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- HMM-045 LTD Sturm Tyrann Berserk Unit Set

Release Date: May 29th, 2018  Retail Price: 14,800 yen  Product Length: Roughly 330m

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- Introduction

 Re-equip the Sturm Tyrann, the Red Gale's machine!

 A limited edition of the Kotobukiya Shop, with a set of parts for the basic Berserk Fürher in a special molding color to match the latest Sturm Tyrann, of the HMM Zoids series! It's possible to choose between either the Sturm Tyrann or the red Berserk Fürher during assembly, by using the removable "Changing Armor System" gimmick of each piece of armor. Of course, each gimmick matches the Sturm Tyrann and Berserk Fürher, so you can enjoy this powerful model.

- Differences From Sturm Tyrann (Regular Edition)

 ⚫ The gold-molded Buster Claw and red armor parts for each piece have been added, and it can also be assembled as the red Berserk Fürher.

- Gimmicks

 ⚫ Each piece of armor is removable as part of the Changing Armor System gimmick, making it possible to recreate the unarmored state.

 ⚫ The head cockpit can be opened and closed with a double hatch consisting of the armor and frame, and a general pilot figure can be added for boarding.

 ⚫ The Zoid Core built into the body can be attached or removed.

 ⚫ There's a 3mm hole in the lower part of the body that corresponds with various flying bases, sold separately. (We recommend using Flying Base Neo)

 ⚫ The Charged Particle Gun firing stance can be reproduced by extending the internal barrel, deploying the neck and tail armor, and deploying the anchors on the heels.

 ⚫ The back boosters, the Sturm Booster and the High Maneuver Thruster can be deployed.

 ⚫ The Active Shield mounted on the shoulder can be flexibly moved by an arm attachment, and the built-in Ex Breakers can move independently up and down to recreate a powerful fighting battle scene.

- Technical Data

We were unable to locate scans of the Sturm Tyrann Berserk Unit's manual. If you have manual scans that you would like to share, please contact us at kenihhiwolf@gmail.com.

  Information Unavailable

  Information Unavailable

  Information Unavailable

  Cockpit  (Jaw)
  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - This was a Koto Shop exclusive, meaning that it could only be purchased through a physical Kotobukiya store or through their online webstore, Koto Direct. It did not sell through standard overseas stores such as AmiAmi, HLJ, etc.

- Disclaimer

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