- Helic Republic Battle Machine Beast Corps


- Gojulas     

An invincible Zoid, the pride of the Republic!!


- Gojulas Military History

    Type: Dinosaur

    Rolled out (deployed into live combat) in ZAC 2030. With its huge body, armour and equipment that far surpassed the expectations of Combat Zoids at the time, it created a long era of invincibility. It always participated as a core element in the Republic's important operations, and through being remodelled into a Mk-II specification equipped with long-range cannons in ZAC 2037, it consistently remained a main force Zoid until the final stages of the old war.

    A huge dinosaur-type battle machine beast with the greatest combat strength of any Zoid currently existing in either army as of ZAC 2099 - that is the Gojulas. In the age of the Central Continent War that unfolded between the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire across more than 70 years, it was developed as the Republic army's trump card, but surprisingly, it was unable to produce remarkable results directly after its rollout. Not only did its rough temperament make it hard to control, its oversized body was unable to turn sharply, so it was often beaten by the manoeuvrability of the Empire's small-scale units. As a result, enemies and allies called it a "big dumb mecha", and at one point it even came under consideration to be reassigned as a worker Zoid. However, by making it lighter and equipping it with firearms for use against small-scale Zoids, it was reborn as the Republic army's strongest battle machine beast.

A Mk-II type Gojulas. Its rapid-fire-capable long-range cannons are a threat to the Empire.
    By equipping firearms, it was reborn as the strongest battle machine beast of the Republican Army.

    This early Gojulas was a melee combat specialist, and destroyed many Imperial Zoids with its powerful arms, sharp fangs and long tail. It thoroughly enjoyed its reputation as invincible, but eventually, as Zoids in general grew larger and their weapons stronger, high-performance units surpassing the Gojulas began to appear. The Republic Development Department thus set about remodelling the Gojulas again. They completed an Mk-II type equipped with long-range cannons. With these, the Gojulas became capable of handling both melee and ranged combat, and retained its seat as a main force Zoid until the end of the Central Continent War.

    Most giant Zoids went extinct in the Grand Catastrophe of ZAC 2056, but a few Gojulases survived, and dozens are currently deployed in live combat.

- Technical Data

    The ZAC 2099 specification, which uses special titanium in its armour. Its heavy armouring has progressed further, and its mobility has also risen. Due to its improved output, the power of its various firearms has increased as well.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 26.0 meters
    Overall Height: 21.0 meters
    Weight: 230.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 75 Km/h

    70 mm 2-Barreled Heavy Machine Guns x2   (Belly)
    AMD 30 mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon x2   (Top of tail tip)
    Panova 20 mm Surface-to-air Beam Gun x2   (Base of tail)
    Maxer 30 mm Multipurpose Machine Gun x2   (Sides of tail tip)
    (Right) TRZ 20 mm Linear Laser Gun   (Right arm)
    (Left) ARZ 20 mm Beam Gun   (Left arm)
    Crusher Claw x2   (Hands)
    Hyper Bite Fangs   (Mouth)

- Guysack     

A reaper that hides itself in the desert!!

      (Pictured Above: The Heavy Armor Type)

Guysack Military History

    Type: Scorpion

    Rolled out in ZAC 2029. An expert in desert warfare that specialises in solo actions and ambush tactics, it brought great gains to the Republic in the early and middle stages of the Central Continent War.

Normal Type:
    Equipped with a beam cannon instead of an energy tank on both sides. The tail turret is smaller in diameter.
    Based on the small-scale spider-type Zoid Gurantula, but equipped with Laser Claws for melee combat and a tail that serves as both a stabiliser and a weapon rack, the Guysack was enhanced and remodelled into a scorpion-type Zoid.

    It conceals itself alone in the desert sands, and when it senses an enemy, it approaches nimbly on its eight legs. Evading enemy attacks using its low posture, it finishes off its target in a single attack with its Laser Claws or a point-blank shot from its tail beam gun.

