- Retreat Towards Tomorrow


    November, 2099 ZAC         |        Northern Europa Continent        |        The Muse Forest Belt

    (...) We have lost the opening round. Let us admit this with grace. However, all you soldiers of the Republic, everything is not over. This is not a refusal to accept defeat - the battle is just beginning. Did not Halford and his subordinates teach us that unyielding fighting spirits and hope can defeat the mightiest of powers? Today, we retreat to the east. But this is a retreat for the sake of tomorrow. (...)

    (From a speech by the Republican Europa Expeditionary Force Commander-in-Chief)

    Stealth Vipers intercepted the Empire army's pursuit forces. The Republic army narrowly managed to evade complete destruction.

    Giving off tremendous amounts of heat and light, the Death Saurer's molecular breakdown was about to swallow up everything on the summit. The ruins and the base disappeared amidst the flames. Down into this blazing hell swooped a single Zoid. It was a Double Sworder that had flown in for a final enforced reconnaissance run. Heedless of the danger to themselves, the pilots descended in search of survivors. Their hopes were rewarded in the form of the rescue of a Command Wolf pilot, First Lieutenant Tommy Paris.

    There was one other reward. The cockpit of Lieutenant Paris's beloved Zoid, which they had recovered with him. Inside it was analytical data on the ancient civilisation's supertechnology. But nobody could yet have known that this data would eventually change the course of the battle significantly.

    The Double Sworder flew east. To the Muse Forest Belt. To Rob Plain. To what little remained of the Republic's sphere of influence on Europa. When they looked down, the Republic's ground forces were also heading east. It was surprising that they had this many forces left. For Lieutenant Paris, who was in a state of shock after losing his teammates, it was an astonishing feeling. Yes. He still had so many companions who would fight with him.

    As a result of the opening battles, more than 80% of North Europa fell within the Empire army's sphere of influence.

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