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- HMM-030 Liger Zero Jager

Release Date: February 24th, 2012  Retail Price: 7,000 yen  Product Length: Roughly 320 mm

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- Introduction

 High Speed! High Mobility! The Liger Zero Jager appears!!

 Following the Schneider, it completely changes the silhouette and performance by replacing the exterior armor of the Liger Zero, with the "Changing Armor System", the Liger Zero Jager, a high-speed combat form that maximizes its mobility.

 The distinctive navy-colored armor and the two huge Large Ion Boosters on the back really stand out. The Variable Large Ion Booster can be moved up, down, left, and right, and the Variable Wings, rear armor wings, and side thrusters are also present! Of course, its special technique the Strike Laser Claw can still be recreated. You can recreate a number of battles, such as the Lightning Saix battle and the Iron Kong battle, both of which were impressive in the anime. This time it also comes with a painted pilot figure of the main character, Bit Cloud!

 Please enjoy the brave look of the Liger Zero Jager, which boasts the highest athletic performance.

 * This product is a combined set of the Liger Zero (naked body) and Jager unit.

- Technical Data

  Length: 24.1 m
  Height: 10.8 m
  Weight: 132.0 tons
  Maximum Speed: 330 km/h

  AZ 208mm 2-Barrel Shock Cannon  (Chest)
  Body Ventilators  (Chest Armor)
  Laser Fangs  (Fangs)
  Optical Laser Vulcans LMG-62F  (Tail)
  Strike Laser Claws  (Feet)
  Vulcan Pod - MK-22 x2  (Cheeks)

  Acceleration Thruster x4  (Light blue on back of leg armor)
  Aero Fairings x2  (Upper mane, sides)
  Air Induction Unit x4  (Tops of Legs)
  Camera Eye x2  (Eyes)
  Composite Sensor Unit x2  (Ears)
  Composite Spatial Recognition Sensor System x4  (Lower Leg Armor)
  Flying Vulcan Pod  (Tail)
  Ion Booster Pods  (Back)
  Multi-Blade Antenna x2  (Long blue mane pieces)
  Side Thruster Pod x2  (Sides)
  Variable Wing x2  (Sides of boosters)

  Zoid Core  (Chest, Internal)

- Release Notes

  - Rereleased in March 2018

- Marking Plus Version

 The Liger Zero Jager was rereleased in 2019, as a new Marking Plus version. It was one of the first MPVs ever released.

Differences From The Original:
 - Includes a general pilot figure, instead of Bit Cloud
 - New decals that include various emblems, including the Leo Master crests are included.

Release Date: May 27th, 2019
Length: Roughly 310mm
Price: 7,600 Yen

- History Of Liger Zero Jager

 - The Origin of CAS

 At the end of the Western Continent War, the Guylos Empire sought to put an end to the unstoppable competition to create the best combat Zoids. They selected a lion type and a tyrannosaurus type, and developed two new Zoids based off of this concept.

 These units were manufactured as naked bodies, that retained the original combat power of Zoids, using the pure cores of the "completely wild body" Zoids that inhabitated the Western Continent and had not gone through any artificial tampering. They had an interchangeability function that allowed them to swap to the latest equipment in each fight, so that they could respond to the battle situations that might develop over the next several generations. This was the next-generation Zoid concept developed by the Imperial Army of Guylos, the Changing Armor System (CAS).

 - Republic Army CAS

 In ZAC 2100, the Republican Army succeeded in capturing the Imperial Army's lion-type prototype during their battle to capture the Imperial Army's Nixie Base on the continent of Europa. While focusing on the excellent performance of this unit, they focused their efforts to producing a very small number of Liger Zeros based on this machine. The lion-type early production unit was equipped with the same CAS function as the prototype, but they also developed a standard armor unit for it that could be changed to more specialized units, which differed from the original operation concept prepared by the Imperial Army.

 There were three types of replacement units: Schneider for fighting battles, Jager for high-speed battles, and Panzer for artillery battles. Liger Zero was sent to the battlefield along with its dedicated mothership, the Hover Cargo, which allowed it to change armors instantly on the battlefield. The Liger Zero was introduced as a unit for dedicated Liger pilots, such as the Leomasters of the advanced special forces unit, the Ray Force, which was formed during the invasion of the continent of Nyx, where the Guylos Empire's headquarters was located.

 - Liger Zero Jager

 A form of Liger Zero equipped with the high-speed CAS "Jager Unit". It's used in scouting operations (reconnaissance, attack, pursuit), sabotage operations, assaults, and to combat enemies that are using high-speed combat Zoids. The close combat equipment "Schneider" is a legitimate evolution of the High-Speed Combat Zoid concept turned CAS, which took after the success of the Blade Liger, famous in the Republican Army. The Panzer focuses on artillery equipment, and sports unprecedented speed comparable to other high-speed combat units, providing different characteristics to the unit. Jager makes use of explosive acceleration for long periods of time over a long distance, acting as a so-called "Ultra-High-Speed Cruising Combat Unit".

