- Zoids Fan Book 2

- The Republic's Strongest Corps Sortie!!

ZAC 2100, June   |  The Continent of Delpoi   |  Yubit Port ~ Deldaros Ocean

► The Republic's strongest corps are sailing towards Jupas Port on Europa.

◄ But in the Deldaros Ocean, a large group of sinkers are waiting.

 Since the start of the last summer, the Republican President Louise Camford had been troubled. This was because the enemy, Guylos, was her second home, where she had lived when she was a child.

 In the past, the country had experienced a civil war called the "Central Continent War." She was the daughter of the royal family who had lost that battle, and she was temporarily in exile from the Guylos Empire.

 Eventually she was allowed to return to Delpoi, and worked hard on building a relationship between the two countries, and as a result had climbed the ranks to president. It was now the beginning of the war. She didn't want to fight, if at all possible. But she had an obligation to protect her country. At the very least, she wanted to minimize the loss between the two nations. To that end, it was necessary to win a decisive victory in the battle of Europa, to bring immediate peace. The opportunity to do so was about to arrive.

 The Imperial Army's main forces couldn't move due to a lack of supplies. If she deployed all reserve forces from the mainland to this location, the situation could be reversed. Even if she risked losing her mainland defenses, it was worth the gamble.

 Following the President's orders, a transport fleet carrying 20 of the Republic's strongest mainland defense units (approximately 400,000 troops and 20,000 combat Zoids) would be dispatched from the Yubit Port on the continent of Delpoi. It's a huge fleet consisting of dozens of ships.

 But, such a large-scale transportation effort can't escape the scope of Imperial intelligence. The Imperial Command immediately dispatched sinkers, a surprise attack Zoid that could fight in both the sea and the air. A large unit was deployed to the Deldaros area.

 The Sinkers awaited the Republican fleet deep in the ocean. Their sonar caught the signature of the transport ships.

"All ships ascend! Fire torpedoes at the target!"

 The Sinker units all start to move at once, responding to the orders of their Commander. They use their accurate homing torpedos to sink the naval vessels.

"Next, strike their fleet!"

 The Sinkers, which have the ability to fly, ascend to the surface and attack the Neo Turtleships above.

 Presidential Guard? Who needs such decorations? It's the front lines that need soldiers right now. If you have the time to protect me, then go immediately to Europa., and save your friends, who are clenching their teeth on the battlefield.

(From the political record of Louise Elena Camford, the president of the Helic Republic.)

- The Republic's Strongest Corps Sortie!!  (2)

► The Sinkers, who defeated the ocean fleet, fly into the sky.

 It's a certain death moment. The Sinker units are convinced of their victory. Suddenly, the deck of the Turtleships open, and countless heavily armed Zoids appear from within. The transport fleet, which anticipated the Imperial attack, was waiting for the enemy's surprise attack forces, and used their naval fleet as a decoy.

 The pilots of the Sinkers go pale. A roar pierces their ears. The massive turrets of the heavily armed Zoids burst with fire, all at the same time. It's the Gojulas The Ogre division, and the Shield Liger DCS-J... The bombardment is too destructive. The roaring sound echoes, and the sinkers are engulfed in flames with every series of flashes. Eventually, the sound of the bombardment fades, and the large unit of Sinkers that had covered the sky before, has now completely disappeared. The strongest corps of the Republic have landed on Europa.

▼ The moment the Sinkers try to launch their missiles, the Turtleship opens the deck.

▲ The intense shelling power of the strongest corps of the Republic. The Sinker's armor, which is built to withstand the water pressure of deep ocean travel is torn to shreds like a razor through paper.

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