- Clash!! The Two Large High-Speed Zoids!!


    September, 2099 ZAC         |        Northern Europa Continent        |        Mount Olympus

    Shield troops crossed the lake and landed on the Olympus shore. However, the Imperial Army, one step ahead had already landed on the West shore.

    Brave soldiers of the Imperial high speed unit. Please annihilate the enemy troops that have entered Mount Olympus. Don't forget. The fate of this war is now in your hands. The flying dragon cross crest that you bare on your chest shall return!

    (A communication from the Imperial regent, Gunther Prozen.)

    By the support of its allies the Shield unit had landed on Mount Olympus, but the way to the summit wasn't an easy fight. The Imperial troops who had landed earlier were ambushing them from all directions.

    "Preserve as many troops as possible until we reach the summit, our final destination!"

    Lieutenant Colonel Halford led the troops, calling back the flying units, then hiding in the rocks by daylight, running through the darkness by night. However, in summer, the nature of this 8000 meter mountain was severe. The violent winds and obstructed rocks interfered with their climbing schedule, and they were already two days late.

    They were impatient. The moon was too bright, which was unfortunate. Near the center of their climb up Mount Olympus, they finally found it. The most terrible enemy, a fast Zoid comparable to the Shield Liger, the Saber Tiger.

    A crimson Zoid, like a tornado, appeared before the Shield unit aiming for the summit, destroying the Command Wolf with one blow.

    The capabilities of the Saber Tiger, as analyzed by the Command Wolf. It was a terrible thing to the Shield unit.

- The Threat of the Red Storm!

    How fast. I missed my one shot. Is he the devil? I wonder if the embarrassing bastards who I've been fighting so far felt such terror?

    (Republican Independent Second High-Speed Battalion Command Wolf Pilot, Tommy Paris, combat activity piloting records.)

    The Saber Tiger was making a stand upon the rocky mountainside, and was dodging all attacks. It was proof that the pilot's skill was top notch.

    The movements of the Saber Tiger were just like a windstorm. It jumped into the midst of the Shield troops with only one unit, skipped past the bombardment with a side slide, causing them to hit each other, then crushed the Command Wolf with ease. It wasn't just fast. It was a combination of reaction speed and piloting technique. It was clearly a well tuned unit and the pilot manipulated it like an extension of their body, they were no ordinary person.

    "Tommy! Reika! Harry! Please run! I've got this!"

    Shield Liger pilot Col. Halford jumped past his subbordinates. If things kept going this way, they'd receive more damage from each other. Furthermore, dawn was close. If the fight increased any more than this, the enemy units would be alerted.

    Shield Liger. Saber Tiger. In the Central Continent War, these two high-speed Zoids fought as fated rivals well beyond their times.

    However, the unexpected battle became one sided. Because the weapons of the Shield Liger were hidden inside the body while fighting at a high speed, the balance of the unit suffered. It was inferior to the Saber, whose weapons were externally attached.

    The Shield Liger kept applying the pressure. Saber's electromagnetic Strike Claw tore open its cheek.

    "Colonel Halford!!"

    The painful cries from the Command pilots resonated through the field. But at that time, the mane of the Shield Liger let out a dazzling light.

    That bright shining light. It was the trump card of the Shield Liger, the Energy Shield. Fight back, blue lion!

- Paper-Thin Victory!

    A momentary gap was forced in front of the Saber. With the energy shield fully active, the Shield Liger charged forward at the Saber.

    The reconnaissance Double Sworders, who were watching the Imperial base built near the ruins on the mountaintop, saw the shadow of a giant, mysterious Zoid being carried inside.


    Shield Liger's glow, in the eyes of the Saber Tiger pilot it might've seemed like a major electrical short circuit. He confidently slung the barrel of the beam guns at the shield. However, the beam that was supposed to defeat them at close range was repelled by the distortion of space that occurred around the mane of the shield.

    "Energy shield..."

    He knew about the equipment type. The simulator achknowledged the shield's battle data, as it had run simulations many times before. However, the energy shield experienced in actual combat was far stronger than he'd expected. He forgot that the data based on the old war was not reliable. The evolution of his own machine was supposed to have proven that more than anything...

    Still, he spaced for a moment. But the game was on in that moment. The fangs of the Shield bit deeply into the throat of the Saber.

    A paper thin victory. Lieutenant Colonel Halford, who knew that more than anyone, closed his eyes and thanked the goddess of the battlefield. But the goddess was always fickle. Immediately after the battle, emergency communications came from the Double Sworder that was on reconnaissance over Mount Olympus. "The summit of Olympus has fallen into the hands of the Imperial Army." The Shield troops didn't make it. As a result of this, the unit would be isolated in the middle of enemy territory, unless they withdrew as soon as possible. However, the Shield troops were still aiming for the summit. In order to complete their secondary objective if they failed to take control of the mountain base.

    They had to destroy the ancient ruins 'at any cost.'

    Several days after fighting with the Saber Tiger. The shield troops who had managed to break through the net of Imperial Guard Troops, inflicting a lot of damage, finally arrived at the top of the mountain.

    I won. I'm the winner. I of the Skorzeny family, who was oppressed for being a remnant of the Zenebas Empire, have brought victory to the Guylos Empire. I'm a hero...

    (From the Imperial Army Special Alert Forces, Saber Tiger Pilot, Stephan Scorzeny's piloting record.)

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