- "Planet Zi" Historical Timeline Revealed

    Here we will present the 300 years of Planet Zi's history that are currently known. This will give you a solid grasp of the secrets of the old wars (the Central Continent War and Intercontinental War), which have been cloaked in mystery until now.

- Before the Unification of the Central Continent

Around ZAC 1800 Shifts In The Planet's Crust Cease
    The frequent major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions settle down, and people's lives begin to stabilise.
Late ZAC 1800 Central Continent Tribal Disputes
    The surge in population leads to food shortages, and intense disputes break out between the 50 or so tribes on the Central Continent.
ZAC 1957 King Helic Unifies The Central Continent
    Wind Tribe chieftain Helic Muroa unifies the Central Continent. The disputes end, and Helic becomes king.
ZAC 1957 Helic II is Born
    King Helic's eldest son is born. He is given the name Helic II. His mother is of Wind Tribe origin, like the king.
ZAC 1959 Zenebas is Born
    King Helic's second son is born. He is given the name Zenebas. His mother is the king's second wife, originating from the Earth Tribe.

- Age of the Central Continent War (Early)

ZAC 1978 Helic II Inaugurated As The Republic's First President
    King Helic dies. The monarchy is abolished, Helic II is inaugurated as president, and Zenebas is appointed supreme commander of the army.
Zenebas Empire Founded
    Zenebas is exiled due to a conspiracy in the parliament, and leads the Earth Tribe to found the Zenebas Empire on the western side of the Central Continent.
ZAC 1980 Central Continent War Breaks Out
    The Republic and Empire deepen their opposition around the national border, and clash at Red River. The Central Continent War breaks out.

    ▲ The Bigasauru, a Combat Zoid that appeared in the early stages of the Central Continent War. However, its equipment was old-fashioned.

- Arrival of Earthlings

ZAC 2029 Globally III Crash-Lands On The Central Continent
    A pioneer ship from Earth crash-lands on the Central Continent. Its influence causes Planet Zi's technological and military strength to advance dramatically.
ZAC 2030 Zoids Gojulas Rolled Out
    The Republic succeeds in developing the Gojulas, the first giant Zoid for full-blown combat. Battles, which were almost peaceful until this point, suddenly shift to harsh modern warfare.

- Age of the Central Continent War (Middle)

ZAC 2031 First Zoids Arms Race
    Existing Zoids become completely outdated, and both armies begin to put all their effort into developing new Zoids.
ZAC 2032 Battle of Ardannes
    Planet Zi's first major battle between modern Zoids occurs. In the end, the Republic army is victorious thanks to the power of the Gojulas.
Ironkong Rolled Out
    The Empire army succeeds in developing its first giant Zoid, the Ironkong. 150 of them invade Republican territory and clash with 200 Gojulases. The Ironkongs are more than an even match for them.
ZAC 2034 Second Zoid Arms Race
    The development of new Zoids heats up even further. Progress is so rapid that Zoids created a year ago are now outdated.
ZAC 2037 Ultrasaurus Rolled Out
    The Republic develops the Ultrasaurus, a super-giant Zoid for decisive battles. Even the Ironkong is no match for its tremendous power, which terrifies the Imperial leaders.
MKII Showdown
    An Ironkong Mk-II seizes the Ultrasaurus. A Gojulas Mk-II pursues it and destroys the Ironkong.
ZAC 2039 Zenebas Empire Capital Falls
    A large Republican force centred around the Ultrasaurus breaks into the Imperial capital. Zenebas flees to the Dark Continent.

    ▲ A battle between an Iguan and a Barigator. With the evolution of Zoids, the battlefields spread across the land, sea and sky.    ▲ A Saicurtis targeting a Spiker. The new Zoids created through the adoption of Earthling technology had overwhelming power.

- Age of the Central Continent War (Late)

ZAC 2041 Counterattack of Zenebas
    Having received support from the Guylos Empire, which holds dominion over the Dark Continent of Nyx, Zenebas returns to the Central Continent commanding many new Zoids. They break through the Republic's defence lines.
ZAC 2042 Shieldliger Rolled Out
    As the Republic army struggles against Zenebas's new Zoids, the Shieldliger fights alone, continuing to support the Republic's battle lines.
ZAC 2044 Deathsaurer Rolled Out
    The Zenebas Empire develops their strongest Zoid, the Deathsaurer. The military balance immediately shifts in the Empire's favour.
Republic Capital Falls
    The Republic capital falls. Helic escapes with his soldiers and populace, and commences guerrilla warfare in various locations.
ZAC 2046 President Helic Marries
    At age 89, President Helic marries his chief bodyguard, Rosa. This type of event is characteristic of the long-lived Zians.
ZAC 2047 Custom Zoid Forces Clash
    More powerful weapons are developed in this period. Both armies strengthen their Zoids' weaponry and send them to the front lines.
ZAC 2048 Madthunder Rolled Out
    The Republic succeeds in developing the Madthunder, which exceeds the Deathsaurer in power. The Republic army's counteroffensive begins.
Republic Capital Recaptured
    Exhausted by their long years of being stationed in enemy territory, the Imperial troops lose hopelessly to the Madthunder.
ZAC 2051 Zenebas Empire Collapses
    After mass-producing the Madthunder, the Republic army captures the Zenebas Empire's capital. The long Central Continent War comes to an end.
    ▲ The limited-type Gojulas Mk-II. The Gojulas was a famous unit that continued to fight at the front line for the longest time throughout the entire Central Continent War.

- Age of the Intercontinental War

ZAC 2051 Guylos Empire Proclaims War On The Republic
    Absorbing the Zenebas Empire's surviving forces, the Guylos Empire declares war on the Republic, which is exhausted after many years of fighting.
ZAC 2052 Republic Army Lands On The Dark Continent
    The Madthunder Division makes a landing on the Dark Continent. However, it is forced into a harsh fight against unknown Guylos Empire Zoids.
ZAC 2053 Gilvader Rolled Out
    The strongest flying Zoid, the Gil Vader, launches an air-raid on the Republic. The war proceeds in the Guylos Empire's favour.
ZAC 2056 King Gojulas Rolled Out
    The Republic completes the largest and strongest Zoid in history, the King Gojulas. Together with their surviving forces, it challenges the Guylos Empire to a final showdown. But at the same time, a giant comet approaches Planet Zi.

- Planet Zi's Grand Catastrophe

ZAC 2056 Giant Comet Approaches
    The giant comet collides squarely with one of Planet Zi's three moons. The fragments of the shattered moon fall onto Planet Zi. The Central Continent is split into three, and part of the Dark Continent is submerged. Both armies are left unable to fight, and the war ends unresolved.
ZAC 2097 Emperor Guylos Dies
    Emperor Guylos, the supreme ruler who united the Dark Continent in a single generation and built a mighty military nation, dies. The child emperor Rudolph succeeds the throne, and Regent Prozen becomes his guardian.

- Outbreak of the Western Continent War

ZAC 2099 Guylos Empire Proclaims War On The Republic
    Having gained control of the military and the parliament, Prozen declares war on the Republic. He sends troops to land on the Western Continent. The Republic decides to dispatch troops to the Western Continent as well. A new war breaks out.

    ▲ Gilvader, the strongest flying Zoid of the Guylos Empire, has more power than the Death Saurer and can bomb at high altitudes.

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