- Zoids Fan Book 1

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    Far across the galaxy, 60,000 light-years away from our solar system, lies Planet Zi. It is inhabited by countless enormous lifeforms with bodies of heavy metal -- ZOIDS. People remodelled these Zoids into battle machine beasts, and they waged an endless battle--.

- Planet Zi World Map

    "Planet Zi" is a separate world where people coexist with metal lifeforms called ZOIDS. It is a planet filled with mysteries. This is because of its harsh natural environment, including frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, along with the Grand Catastrophe that occurred 40-odd years ago, a horrific comet collision, have buried most of this planet's history in the ground and entombed it in lava.

    The knowledge we now have only relates to a few continents and little more than 300 years of history. Here, we will explain what has currently been established about the regions of this planet.

    The Central Continent (Delpoi)
    The continent where two great powers, the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire, once fought for supremacy. The Republic was victorious in this battle and successfully unified the whole land, but the continent was split into three due to the effects of the comet collision. For a while, the damage it received could be called catastrophic. Reconstruction is currently in progress, focused around the Republic's president.

    The Dark Continent (Nyx)
    A continent ruled by the Guylos Empire, a powerful militant nation. In the middle of their war to invade the Central Continent, part of their continent was submerged due to the comet collision. The battle was interrupted due to the heavy losses, but they have deployed forces to the Western Continent to settle the score.

    Triangle Daras (The Sea of Witchery)
    This treacherous area was originally a strongly electromagnetic ocean region where shipwrecks occurred frequently, feared as the "Sea of Witchery", but the electromagnetic waves have grown stronger and stronger since the comet collision, and it is now completely impassable.

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