- Clash!! Two Great High-Speed Zoids!!


    September, 2099 ZAC         |        Northern Europa Continent        |        Mount Olympus

    The Shield Liger force crossed the lake and landed on the eastern side of Mount Olympus. However, the Empire army had landed on the western side a step ahead of them.

    Valiant soldiers of the Empire's High-Speed Combat Force. You must exterminate the enemy force that has invaded Mount Olympus. Do not forget, the fate of this war now rests in your hands. I shall decorate you with the Flying Dragon Cross when you return!

    (From a transmission from Imperial Regent Gunther Prozen)

    The Shield Liger force managed to make a landing on Mount Olympus thanks to the support of ally forces, but the journey to the summit was by no means an easy one. Guard forces from the Empire army that had landed there before them were lying in wait all over the mountain.

    "Until we reach our final destination, the summit, I want to preserve as much of this force as possible."

    The force's leader, Lieutenant Colonel Halford, kept his haste in check, hiding in the shadows of rocks by day and sprinting through the darkness of night. But even in summer, the natural environment of the 8000-metre-plus mountain was harsh. Obstructed by fierce winds and steep rocks, they had already fallen two days behind their climbing schedule.

    Perhaps they became impatient. The overly bright moons were also a stroke of misfortune. In an open rocky area halfway up Mount Olympus, they were finally discovered. What's more, they were discovered by the most fearsome of enemies, a high-speed Zoid rivalling the Shield Liger: the Saber Tiger.

    As the Shield Liger force aimed for the summit, a storm-like crimson Zoid appeared before them. It destroyed a Command Wolf in one blow.

    The Saber Tiger's abilities, as analysed by a Command Wolf. They were no less formidable than the Shield Liger's.

- The Menace of the Crimson Storm!


    Such speed. I can't hit him. Not with a single one of my shots. Is he a demon? Did all the Imperial slowpokes I've fought up till now feel this wretched?

    (From the flight recorder of First Lieutenant Tommy Paris, Command Wolf pilot in the Republic 2nd Independent High-Speed Combat Battalion)

    The Saber Tiger was making a stand upon the rocky mountainside, and was dodging all attacks. It was proof that the pilot's skill was top notch.

    The Saber Tiger moved like a storm. The lone Zoid jumped into the middle of the Shield Liger force, dodged their shots by skidding sideways, baited them into shooting each other, and crushed the Command Wolves calmly. It wasn't simply fast. That reflex speed, that handling technique. The unit had clearly been tuned up, and the pilot operating it like his own limbs was no ordinary fighter.

    "Tom! Raker! Harry! Fall back! I'll take him!"

    Lieutenant Colonel Halford's Shield Liger leaped out to protect his subordinates. If he let them be, the damage to his allies from friendly fire would only increase. Moreover, it was almost dawn. If the battle dragged on any longer, enemy guard forces would show up in horrible numbers.

    Shield Liger. Saber Tiger. These two great high-speed Zoids were once known as destined rivals in the Central Continent War, and their one-on-one duel was now revived across the ages.

    But the battle turned unexpectedly one-sided. If the Liger brought out its internally stowed weapons during top-speed combat, it would ruin the unit's balance. It was inferior in firepower to the Saber, whose weapons were attached externally from the start.

    The Shield Liger was steadily driven into a corner. The Saber's electromagnetic claws, Strike Claws, sliced through its cheek.

    "Commander Halford!!"

    The pained shouts of the Wolf pilots echoed out. But just then, the Liger's mane gave off a dazzling light.

    The bright, shining light was the Shield Liger's trump card, its Energy Shield. Launch a counterattack, blue lion!

- Victory By A Hair's Breadth

    The Saber left a momentary opening. The Shield Liger charged at the Saber, its Energy Shield at full power.

    Scouting Double Sworders saw an Imperial base built near the ruins at the summit, and the shadow of a mysterious giant Zoid being carried inside.


    In the eyes of the Saber Tiger pilot, perhaps the Shield Liger's glow looked like discharges caused by important circuitry shorting out. He confidently rained down "finishing" beam gun shots on the Liger. But the beams that were meant to slam into it at point-blank range were instead bounced back by a warp in space that formed around the Liger's mane.

    "The Energy Shield..."

    He knew about this equipment as well. He'd fought countless mock battles in simulators with Shield Liger combat data coded in. But the Energy Shield he had just experienced in actual combat was far tougher than he had expected. He had forgotten that data based on the old war could be deceptive. Even though his own Zoid's evolution proved that better than anything else...

    Despite this, he only faltered for a moment. But the match was settled in that moment. The Liger's fangs bit deep into the Saber's throat.

    It was a hair's-breadth victory. Lieutenant Colonel Halford, knowing this better than anybody, quietly closed his eyes and gave thanks to the goddess of the battlefield. But the goddess was always fickle. Immediately after this battle, an emergency transmission came in from a Double Sworder on enforced reconnaissance in the skies over Mount Olympus: "The summit of Mount Olympus has fallen into the Empire army's hands." The Shield Liger force hadn't made it in time. Now that it had come to this, unless they retreated as soon as possible, the force would be isolated in the middle of enemy territory. But even so, the Shield Liger force continued to aim for the peak - in order to carry out their second directive in case they failed to gain control of the summit.

    They had to destroy the ancient ruins, 'no matter the cost'.

    A few days after the battle with the Saber Tiger, while taking heavy losses, the Shield Liger force broke through the Imperial guard forces' encirclement and finally reached the summit..

    I've won. I'm the winner. I, a member of the Skorzeny family, oppressed as a remnant of the Zenebas Empire, have brought victory to the Guylos Empire. I'll be a hero...

    (From the flight recorder of Second Lieutenant Stefan Skorzeny, Saber Tiger pilot in the Empire Army Special Guard Force)

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