- Guylos Empire Battle Machine Beast Corps


- EZ-004 Red Horn     

A "Moving Fortress" equipped with heavy weapons all over!!


- Red Horn Career History

    Type: Styracosaurus

    Rolled out in ZAC 2030. This was the only unit among the Zenebas Empire army's Zoids in the early stages of the Central Continent War that could oppose the Gojulas. It is highly rated as a unit with a good balance of offence and defence, and is also famous as the most heavily mass-produced large-scale Zoid to this day.

    Its back is packed with sensors and heavy guns, and is even equipped with a small scout vehicle. Its abundance of weaponry befits the name of "Moving Fortress".

    A Styracosaurus-type Zoid developed by the now fallen Zenebas Empire as a weapon for use against the Gojulas. This unit remained at the core of the Empire Armoured Division throughout the Central Continent War, and due to its heavy equipment and heavy armour, it was even called the "Moving Fortress". Its specialty tactics are charging attacks using the Crusher Horn on its nose, and it displays its abilities to the fullest in battles to capture forts or the like.

    This unit was designed with expansion potential in mind from the start, and gave rise to many variations. The Dark Horn (a strengthened-weapons type of Red Horn that ceased production after the Catastrophe of ZAC 2056 due to economic and technical reasons), customised by the Guylos Empire after the Zenebas Empire's downfall, is an exemplary case.

Technical Data

    Although its engine and weapons have been given minor improvements, one could call it miraculous that a unit designed 70 years ago continues to be a main force Zoid even now.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 20.8 meters
    Overall Height: 7.6 meters
    Weight: 94.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 130 Km/h


    Crusher Horn   (nose)
    All-Weather 3D Radar Antenna x4   (frill)
    80mm Surface-to-air 2-Barrel Beam Gun   (upper back)
    Anti-Zoid 3-Barrel Linear Cannon   (lower back)
    Surface-to-surface Missile Pod   (above linear cannon)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (left side)
    TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2   (rear legs)
    AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2   (sides of tail)
    Infrared Laser Searcher   (top of tail)
    High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Spray Gun   (chin)

- EZ-005 Redler     

A purple demon that controls the skies!!


- Redler Career History

    Type: Dragon

    Rolled out in ZAC 2045. A fighter plane-type Zoid developed by the Zenebas Empire in order to take back mastery of the air from the Republic. It made a name for itself through overwhelming victories in aerial combat against the Pteras.

    Redler, the king of the skies. Pteras and Double Sworder have no way of fighting it head-on.

    A dragon-type Zoid created by the fallen Zenebas Empire for high-altitude aerial combat - that is the Redler. In addition to its mobility and high-speed flight performance achieved using its variable wings, this unit can even manage vertical takeoff and landings. Its flying abilities can pump out a maximum speed of Mach 3, which is of course the fastest of any currently existing Zoid.

    Its main weapons are its Laser Blade, which slices up enemies as it passes them while maintaining a high speed, and its Strike Claws, which also serve as landing gear.

    However, due to its pursuit of high speed, mobility and melee abilities, its weapon racks were sacrificed. Its weak point is that it can barely carry any weapons for attacking land combat Zoids. In other words, the Redler is purely an aerial fighter.

Technical Data

    Despite being an aerial fighter type, the Redler specialises in melee combat. Unusually for an Imperial Zoid, this unit demands high talent from the pilot.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 17.0 meters
    Overall Height: 6.0 meters
    Weight: 34.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: Mach 3


    Strike Claws x4   (paws)
    Variable Laser Blade   (tail)

- EZ-006 Molga     

A mass-production unit that covers the entire battlefield.


- Molga Career History

    Type: Insect

    Rolled out in ZAC 2031. At the time, a variety of Zoids were developed in a process of trial and error, and the Molga was selected as the greatest mass-production unit due to its excellent versatility.

    A personnel transporter specification Molga under maintenance in the desert. It is active both at the foremost lines and at the rear.

