- The Empire's Ambitions

November, ZAC 2098 (Guylos Empire Capital City)

    At last this day has come. The supreme ruler Guylos has died, and the new Emperor is 10-year-old Rudolph. Now is the time to fulfil my late father's dearest wish. I will crush the Republic that bears the loathsome name of Helic, and return to my father's homeland, the Central Continent.

    (From the journal of Imperial Regent Gunther Prozen)

    The hero Guylos had united the Dark Continent in a single generation. Were it not for the Grand Catastrophe 42 years ago, it was said that he would have taken hold of the entirety of Planet Zi. A year after the death of this great emperor, a magnificent anniversary service combined with a coronation ceremony for the new Emperor was taking place in the Imperial capital.

    The person becoming the new Emperor was Rudolph, the only remaining blood relative of Guylos, who had lost most of his family in the Catastrophe. But Rudolph was no more than a boy, a mere 10 years old.

    "Our country still bears deep scars from the Catastrophe - will this child emperor be able to rebuild it?"

    The public's concerns eventually changed into expectations for Regent Prozen, who was effectively the nation's highest authority. But the populace did not know. No, not just the populace. Not the parliament nor even Rudolph himself, who relied on Prozen as his supporter, knew the depths of the darkness and the size of the ambitions dwelling in this man's heart...

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