- New Century Type Zoids Super-Early Scoop!!


    The endless battles between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire continue on Planet Zi. With the new century close at hand, the battle machine beasts - ZOIDS - that they pilot are about to undergo a great transformation. What powers do these next-generation Zoids hide that will rock the Zoids world!?

- Discovery!! This is the first wave of each army's next-generation Zoids!!

- EZ-026 Geno Saurer     (Tyrannosaurus Type)

    The "Organoid System", the super-technology from an ancient civilisation that the Guylos Empire used in the Death Saurer revival project, is a program that evolves the metal lifeforms' cores - Zoid Cores - and makes them more active. The Geno Saurer is equipped with part of this system, and has gained life force, agility and ferocity that exceed the conventional wisdom of existing Zoids.

- EZ-027 Rev Raptor     (Velociraptor Type)

    A small-scale Zoid developed to support the Geno Saurer. Sure enough, it includes an "Organoid System", and conceals enough combat strength to overwhelm not only existing small-scale Zoids but even medium-scale ones. During combat, it activates the Ion Charger attached to its back. This makes its Zoid Core even more active.

- RZ-028 Blade Liger     (Lion Type)

    The high-speed force prevented the revival of the Death Saurer. Data on the "Organoid System" brought back by its surviving member was analysed and incorporated into the Shield Liger to produce the Blade Liger. It has gained enough combat strength to be called a completely separate Zoid to the Shield Liger, but this unit tests its pilots' abilities even more.

- RZ-029 Storm Sworder     (Pteranodon Type)

    The Republic's engineering staff had their development funds limited during the national reconstruction, so they created this fighter plane-type Zoid by incorporating Imperial technology. Due to their excessive striving for high performance, the systems could not all fit within a medium-scale Zoid and they ended up attaching some systems externally, but this made it possible to produce variations suited to any kind of combat situation.

Thorough Research: 6 Big Secrets of the Next-Generation Zoids

- ① Realism-Oriented Designs

    For the first time, the Geno Saurer combines beauty of design and balance when walking.

    When it came to developing next-generation Zoids, the first thing Tomy's Zoid development team thought about was "creating more realistic Zoids". For instance, their designs. For previous bipedal dinosaur Zoids, they kept the kits' walking postures stable by such methods as adding wheels to their tails. But with the Geno Saurer, for the first time, they have achieved a perfect bipedal walking style with the tail held up high like a real dinosaur.

- ② Enhanced Power Systems

    If you compare old and new Zoids, they show such an overwhelming difference in speed that you would never think they had the same motor.

    Following on from realism, the next development concept for the next-generation Zoids was "increased power". By changing motor-powered Zoids from the existing parallel battery arrangement to an in-series arrangement, they have doubled their power from 1.5V to 3V, achieving an overwhelming walking speed.

    In addition, their increased power means that they now have spare energy to carry more motorised moving parts or additional external parts. Keep an eye on the new possibilities for Zoid actions from now on.

- ③ Additional Moving Parts

    The Rev Rapter's front talons are freely movable. You can tell that it is a melee Zoid purely from its gimmicks.

    Another characteristic of the next-generation Zoids is that they have more manually-movable parts, so that users can expand their breadth of play. Larger examples include the Geno Saurer transforming into its Charged Particle Cannon firing pose and the Storm Sworder transforming into its flight pose. Smaller ones include the Blade Liger's deployable energy blades and the Rev Rapter's talons. Each Zoid's characteristics are represented by its moving parts.

- ④ New Power Units Built In

    The Rev Rapter's wind-up knob can be detached, improving its aesthetics.

    When displaying it, the knob can be equipped on the model's body as a weapon part.

    The coilspring-powered small-scale Zoids have also had their power units remodelled. In the Rev Rapter's case, it is made so that the wind-up knob can be detached and then equipped as a weapon part. This drastically improves its aesthetics when it is on display. In addition, silent coilspring motors and motors that do not use wind-up keys are also being investigated. The next-generation Zoids conceal the potential for further evolution.

- ⑤ Customisation Systems

    Normal specification / Raven specification: You can build two types of Geno by replacing its guns. If you can choose from many different types of parts from now on, the fun of building Zoids should expand even further.

    Users who have assembled a few Zoids will start to want their very own original Zoids. But it is not so easy to actually customise a Zoid. The answer that the Tomy development team has come up with for these troubled users is the customisation system used by the Geno Saurer and Blade Liger. By including two differently-shaped varieties of certain parts, it means that users can choose parts for themselves and easily create original Zoids.

- ⑥ Interchangeable Enhancement Items

    The Storm Sworder carries externally-attached parts. What potential does this Zoid hold?

    Among the four next-generation Zoids we have introduced here, the most fascinating detail is the external parts used by the Storm Sworder. The battery box equipped on its back can be detached easily. By replacing it with separately-sold parts, you can add new gimmicks.

    Research on replacement power-up items by the Tomy development team is currently underway. You should be able to enjoy an even wider world of Zoids some time around summer 2000.

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