- The Eve of War


    The Imperial troops went to the West side of the continent. On the other hand, the Republican Army went to the East side. They confronted each other across the desert.

    June, ZAC 2099         |        Northern Europa Continent         |        Nixie Base

    There's no way I can stop this. That man doesn't care about rebuilding the devastated motherland, and only wants to bring war back to this planet. No, let's stop this. Soldiers only give their lives to the duties given.

    (From the private record of Major Karl Liechten Schwarz, the captain of the First Battalion of the First Armored Division of the Imperial Army.)

    ZAC 2099. At this time the Guylos Imperial Army was definitely the most powerful army on Planet Zi. About 60% of the national budget was poured into military expenses during this period, when all countries were devoting themselves to reconstruction from the struggles.

    That same year, in June. Finally, the Imperial Army began moving its strongest corps. It landed a large unit (about 1.8 million soldiers, and about 90,000 combat Zoids) that extended over 90 divisions to the Western continent of Europa. There was no power able to intercept this in Europa, not without a strong unified state, and the Imperial Army succeeded in invading the interior of the continent with ease. In only two weeks, they controlled 30% of the northern continent.

    However, this landing operation was only the first stage of the Empire's invasion schedule. Their true target was their enemy from the old war, the Helic Republic. The purpose of their invasion of Europa was to secure a supply route to attack the Republic Central Continent of Delpoi. Of course, the Republic didn't intend to silently overlook the situation and immediately dispatched interceptor units as far as possible, to the east coast of Europa. That number, 30 divisions (about 600,000 soldiers, and roughly 30,000 combat Zoids.)

    Right now, the era of peace, which has lasted for 40 years is about to end. It's time for the two major powers of Planet Zi to settle.

    The Red Horn was placed to maintain the base built on the continent of Europa. The Imperial Army awaited the Republic.

    A report came into the Imperial Base about the landing of the Republican Army. "The battle draws near." The soldiers were growing tense.

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