoulder Armour  (Shoulders)
  Weapon Hardpoint  (Top of Arms)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in December 2012

- Disclaimer

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