- The Empire's Successful Advance


    Both armies started advancing from three routes. The main force was the southern unit, aiming for Mount Olympus.

    August, 2099 ZAC         |        Northern Europa Continent

    Enemies! Enemies! Enemies! All I see are Empire soldiers ahead and behind. Right, left, up, down. Headquarters! Can you hear me, Headquarters! ... Bastards! Are you going to hurt your own friends!?

    (From the Republican Army's 11th Armor Battalion Captain Rob Herman, Captain's revolution record.)

    August, 2099. In the huge desert spanning Northern Europa, the Empire is moving through the Red Rust, and the Army of the Republic has finally landed.

    The main forces of both armies aimed for Mercurius Lake, located in the central part of the continent. In the middle of this lake was Mount Olympus, also known as the "Roof of Europa." This mountain held the most important base, overlooking the entire continent of Europa. In other words, if you could control it, you'd have an overwhelming advantage in battle. However, the Republican army wouldn't move. The number of enemies was three times that of their friendlies. Besides that, they were still preparing everything for war. From training soldiers, building supplies, and developing varying battle strategies. It was clear that the Imperial Army surpassed the Republican Army in all respects. The Republican Army should have settled their position and took the lead by defending. However, the Commander of the Republican Army chose to bring the fight straight ahead. The frontline soldiers fought bravely in spite of an incomprehensible strategy. However, there was no way to account for the 3 to 1 difference in strength, and the Republican troops were defeated one after another.

    One week after the war, Mercurius Lake fell into the hands of the Imperial Army. Control of Mount Olympus was no longer a matter of time.

    The most remarkable success in the first fight was the "Moving Fortress," the Red Horn. It kicked around the Republican troops in their small Zoids.

    The final battle over Mercurius Lake. Before they could bring the Barigator into a better fighting position, it was bombarded by the Brachios.

- The Blue Gale Soaring Through The Battlefield

    After receiving the SOS, it was only an hour before my troops rushed in. However, by then, we found only remnants of our allies. Their enemies, they put up a brilliant fight. No doubt. The enemy was the Shield Liger. A blue beast that our army should be most vigilant about has appeared on the battlefield at last.

    (From the report of Major Karl Liechten Schwarz, the Captain of the First Battalion of the First Armored Division of the Imperial Army.)

    For the Republican Army, where even their military power was lacking, the damage received from the first fight was fatal. Their defensive line had thinned, and the Imperial Army was breaking through the front lines in various places. The electric shock movement campaign which crawled behind the enemy at tremendous speed was developed. By besieging the Republic units, their strategy was to close off all paths of escape, destroying every single unit. By doing so, the difference in their fighting strength would increase more and more. At the time, the destiny of the Republican Army was just a light on the wind. But...

    One day, small Zoid units from the Empire, which were moving towards the siege of the Republican Army suddenly disappeared without a trace. The cause was unknown. They were instantly destroyed with no time to send emergency communications back to Headquarters. However, that wasn't the end of it. The Imperial Army's siege operation ended in failure, repeatedly, and Republican units that they should have been able to defeat were escaping. At this point, the Empire headquarters, which should've had the lead issued humiliating orders.

    "Make sure that frontline units are being guarded by Red Horns or air force."

    And that day. The Red Horn's pilot, who was heading to the front lines was wary enough, but he kept stepping forward to close the margin. He thought it would be impossible for the "moving fortress" to be delayed, no matter what the mysterious enemy might be. But he would soon realize his mistake. Suddenly, the blue Zoid, who jumped out in front of his eyes, passed through the rain of the Red Horn's heavy artillery with unbelievable exercise performance, and easily cut the throat of his beloved machine. The cockpit was ablaze. Inside, he was working desperately.

    "Confirming the mysterious enemy, the enemy is a Shield Liger, but its performance far exceeds our military's estimated data..."

    He screamed the message, then the Red Horn was enveloped in explosive flames.

    This was the appearance of the Shield Liger, the trump card of the Republican Army. With the mobilization of this blue wind, the Imperial Army's pride ceased for the first time.

- The Helic Republic's Countermeasure Strategy

    High speed units consisting of Shield Liger and Command Wolves broke through enemy forces, by taking advantage of gaps created in the confusion by the bombardment units.

    Second Independent High Speed Battle Battalion, Colonel L. G. Halford. You will mobilize your troops immediately and head towards the Mount Olympus suppression efforts. Controlling the base might be difficult, so destroy the ancient ruins on the mountain at all costs.

    (An order from the Republican Europa Army Headquarters.)

    Pressure from the Imperial Army was increasing day by day. For the Republican Army, their only chance was to take Mount Olympus.

    In order to support the fast fighting unit lead by Colonel Halford, Pteras ran bombing runs in the Mercurius Lake battle. This cleared the way.

    Cannon Tortoise and Gordos provided further support with long range shots by night. In order to ensure the success of the high speed combat unit, the entire Republican army started their final attack.

    Three weeks after the start of the war. Although the conflict began on the Imperial front line due to the participation of the high speed unit led by the Shield Liger, the Republican Army was obviously inferior to their enemies. Furthermore, trying to protect their defensive line would only hasten their defeat. Strategically, they had to reconsider their plans. The realistic option was to reduce their front line and hurry to reorganize the troops. However, the order received from the Republic Headquarters was completely opposite.

    "The high-speed fighting team led by the Shield Liger should immediately head to Mount Olympus and seize control. All troops are to give their full support and aid the high-speed forces."

    Why did the Headquarters feel such a strong pressure about Mount Olympus in the face of the armies current crisis? What was the secret concealed in that mountain?

    While harboring these doubts, the Republic Army's grand counterattack strategy was started.

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