- Zoids Official Fan Books

    The Zoids Official Fan Books are a fantastic collection of new Battle Story content, compacted into a book that tells a coherent story. The artwork features many digitally edited diaromas, much like you see on the backs of the Japanese boxes, and goes into great detail regarding the history of New Helic, Guylos, and Zenebas. You may even notice some familiar characters, along with introductions to the kits and other Zoid products.

    Below we'll list the details for the books as we update. Please note, translations are rough translations using Google Translate. If you have corrections, feel free to offer them~ Preferably with specifics (how it should read, not just 'this happened.')

- Zoids Official Fan Book: 1

    - Planet Zi World Map
    - The Western Continent (Europa) Complete Map

    - 1: The Empire's Ambition
    - 2: The Eve Before the War
    - 3: The Empire's successful advance
    - 4: Clash!! Two large high-speed Zoids!!
    - 5: The Resurrected Beast, Death Saurer
    - 6: Withdraw Towards Tomorrow

    - Combat Zoids of the Helic Republic
    - Republican Corps Military Chart
    - Combat Zoids of the Guylos Empire
    - Imperial Corps Military Chart
    - Neutral Zoids

    - The Scoop on the Zoids of the New Century!
    - Zoid World Data Room
    - What are the metal life forms from "Planet Zi?"
    - Planet Zi History Directory
    - Old World Zoid Directory

    - Helic Republic Zoids
    - Zenebas Empire Zoids
    - Guylos Empire Zoids

    - Hobby & Collectibles Log

- Zoids Official Fan Book 2

    English Name: Zoids Official Fan Book 2
    Japanese Name: 公式ファンブック2
    ISBN: ISBN4-09-102863-2
    Price: 905 Yen
    Pages: 118

- Zoids Official Fan Book 3

    English Name: Zoids Official Fan Book 3
    Japanese Name: 公式ファンブック3
    ISBN: ISBN4-09-106030-7
    Price: 905 Yen
    Pages: 118

- Zoids Official Fan Book 4

    English Name: Zoids Official Fan Book 4
    Japanese Name: 公式ファンブック4
    ISBN: ISBN4-09-106132-X
    Price: 905 Yen
    Pages: 112