    Its design concept is old, and it has low combat power compared to the Stealth Viper, which similarly specialises in desert ambush tactics, but through customisation into various types - such as the fully autopiloted Sleeper specification, or the Heavy Armour Type with enhanced weaponry - it continues to serve in active duty as of ZAC 2099.

Technical Data

    Has abundant weaponry despite being a small-scale unit. In exchange, its armour was sacrificed, so its body is extremely fragile. It is a Zoid that makes use of its stealthiness to destroy enemies before it is discovered.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 10.0 meters
    Overall Height: 4.0 meters
    Weight: 22.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 120 Km/h


    Anti-Zoid 30mm Beam Rifle   (Tail)
    Smoke Discharger   (Cylinder on back)
    Laser Fang   (Mouth)
    Laser Claw x2   (Claws)

- Barigator     

An all-purpose Zoid active both on land and in water

Barigator Military History

    Type: Crocodile

    Rolled out in ZAC 2031. It was developed as a Zoid that could handle river crossings and landing operations as the old war expanded. This unit always served as the vanguard in invasions into Zenebas Empire territory.

    If it can drag its enemy into a river with its huge Bite Fangs, a land combat Zoid will be helpless.

    A crocodile-type Zoid that serves in combat in rivers, swamps and wetland areas. It is an amphibious unit that can also dive underwater.

    Among currently-existing Republic Zoids, this is the only unit that can handle underwater operations, and is a must-have in seaside guerrilla combat and search missions or battles across rivers.

    However, its speed in water is no more than 35 knots at most, and its armaments are primarily weapons for melee combat, so it is at a disadvantage against the Guylos Empire's amphibious Zoid Brachios. To fight a naval battle evenly, it would need support fire from the shore or sky.

Technical Data

    An amphibious Zoid that can also serve at sea. However, one weakness is that its movements on land are a little slow.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 14.5 meters
    Overall Height: 4.4 meters
    Weight: 24.3 tons
    Maximum Speed: 150 Km/h (Land)


    Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
    AMD 20mm Beam Gun x2   (Upper Back)
    Surface-to-air 4 Shot Missile   (Lower Back)
    Smash Up Tail   (Tail)

- Shield Liger     

A blue gale racing through the battlefield.

Shield Liger Military History

    Type: Lion

    Rolled out in ZAC 2042. It was developed to oppose the Sabretiger, which was feared by Republic soldiers at the time as a large-scale high-speed Zoid. After its release into combat, it overwhelmed the Sabre forces just as hoped. A Mk-II type, equipped with large cannons at the expense of speed, was later released onto the battlefield alongside it.

    With its speed and mobility, keeping track of the Shield Liger's movements in close combat is nearly impossible.
    The blue gale that commands the Republic High-Speed Combat Force, Shield Liger. Despite being a large-scale Zoid with a length of 21.6 metres, it can pump out a maximum speed of 250 kilometres per hour. This speed is made possible by thorough lightening of its body and a novel design. Intercoolers all across its body constantly cool its power mechanisms, and by stowing its weapons within its body, it can raise its aerodynamic characteristics to their limit.

    Since the Shield Liger pursues high speed and mobility in this way, it is not equipped with heavy weaponry. However, its two Laser Sabres have the power to easily pierce the armour of even large-scale Imperial Zoids, meaning there is no concern about its fighting strength in close combat. In addition, it has Energy Shield generators built into its mane. One could call it a unit with the highest level of defence.

Technical Data

    When running at full speed, the Energy Shield generators in its mane, its missile pods and its AMD 20mm Beam Gun are stowed within its body. This improves its aerodynamics.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 21.6 meters
    Overall Height: 9.0 meters
    Weight: 92.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 250 Km/h (Land)


    Laser Sabre x2   (Mouth)
    Deployable Missile Pod x2   (Sides)
    AMD 2-Barrelled 20mm Beam Gun   (Upper Back)
    Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun   (Tail)
    Strike Claw x4   (Paws)
    Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Shock Cannon   (Chest)

- Gordos     

An electronics Zoid acting as a cornerstone of information warfare!!

