- The Empire's Ambition

    At last the day has come. Emperor Guylos has died, and the 10-year-old Rudolph stands to become the new emperor. Now is the time to fulfill his deceased father's wish. To crush the Republic, bearing the abominable name of Helic, and return to his father's home country, the Central Continent.

    (From the diary of the Empire's regent, Gunther Prozen.)

    Emperor Guylos unified the Dark Continent in one generation. It is said that he would have acquired all of Planet Zi if there hadn't been a major accident 42 years ago, and now in this year, the great emperor had died. In the Imperial capital, the coronation ceremony for the new emperor, who was still to be announced was held.

    Rudolph stood as the new emperor. To Guylos, who lost most of his clan, he was the only remnant left. But Rudolph was just a 10 year old boy.

    "Can we rebuild this country, when the scars of the former emperor are still so deep?"

    People's anxieties would eventually turn into expectations for the regent Prozen, who at the time was the one with the real power. But the people didn't know. No, not just the people. Congress, and even Rudolph himself were unaware, asking Prozen to be their shield. They didn't know the depth of the darkness that ate at this man's heart, nor the size of his ambition...

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