- The Eve of War


    The Empire army advanced across the western side of the continent. Meanwhile, the Republic army took up positions on the eastern side. They faced off across the desert.

    June, ZAC 2099         |        Northern Europa         |        The Empire Army's Nixie Base

    There is no stopping him now. That man is trying to bring about war on this planet again, without a care for the reconstruction of our ruined homeland. No. I should stop. A soldier should merely place his life on the line to complete the mission he is given.

    (From the personal records of Major Karl Liechten Schwarz, commander of the Empire Army 1st Armoured Division's 1st Battalion)

    ZAC 2099. At this time, the Guylos Empire army was without a doubt the strongest army on Planet Zi. During this period, while every other country was devoting all its energy to reconstruction after the Catastrophe, they had poured a whole 60% of their national budget into military funding.

    And in June of this year, the Imperial military finally mobilised this strongest of armies. A huge force amounting to 90 divisions (approximately 1.8 million personnel and 90,000 Combat Zoids) landed on the Western Continent of Europa. Lacking any powerful unified nations, Europa did not have the strength to intercept them, and the Empire army easily succeeded in invading the continent's interior. In a mere two weeks, they brought 30% of the continent's northern part under their control.

    But this landing operation was no more than the first stage in the Empire's invasion schedule. Their true target was the Helic Republic, their longstanding foe from the old war. The goal of the Europa invasion was to secure a supply route so that they could invade the Central Continent of Delpoi, the Republic's territory. Of course, the Republic had no intention of letting this situation pass quietly, so they immediately dispatched the largest interception force they could muster to the eastern coast of Europa. It numbered 30 divisions (approximately 600,000 personnel and 30,000 Combat Zoids).

    Now, the peaceful era that had lasted more than 40 years was about to come to an end. The time had come for the two great powers of Planet Zi to settle their fight.

    A Red Horn being serviced at a base built on Europa. The Empire army was awaiting the Republic in perfect condition.

    News of the Republic army's landing was delivered to the Imperial bases. "The battle is near." Tension rose among the soldiers.

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