 It's a strategic CAS. The Republican Army's development team took aspects of the Guylos Empire's greatest possible high-speed combat Zoid, the Lightning Saix, and replaced it with the Empire's lion-type unit and their own CAS technology, and were able to realize the complex development of this unit.

 - Jager Unit Development Concept

 With Liger Zero, the unarmored naked body exhibited the mobility, agility, and combat instincts of the wild body, while also showing high combat power. However, it lacked anti-elasticity, endurance, and self-control, making it difficult to operate as far as manned weapons go. To compensate for this, the Type Zero, which equipped armor and cooling systems, functioned as a restraint.

 In the Jager Unit, they abandoned the anti-elasticity that the Type Zero had developed in the first place, and pursued a thorough light-weight unit while retaining its functions of restraint. They developed it as a CAS with the purpose of increasing the fighting speed of the body and extending its operation time. Whereas the Schneider and Panzer were heavily armored, the Jager was composed entirely of tune-up parts that improved the Liger Zero without adding unnecessary stress. "If you never stop moving fast, you'll never be hit by the enemy's bullets..." The thought was so reckless, but it was also an idea that reexamined the nature and evolution of combat Zoids.

 - High-Speed Gods

 The CAS mounted on the Jager Unit had few surfaces to mount things to, and it had nothing that could be called armor, but instead consisted mostly of fairings aimed at rectification effects. It used an abundance of the rare new alloy, Elwatium Zero. Elwatium Zero was a mineral mined from Elwat Mountain on Madagascar Island, in the territory of the Republic. Once refined as an alloy, it had the unique properties of allowing air to pass through it because of nano-sized cavities in the material, and in addition it was light-weight and durable. By using this new alloy for the majority of the unit, its weight was reduced, it became more durable, and it instantly possessed cooling functions.

 Elwatium Zero was also used for the output devices, such as the Large Ion Booster Pod mounted on the back. As a result, the newly developed next-generation ion "Komet" engines produced an astonishing output, but the cooling/exhaust systems that processed an enormous amount of heat were integrated in a compact form, and allowed it to operate for long periods of time. There seemed to be no overheating so long as it operated within its set limitations. With this booster unit installed, the Jager gained the abilities of a High-Speed Mobile Cruise Combat unit, with explosive acceleration and endurance.

 The large-scale armaments that are installed to conventional Zoids aren't present on this unit, being contrary to the pursuit of high-speed functions. Its live ammunition becomes added weight until it's fired, at which point the balance of the unit significantly changes from initial launch. The Beam / Laser weapons also impose a burden on the Zoid Core, which acts as a generator, and there's concern that its running speed will slow down due to the energy consumption. The unit stresses the Zoid Core. Therefore, the unit should use a minimalistic approach, and the main weapons should be the Strike Laser Claws and Laser Fangs equipped to the base Zero body.

 On the other hand, it can also use devices that interfere with enemy detection systems and utilizes sensors that recognize objects and environmental conditions, which are installed to each part of the unit with no noticeable gaps. As a result, it can escape detection from enemy eyes and evaluate the surrounding situation in advance. Instead of being heavily armed, it was given the function of essentially taking control of the battlefield.

 The Jager Unit, with this equipment, gave the Liger Zero the title as the fastest Zoid, and became known as the unit with the longest combat operation time among all CAS equipment.

 - Zero Jager On The Battlefield

 Major "Winner Kidd" of the Ray Force, the advance unit during the landing operations on the continent of Nyx, always used the Zero Jager as it fit his preferred combat style. He devised a special move called the Mirage Fang Crash, which uses the illusions generated by a surplus of heat exhaust from the Elwatium Zero armor when moving at a high speed, and was able to achieve great results. In addition, pilots who have succeeded in piloting liger-type units are said to have used the Jager unit a lot because it was easy to handle and focused on the liger-based equipment. It sailed as a blue whirlwind across the uncharted continent of Nyx, the home of the opposing Guylos Empire.

 It was also used in another era, where fighting competitions called Zoids Battles were being held. It was even the most frequently used unit of Bit Cloud, a member of Team Blitz and the registered pilot and Zoid Warrior of the Liger Zero. At that time, it seemed that it was the only CAS unit that the Liger Zero himself accepted without showing some form of rejection when it was installed, seemingly depending on the preservation of the original unit's aspects.

 From these facts, it's presumed that both passengers and the Liger Zero itself instinctively understand that the Jager unit was a tune-up unit that improved the original characteristics of the Liger Zero, which was, of course, its original purpose.

 As the name suggests, Liger Zero Jager was the "clothing for hunters (Jäger)" that led the Liger Zero and its pilots to the hunting grounds.

- Fuselage Commentary

- Disclaimer

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