- Zoids Fan Book 1

- Contents

    In a far away galaxy,

    60,000 light years away from our solar system is the Planet Zi.

    There lives countless giant organisms known as ZOIDS - with heavy metalic bodies.

    People have remodeled these ZOIDS into battle machine beasts.

    They are fighting an endless battle-

- Planet Zi World Map

    Planet Zi is another world coexisting with metal life forms called ZOIDS. It's a mysterious star. The severe natural environment, such as frequent sand storms and volcanic explosions, and the huge crisis that occurred 40 years ago when a comet collided with the ground, buried most of this star's history in the dirt, beneath the lava. Or so we thought.

    Now, we know only about 300 years worth of history and knowledge from several continents. Let's explain the locations of this star that we know about now.

    Central Continent (The Continent of Delpoi)
    Once the continent was contested over by two major powers, the leaders of the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire. The Republic won this battle and fulfilled the whole nation, but after the impact from the comet the continent was split into three land masses. At one time it was riddled with catastrophic damage. Reconstruction is currently proceeding under the watchful eye of the President of the Republic.

    Dark Continent (The Continent of Nyx)
    This powerful battle country is dominated by the Guylos Empire. In the middle of the invasion war on the Central Continent, part of Nyx was submerged beneath the water following the comet impact, which forced a new equilibrium on the planetary surface. They subsequently traveled to the Western Continent to settle the battle that was interrupted by the heavy damage.

    Triangle Daras (Sea of Witchery)
    An area with strong electromagnetic fields where maritime accidents frequently occure, which made it feared as the "Sea of Witchery." Since the comet collision, the electromagnetic waves intensified, and the triangle is now in a state where it's completely impossible to pass through.

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