- Zoids-Related Hobbies & Goods Complete Catalog

    The world of Zoids is expanding beyond models into a variety of goods. Here is a complete introduction of the latest information about them!!

Zoids Battle Card Game

    Tomy / Planned for sale in late March / 1600 yen per Starter Pack (excl. tax)

    This is a new hobby item that represents the Zoids battle world with boards and cards, letting you savour the feeling of commanding a Zoid force. Players are divided into Empire and Republic armies, each commanding seven Zoids. They proceed through the game in turns, using the cards in their hands to strengthen their Zoids or obstruct the enemy's actions, and aim to wipe out their enemies or capture their bases. With heated game developments and super-cool card designs, this is an absolute must-watch hobby.

    Super-realistic figures included!
        There are two types of Starter Pack, Empire and Republic. Each one includes 10 Zoid figures to be used as playing pieces.

    Zoids Cards:
        Forces are composed of seven Zoids - one large-scale (L), three medium-scale (M) and three small-scale (S).

    Custom Cards:
        Weapon cards to strengthen the Zoids in your force. Choose cards that are highly compatible with your Zoids.

    Event Cards:
        Strategy cards that you can use during your army's attack turn. They can only be used once, but have powerful effects.

Commando Zoids Collection

    Yujin / On sale now / 200 Yen Each

    These original Zoids are super-small but 1/72-scale, the same scale as the actual models, and you can get them in gacha capsules. They may be small, but they have excellent designs that perfectly match the Zoids worldview. The Zoids' limbs can be moved manually, and they even have proper pilots on board. There are currently eight on sale, four from the Republic army and four from the Empire army, but this series is scheduled to continue steadily from now on. Development is also underway on 24 Zoids and new Zoids that can transform into weapons.

    Empire Army Commando Zoids

    Republic Army Commando Zoids

Zoids Medals

    Yujin / On sale now / 200 Yen (excluding tax)

    Medals with cool Zoid images etched into heavy metal. There are six Zoid types - Sieg, Shield Liger, Command Wolf, Death Saurer, Saber Tiger and Red Horn - and each comes in three colours: gold, silver and bronze. Collect them all!


    Yujin / Planned for sale this summer / 380 Yen (excluding tax)

    SD Zoids that dash at super speed! While most Zoids goods are strongly realism-oriented, these are unconventional, cute hobby items. The lineup will include old Zoids that are currently out of print, so they are also highly collectable.This photo is of development versions. The actual products may differ in colouring etc.

Zoids 1/72 Figure Collection

    Yujin / Planned for sale in March / 100 Yen (excluding tax)

    Familiar characters from the anime, such as Bang and Irvine, have appeared among the gacha capsule goods as 1/72-scale figures. Each figure is completely pre-painted. Sets include standing poses and sitting poses (Sieg and Shadow only come in one pose), so you can put them in actual Zoids to play with.

Can of Zoids

    Yujin / Planned for sale in February / 300 Yen (excluding tax)

    Cans containing several super-realistic Zoid figures. There are 12 Zoid types in total, including popular units such as Shield Liger, Sieg and Shadow. They are non-scale, but apart from Sieg and Shadow, they are all made to the same proportions as the actual models. Aim to complete the set.

Zoids Complete Plastic

    Yujin / Scheduled to be released in June / 500 Yen (excluding tax)

    Completed Zoid models with no need for assembly. They are extraordinary products that don't include motors but have manually movable weapons and limbs. The only Zoids currently chosen for this line are the above two, but you'll definitely want these goods to turn into a full series. (This photo is of development versions. The actual products will be painted.)

    * Note from The Iron Bible: These products never saw release. A shame, as they're quite cool!

Zoids Figure Collection

    Tomy / Scheduled to be released in early March / 700 Yen (excluding tax)

    Soft vinyl figures have a broad range of popularity, from young children to collectors, and now they too have joined the ranks of Zoids goods. The first wave's lineup consists of eight items, the above six plus Gojulas and Death Saurer. They each have movable limbs, heads, guns and so on, so you're free to play with them however you want.

Zoids Mini Collection

    Tomy / Scheduled to be released in early March / 1500 Yen (excluding tax)

    Completely pre-painted PVC Zoid figures. They're the perfect size to fit snugly in your hand, and their realism is irresistibly charming. There are two types, an Empire Army set and a Republic Army set, but fans will want to pick up both.

    To the right is the Republican Army Set.

    To the left is the Imperial Army Set.

Zoids Anime CD

    The anime theme song CDs are also selling fast. The opening is RAMAR's "Wild Flowers". The ending is Dear's "Song for...". Both are great tunes.

    Nippon Columbia / On Sale / 1050 Yen (including tax)

    Nippon Crown / On Sale / 1020 Yen (including tax)

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