Gordos Military History

    Type: Stegosaurus

    Rolled out as a combat Zoid in ZAC 2030. It didn't bring any spectacular results that would go down in history, but it always participated in major engagements that could risk the fate of the Republic, and continued to support forces from the shadows as a cornerstone of information warfare. It was temporarily withdrawn from the forefront in ZAC 2044, but was released into live combat again in ZAC 2099 with remodelled electronic equipment.

    A Gordos deployed to the Heavy Gunner Force of the Armoured Division. It is capable of precision firing from long ranges that would be unthinkable for other Zoids.
    The Gordos is a gentle and easy to handle Stegosaurus-type Zoid, a large-scale mecha that was widely used as a transporter since before the age of the Central Continent War. After the war broke out, its back fins were remodelled into all-weather radar. It came to be used for enforced reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and enemy disruption as an electronic warfare Zoid.

    However, its movement speed is slow due to its heavy equipment, so close combat is a major weak point. Its gentle nature is also a problem, and it seems to have trouble fighting against even small and medium-scale enemy Zoids.

    Apart from the normal type, though, long-range gunner-type Gordoses equipped with heavy cannons have also been deployed, and these deal heavy damage to enemies with precision firing using their radar.

Technical Data

    The radar in its back fins has been remodelled into GPS Magnetic Detectors. It has been deployed onto the battlefield again as the leading player in information warfare.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 30.3 meters
    Overall Height: 15.1 meters
    Weight: 199.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 80 Km/h (Land)


    Hyper Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
    (Right) TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun   (Sides)
    (Left) ARZ 20mm Beam Gun   (Sides)
    105mm High Speed Rail Gun x2   (Back)
    Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Gun x2   (Upper Tail)
    GPS Magnetic Detectors   (Upper tail spikes)
    AMD 30mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun   (Top of tail tip)
    Maxer 30mm Multipurpose Machine Gun x2   (End of tail)
    Titanium Spikes   (Tail Thagomizers)

- Command Wolf     

A hunter with outstanding pursuit abilities!!

Command Wolf Military History

    Type: Wolf

    Rolled out in ZAC 2042. It supported the Shield Liger as a mass-produced high-speed Zoid and served in various ambush operations. It saved the Republic from countless crises when they were struggling against the Death Saurer.

    The Command Wolf also excels in pursuit and analysis abilities. It can track its enemies anywhere based on the slightest clues.
    A medium-scale melee-specification Zoid deployed to the High-Speed Combat Force led by the Shield Liger. It doesn't have as much power as the Liger, but in exchange, its advantage is its skill at sharp turns. Its production numbers are high, and since the Empire army has no Zoid of the same class that can oppose this unit, in practice it could be called the cornerstone of the high-speed forces.

    The 2-Barrelled Beam Gun Platform on its back can detach from its body and act as a small-scale vehicle. It also has the ability to spray a smokescreen from its smoke dischargers to blind enemies. The Command Wolf is a unit suited not only to combat but also to solo intelligence gathering and missions to disrupt the enemy's rear lines.

Technical Data

    It is a ferocious wolf-type Zoid, but is a very easy to control unit that is extremely highly rated by pilots.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 14.7 meters
    Overall Height: 7.9 meters
    Weight: 46.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 210 Km/h (Land)


    Electron Bite Fangs   (Mouth)
    50mm Anti-Zoid 2-Barrelled Beam Gun   (Back)
    Smoke Discharger x2   (Hips)

- Pteras     

A combat bomber Zoid that protects the Republic army's skies.

Pteras Military History

    Type: Pterasaur

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034. This unit is well-known as Planet Zi's first mass-produced serious aerial fighter. As such, there is a strong impression that it is an old model, and it is now mainly used for anti-ground attacks as a combat bomber.

