Neutral Zoids

- Zi-024 Command Wolf      Wolf Type


- A black Command Wolf piloted by noble thief Irvine!!

    Its mobility is sacrificed somewhat due to the Long-Range Rifle, but its offensive power is drastically improved.
    The noble thief Irvine belongs to neither the Republic nor the Empire, and fights only for his own beliefs. His most trusted and beloved Zoid is a black-coloured Command Wolf.

    It was originally a wrecked Republican Zoid that was abandoned on the battlefield, but he personally repaired and customised it. Since he used many non-standard components in the process, this unit became extremely hard to handle, and some of its specs, such as its maximum speed, are now inferior to the regular Zoid. But in Irvine's hands, it displays reaction speeds far beyond the limits of the normal unit.

    In addition, the Long-Range Rifle installed on its back is a weapon originally developed for the Gojulas, and if it scores a direct hit, it conceals enough destructive power to destroy even a large-scale Zoid in a single shot.

Technical Data

    The maximum speed in its specs is inferior to the regular Zoid, but the Irvine Command Wolf is several levels higher in reaction speed, which is more important in actual combat.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 14.7 meters
    Overall Height: 8.6 meters
    Weight: 48.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 200 km/h


    Electron Bite Fangs (mouth)
    Long-Range Rifle (back)
    Smoke Discharger x2 (hips)

- Zi-025 Gustav      Insect Type


- The beloved Zoid of Moonbay, lady transporter of the desert!!

    Combat Zoid specifications of Gustav are currently under consideration in both armies. If it was equipped with large gun turrets, expectations are high that it could provide powerful military strength.
    Transporting goods to the front lines is a dangerous mission, and the easiest for enemies to target. But there are some who can calmly handle difficult transportation work that even the regular forces would fear. They are the female freelance transporter Moonbay and her beloved Zoid, a red Gustav.

    The Gustav was well-known as the Zoid with the hardest exoskeleton of any metal lifeform living on Planet Zi, but for many years it was considered unsuited to combat because of its docile nature. However, its aptitude as a transport Zoid was well regarded, so it was rolled out in ZAC 2034. It came to be widely used across multiple countries.

    Furthermore, the Moonbay specification Gustav has had unique customisation applied to the bypasses in its internal circuitry, and it conceals self-healing abilities that are many times more effective than those of a normal unit.

Technical Data

    Its maximum loading capacity is 250 tons. In addition, various types of working arms can be installed on its container sections, and it can also be used as a provisional moving dock.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 14.76 meters
    Overall Height: 9.36 meters
    Weight: 68.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 135 km/h


    Landmine Detector x2 (antennae)
    GPS Composite Sensor (front-top of shell)
    Impact-Resistant Shell Armour (shell)
    Operation Arm (front right trailer arm)
    Welding Arm (front left trailer arm)
    Traction Platforms (trailer)
    Elevator Vehicle (back right tower)
    Carrier (back right tower mini trailer)
    Refueling Tower (back left tower)

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