Guylos Empire Army Corps Organisational Chart

As of 2099 ZAC


 Emperor Rudolph
   Regent Prozen
      - Weapons Development Bureau:
 Death Saurer
       Supreme Command Headquarters:

         - Main Fleet:

      Strategic Air Force:
         - Escort Fighter Squadron:

      Mobile Army:
         - Special Duties Division
            -- Surprise Attack Force:
 Hel Digunner
            -- High-Speed Combat Force:
 Saber Tiger,  Helcat

         - Armoured Division
            -- Enforced Reconnaissance Force:
            -- Transport Force:
 Gustav,  Molga
            -- Shock Force:
 Red Horn,  Molga
            -- Assault Combat Force:
 Iron Kong,  Iguan,  Saicurtis

Characteristics of Guylos Empire Zoids

    The Guylos Empire is an absolute military nation, and prizes order in its forces. Therefore, they also tend to demand uniform abilities from their Zoids. For instance, they have piloting systems linked to the latest computers. They control the Zoids' natural temperaments, so their life forces and fighting instincts are weakened, but in exchange, this makes for easy-to-handle units that do not demand skill from the pilots. Additionally, any inferiority in basic combat strength is compensated for with weaponry and heavy armour.

⚫ The Empire's technological strength is said to be five years ahead of the Republic. Many of their Zoids are equipped with lasers as well as ballistic weapons.

⚫ They have thicker armour and greater safety than the Republic army's Zoids. They are suited to long-range bombardment combat.

⚫ Around 80% of their bodies are covered in armour. Imperial Zoids do not break easily.

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