    To the Empire army's land combat and sea combat Zoids, the Pteras is a fearsome threat with its excellent bombing abilities.
    A supersonic fighter plane-type Zoid born in the early ZAC 2030s, when Planet Zi's technology progressed dramatically. It is equipped with Magnesser Systems in its wings and flies by generating a magnetic wind. It excels in turning performance and low-altitude flying abilities, and brought mastery of the skies to the Helic Republic, which was having difficulties with the Zenebas Empire's air battle Zoids in the middle stages of the Central Continent War.

    As of ZAC 2099, the Pteras is being withdrawn from the forefront as a fighter due to the age of its design concepts, but it has been converted into a combat bomber, making use of its long-term hovering abilities and VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) features that allow it to land on any terrain. It continues to be the main unit of the Republic Air Force even now.

Technical Data

    Flying Zoids have an absolute advantage in combat against sea or land Zoids. However, the Pteras has few weapon racks. Its inability to carry many weapons at once is a weak point.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 10.3 meters
    Overall Height: 8.2 meters
    Weight: 21.6 tons
    Maximum Speed: Mach 2


    16 mm Vulcan Gun   (Head)
    Air-to-ground Two-shot Missile Pod x2   (Chest)
    Air-to-air 2-Shot Automatic Pursuit Missile   (Wings)

- Cannon Tortoise     

Bombard the enemies with long-range cannons!!

Cannon Tortoise Military History

    Type: Tortoise

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034. It served from the middle to the late stages of the Central Continent War as the main strength of the Heavy Gunner Force, which supported the Armoured Division from the rear. It returned to combat in the Western Continent War with increased bombardment power.

    Nighttime bombardment from long range is the Cannon Tortoise's specialty tactic. The enemy cannot even counterattack.
    A heavily-armoured body equipped with a giant gun turret capable of super-long range firing. Its structure couldn't be any simpler, but in actual combat this masterpiece is constantly bringing tremendous results to the Republic. Perhaps due to its amusing design, this unit is also greatly loved by front-line soldiers.

    Its low manoeuvrability is its sole weakness, but it is fundamentally a rear support unit and is also outfitted with anti-air guns, so it has an extremely high rate of safe returns from the battlefield.

    Another characteristic of the Cannon Tortoise is that a wide range of custom variations have been released into combat to make use of its excellent versatility, such as an assault tank type with even thicker forwards armour and improved bullet penetration power, and a transporter type with an enlarged body.

Technical Data

    The Cannon Tortoise's neck can extend and retract. When it is ambushed by enemies, it stows its cockpit within its body to protect its pilot.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 9.9 meters
    Overall Height: 5.8 meters
    Weight: 33.6 tons
    Maximum Speed: 100 km/h


    Liquid-cooled Charged Particle Beam Cannon   (Large gun on Back)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (Top of shell, back)
    Liquid-Cooled 2-Barrelled High-Speed Automatic Cannon x2   (Guns on Sides)
    Recoil Control Spike   (Tail)

- Godos     

A small-scale mass-production Zoid that supports the Republic army.

Godos Military History

    Type: Dinosaur

    Rolled out in ZAC 2030. It was feared by the Zenebas Empire's soldiers as the strongest small-scale Zoid in the early stages of the Central Continent War. From then until now, it has boasted the greatest production numbers in the Republic.

    The unit on the right is a Heavy Armour Type Godos piloted by a commander. It can handle not only melee but also ranged combat.
    A unit that made such an impact on the developers of both armies when it was first developed that it changed the design philosophy of Combat Zoids from the ground up - that is the Godos. Its strong fighting spirit, its balanced weaponry. It was truly a battle machine beast fit to be called a "mini Gojulas", and enjoyed a reputation as the strongest small-scale Zoid for a long time.

    In particular, it specialises in attacking using its legs, and its kicks in close combat have enough power to pierce the armour of Zoids of the same class.

    Additionally, aside from the normal units, a few "Heavy Armour Types" with customised cockpit areas, firepower and radar also exist, serving as the personal units of commanders.

