- What is "Planet Zi", the Planet of Metal Lifeforms?

The Secret of Planet Zi

    The technological strength of Earthlings produced powerful Zoids, and would come to alter the fate of Planet Zi greatly.

    Planet Zi is located beyond the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, almost directly opposite Earth. The distance to Zi is approximately 60,000 light years. It is the second planet of the Zoid Star System, which contains six planets orbiting a medium-sized star similar to our Sun. Zi's diameter is roughly 85% that of Earth's. The planet has a very similar atmosphere to Earth's, but has many exposed metal veins. Because of this, its seas have a high concentration of metallic ions, and the life born there underwent varied evolution, becoming lifeforms with metallic cells - Zoids.

    In addition, after branching off during the evolutionary process and developing independently, intelligent humanoid lifeforms were also born there. These were the "Zoidians", Zian people who remodelled the Zoids and fought endless battles again and again.

A Chance Encounter with Aliens

    The Globally III. The surviving crew members and passengers coexisted with the Zoidians and bore descendants.
    The Zoids Battle Story unfolds on the stage of Planet Zi. It is a story of the far future. The time period is an era of great voyages, in which the people of Earth have advanced through the Solar System and achieved interstellar flight. After departing from Earth, the galactic pioneer ship "Globally III" suffered fatal damage in a mutiny by some of its passengers, and ended up crash-landing right in the middle of the Central Continent of Planet Zi.

    At the time, this planet was in the era of the Central Continent War, but Combat Zoid equipment was still old-fashioned. However, the survivors from the Globally III were split into Helic Republic supporters and Zenebas Empire supporters. Each group imparted Earth technology to Zi, and through this, Combat Zoids gradually evolved into the strongest weapons on the planet.

Approach the Mystery of the Metal Lifeforms!!

- Zoid World Q & A

    The sphere visible in its belly is its Zoid Core.
    Q. What kind of life does Planet Zi have other than the metal lifeforms?

    Planet Zi was originally inhabited only by metallic lifeforms (even the Zian people have metal cells within their bodies). However, its ecosystem changed after the Globally III crash-landed. Flora and fauna from Earth propagated, and now coexist with the metal lifeforms. In addition, many modern Zians are descended from Earthlings.

    Q. When do the metal lifeforms die?

    The lifespans of Wild Zoids are said to range from about 50 years to about 200 years at the longest (the lifespan of Zian people is over 100 years). When they become Combat Zoids, their lifespans themselves do not change, but of course they lose their lives in battle more often. Some wounds will self-heal, but if their Zoid Core is destroyed, they can no longer recover.

Wild Zoids and Combat Zoids

- Zoid World Q & A

    Q. Why do the Empire and Republic armies produce a variety of Zoid types?

    In the battles on Planet Zi, whoever develops the more powerful Zoids gains an overwhelming advantage. Therefore, both armies are desperate to develop new Zoids one after another. In addition, this planet has complex terrain, so it is more effective to combine various types of Zoids when organising forces.

    Q. Zoids seem to have wills of their own, but how does this affect battles?

    A Zoid's strength is determined by its basic abilities, its level of customisation, and the strength of the Zoid's natural fighting instincts. For instance, the ferocious Gojulas will display greater power as a battle becomes more intense, while the docile Gustav would be too frightened to bring out its full strength. In addition, a Zoid's power may increase if it has a highly-compatible pilot aboard.

    ▲ Example variations of Iguan. Customs suited to particular terrain and operations are also researched.

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