Helic Republic Corps Organisational Chart

As of 2099 ZAC


   Supreme Command Headquarters
         - Escort Fleet:

      Strategic Air Force:
         - Air Defence Squadron:

      Mobile Army:
         - Special Duties Division
            -- Surprise Attack Force:
 Guysack,  Stealth Viper
            -- High-Speed Combat Force:
 Shield Liger,  Command Wolf

         - Armoured Division
            -- Enforced Reconnaissance Force:
            -- Transport Force:
            -- Heavy Gunner Force:
 Gordos (Heavy Gunner Type),  Cannon Tortoise
            -- Assault Combat Force:
 Gojulas,  Godos,  Double Sworder

Characteristics of the Helic Republic Zoids

    Although they are all grouped under the single term "Combat Zoids", there are great differences in design concepts between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire. A characteristic of Republican Zoids is that their designs make maximum use of the strengths Wild Zoids naturally possess. They have few remodelled parts, making for Zoids with strong life forces and fighting instincts, but the problem is that the same type of Zoid can vary wildly in combat strength due to individual differences, the pilot's skill and compatibility with the Zoid, and so on.

⚫ They are characterised by using canopies with a wide field of view. These pose a high risk, but are advantageous in melee combat.

⚫ They have light armour compared to Imperial Zoids. This is because the Zoids' natural movement agility is prioritised.

⚫ Their armaments mainly consist of ballistic weapons such as cannons. There is a sense that their weapons are somewhat old-fashioned compared to Imperial Zoids, but in exchange, they are highly reliable.

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