Technical Data

    It is equipped with Charged Particle Guns, albeit small-calibre ones. A direct hit has the power to wreck even a medium-scale Zoid. However, since it is an attack-focused unit, its defences are weak and its injury rate in combat is high.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 8.6 meters
    Overall Height: 8.2 meters
    Weight: 23.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 150 km/h


    Laser Searcher   (Belly)
    Small-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Gun x2   (Sides)
    Crusher Claws x2   (Hands)
    2 Barrel Anti-Aircraft Laser Machine Gun   (Back)
    Small-Calibre Anti-Aircraft Laser Machinegun x2   (Tail)
    Smash-Up Tail   (Tail)

- Double Sworder     

An expert at anti-surface attacks!!

Double Sworder Military History

    Type: Stag Beetle

    Rolled out in ZAC 2044. It was assigned to the Republic Armoured Division's Airborne Force, and as a natural enemy of land combat Zoids, it destroyed many Imperial small-scale Zoids.

    The Double Sworder, superior to the Saicurtis, joins the battle. This time, it is the Imperial land combat Zoids' turn to be afraid.
    At the beginning of the Western Continent War, the Republic army was tormented by anti-surface attacks from the Empire army's flying Zoid Saicurtis, so they hastily summoned the Double Sworder from their homeland. It is a combat helicopter-type Zoid that flies around freely at low altitudes with outstanding mobility, strafing the surface with its 2-Barrelled Beam Gun and machine guns, and it displays overwhelming power in battles with small-scale land combat Zoids.

    Since this unit was originally designed to oppose the Saicurtis, their abilities are quite similar, but being a later model, the Double Sworder is superior in both weaponry and speed. Furthermore, its rear seat is equipped with a monitor for various sensors so that it can also handle reconnaissance from the sky.

Technical Data

    The Break Swords equipped on its head display their power in melee combat. It can also cut up enemies with the Wing Stabilisers stowed inside its wings.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 11.6 meters
    Overall Height: 3.96 meters
    Weight: 19.7 tons
    Maximum Speed: 180 km/h


    Break Sword x2   (Mandibles)
    4 Barrel Machine Gun   (Mouth)
    Anti-Zoid Small Calibre 2 Barrel Beam Gun   (Back)
    Flexible Thruster Binder x2   (Lower back/sides)
    Wing Stabilizer x2   (Sides)
    Laser Sensor x2   (Cheeks)

- Stealth Viper     

An ambush Zoid that creeps up without a sound!!

Stealth Viper Military History

    Type: Snake

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034 (its model name at the time was Snakes). It was deployed to desert and forest areas as an ambush Zoid with greater offensive power than the Guysack.

    An anti-air attack after lying in wait. The Stealth Viper is the sole ground mecha feared by flying Zoids.
    When the Central Continent War moved from its early stages to its middle phase, combat grew even more intense, and the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire entered a war of attrition. Therefore, powerful ambush Zoids that could keep losses to a minimum were highly sought after. In response to this demand, the Republic Technical Department developed this unit, the Stealth Viper.

    With its characteristic low posture and ability to bend its body freely as it slithers across the terrain, this unit lurks quietly in deserts and forests, waits for enemies to approach, and then instantly destroys the enemy units with attacks from point-blank range. It also has abundant anti-air equipment, and can even battle favourably against the flying Zoids that most land combat Zoids fear. Compared to the Guysack, which is likewise an ambush Zoid, this unit is far more powerful.

Technical Data

    A unit with its posture lowered to the very limit. When it comes to secrecy and deceiving enemy eyes, there are no Zoids in the Empire army that can oppose the Stealth Viper.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 20.8 meters
    Overall Height: 3.0 meters
    Weight: 23.6 tons
    Maximum Speed: 180 km/h


    16mm Vulcan Gun   (Nose)
    40mm Heavy Machine Gun x2   (Sides of head)
    Small Calibre Anti-Aircraft Laser Machine Gun x2   (Sides)
    2-Shot Rocket Launcher x2   (Lower Sides)
    Anti-Aircraft Missile x2   (Tip of Tail)

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