- Withdraw Towards Tomorrow


    November, 2099 ZAC         |        Northern Europa Continent        |        Muse Woodland

    (Abbreviated.) Our first loss is our first defeat. We admit this in vain. However, to all the soldiers of the Republic, not all is lost. Don't be bitter, the battle begins for real now. Halford and his men taught us the fighting spirit and hope that will never yield, to break through any mighty power. Today, we withdraw to the East. However, it is a withdrawal for tomorrow. (Abbreviated.)

    (From the speech of the Republican Rep. Europa Dispatch Army General.)

    Stealth Vipers intercepted the Imperial troops. The Republican Army barely escaped the annihilation.

    The Death Saurer's molecular collapse resulted in a tremendous explosion of heat and light, one that threatened to consume everything at the summit. Ruins and bases would disappear into the flames. A Zoid flew down through the burning hell. It was a Double Sworder that had flown the last reconnaissance mission. They disregarded the danger to themselves, and descended looking for survivors. Their efforts were rewarded in the form of a Command Wolf pilot, Lieutenant Tommy Paris, who was rescued.

    And another thing. His machine's cockpit was recovered, along with Lieutenant Paris. It contained important analysis data of the super technology from the ancient civilization. However, no one could know that it would soon change the manner of fighting.

    The Double Sworder flew East. To the Muse Woodland. To Rob Plain. To the Republic power sphere that still remained in Europa. If overlooked, the Republic ground troops were also aiming for the East. It was surprising that so many units remained. Lieutenant Paris, who lost his troops and felt embarrassed over it gave a thoughtful glance downwards. He still had a lot of comrades to fight alongside.

    As a result of the first battle, more than 80% of the Northern Europa Continent fell under the influence of the Imperial Army.

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