- Zoids Fan Book 2

- Strike the Imperial Supply Line!!

ZAC 2100, May   |  Northern Europa   |  Red Rust (Red Desert)

 "Right. I'm the only one who made it there. How many times will the results be the same? Now it's not just enemy Zoids flying abou t in the sky. My agreement has changed. Please add more reward money to my payment."

(From the mission completion report of the free transporter, Moonbay.)

► The Republican Army, which had gained control of the skies, leads a thorough strike on the Imperial supply route.

 On the battle field in northern Europa, the Empire and the Republican Army have remained in a stalemate at opposite sides of the Muse Forest. There's a reason that the Imperial Army, which won the opening battle, didn't squash the Republican Army while pursuing them to the eastern end of Europa.

 One is that the supply route was unable to keep up with the rapid advance, and the front line units had exhausted both their food and ammunition supply. Secondly, the Republican raids, led by Stealth Vipers and Guysacks, performed better than expected in guerrilla warfare.

 Nevertheless, the gap had already widened by 5 to 1. The Empire's victory was certain as long as the supply line was secured.

 But, at the moment, the supply line was cut off.

 This was due to the defeat of their air force. The Redler, who had reigned as champions of the heavens, suffered an unexpected defeat by the Republican Army's state-of-the-art Storm Sworder in an aerial battle.

 It was on April, ZAC 2100. 1,000 Redlers, which set out to bomb Rob Base, the headquarters of the Republican Army, collided with 200 Storm Sworders that appeared to intercept them. After an hour of combat, 325 aircrafts had fallen, and 407 had taken damage. Only 28 Storm Sworders had been shot down. 33 of them were partially damaged. Despite the heavy weight of the Redler's fuselag, it was a universal defeat.

 After that, the Republican Army, which had always accomplished great victories in air combat, finally secured control over the skies of eastern Europa. Along with this accomplishment, the Republic Command issued an order to thoroughly raid the Imperial supply line. In May of that same year, the Imperial Army's transport missions had become so dangerous that even the soldiers called them a "death march."

 The mighty Imperial Army front lines had fallen short on supplies. The war has started to lean, albeit little by little, into the Republic's favor.

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