- Zoids Fan Book 2

- Prologue

- Table of Contents

 Far across the galaxy, 60,000 light-years away from our solar system, lies Planet Zi. It's a world of war. There, people transform the giant metal life forms of this planet, known as ZOIDS, into battle machine beasts, and they continue to fight on the battlefield to this day. I believe that winning this war is the only way to win eternal peace.

 - ⚫ Liger Zero Poster
 - ⚫ Western Continent (Europa) Complete Map
 - ⚫ Prologue

 - ⚫Zoids Battle Story (Episode 1)
 - 1: New Zoid Development Plan
 - 2: The True Organoid Battle
 - 3: Strike the Imperial Supply Line
 - 4: The Republic's Strongest Squadron
 - 5: The Second Full-Scale Battle
 - 6: Advent of the Empire's 3 Strongest Zoids
 - 7: The Evil Runnaway Warrior
 - 8: The Blade Liger Modification Plan
 - 9: The Super-Dreadnought Mother Ship Ultra Saurus Is Launched
 - 10: The Beast King Vs. Demon Dragon Vs. Evil Warrior
 - 11: Epilogue

 - ⚫ Helic Republic Battle Machine Beast Army Corps
 - Republican Army Ace Pilot Directory
 - Republican Army Corps Organization Chart

 - ⚫ Guylos Empire Battle Machine Beast Army Corps
 - Imperial Army Ace Pilot Directory
 - Imperial Army Corpse Organization Chart

 - ⚫ Super Scoop! The Latest Zoids
 - ⚫ Zoids Remodeling Project
 - ⚫ Large-Scale Zoid Strength Comparison Chart
 - ⚫ Medium and Small-Scale Zoid Strength Comparison Chart

- Instead of an Introduction

Republican Major Arthur Borgman (Top) -- Imperial Lieutenant Ritz Rundstedt (Bottom)

 The Western Continent of Europa, where the two major forces of Planet Zi collided. It has been about a year since the war began, and approximately 3.5 million soldiers have been deployed in this battle. With over 200,000 combat Zoids, this book was created to document this unprecedented war. But, it's almost impossible to recount every single event that took place on the vast battlefield. Destruction, scheming, betrayal, and death. The myriad of tragedies that are caused by the war, and the miraculous dedication and perseverance that can only occur on the battlefield, the history of friendships... All are described here.

 Let's focus on that last part. One such case is Arthur Borgman. An old ace pilot of the Republican Army called the "Leomaster." Now, the other one is Ritz Runstedt. A test pilot who doesn't kill people. He's a young Imperial officer trying to find his way as a Zoids rider. We hope that you'll be able to feel a bit of what war is like, and what riding a Zoid is like through the perspective of these two people, who are guided by fate.

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