    A Zoid that boasts production numbers in a whole different league, even among the relatively simple to mass-produce small-scale Zoids - that is the Molga.

    It is an insect-type Zoid originally developed for assault, and was designed with a unique low and heavily-armoured form in order to withstand enemy gunfire. In particular, its armour thickness far exceeds the level of other Zoids of this class, and its head armour especially is said to be twice as thick as that of other parts. It is because of this durability that the Molga constantly serves as the vanguard of forces in battles.

    In addition, if the missiles in the rear of its body are removed, the space can be used as a container. The Molga is also used in transport forces to carry goods and personnel to the front lines.

Technical Data

    Thanks to a low posture on par with the Stealth Viper and the thickness of its front armour, it has notched up a miraculous survival rate for a Shock Force Zoid.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 11.8 meters
    Overall Height: 2.95 meters
    Weight: 19.7 tons
    Maximum Speed: 200 km/h


    Laser Cutters   (mouth)
    20mm Gatling Gun x4   (sides of head)
    Surface-to-Air 2-Shot Missiles (Stowed)   (tail)
    3D Radar Antenna   (red tail pieces)

- EZ-011 Hel Digunner     

An assassin that appears from deep in the earth!!


- Hel Digunner Career History

    Type: Iguana

    Rolled out in ZAC 2051. This unit is famous as a Zoid used when the Guylos Empire army first showed itself before the Republic army.

    It moves secretly while concealing itself in wetlands. Once it invades into the heart of the enemy, it commences destructive activities.

    The Hel Digunner is an iguana-type Zoid that can act both on land and in water. Most of the Empire army's combat forces that have currently been released in the Western Continent War are composed of Zoids developed by the old Zenebas Empire, but the Hel Digunner alone is a Zoid made purely by the Guylos Empire.

    It is primarily assigned to the Surprise Attack Force. That being said, unlike the Guysack, it is an assassin Zoid that specialises in infiltrating enemy territory alone and carrying out destructive activities rather than waiting to ambush enemies. It has the flaw of low mobility on land, but its high manoeuvrability in wetlands and coastal areas is more than enough to make up for this. In addition, it is equipped with a long-range Assault Beam Gun on its back. It also serves to support front-line forces as a sniper Zoid.

Technical Data

    In the Western Continent War, far from its homeland, there are many situations where the Hel Digunner's abilities are put to full use, such as landing operations, guerrilla warfare and escorting marine transporters.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 24.5 meters
    Overall Height: 5.8 meters
    Weight: 48.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 130 km/h


    Strike Claws x2   (front legs)
    ARZ 20mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun x2   (neck)
    Long Range Assault Beam Gun   (back)
    Emplacement-Style Surface-To-Air 72mm Machine Gun   (upper tail)
    Smash Up Tail   (tail)

- EZ-012 Brachios     

An amphibious unit that serves as the main force in landing operations.


- Brachios Career History

    Type: Brachiosaurus

    Rolled out in ZAC 2044. In the middle stages of the Central Continent War, when the battlefields spread into the ocean, it brought control of the seas to the Zenebas Empire with its long cruising range.

    It can now handle melee combat, and during landing operations, it not only carries out support bombardment but also charges into enemy lines itself.

    A sauropod-type Zoid that displays tremendous combat strength in support bombardment during landing operations and naval battles. It is a groundbreaking unit equipped with Solar Generators in its head and legs, enabling it to perform long-term maritime strategic activities and ranged combat without supplies.

    During the Central Continent War, this unit was unsuited to melee combat, but this issue has been solved by equipping new Killer Bite Fangs. It can now handle all situations.

    It currently serves as part of the Empire army's main forces in the Western Continent War, where coordinated operations between the Army and Navy have become important, as their strongest naval warfare Zoid.

Technical Data

    Although it is an amphibious Zoid, this unit was originally developed for naval combat. It was inevitable that its mobility would decline somewhat on land.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 12.6 meters
    Overall Height: 12.6 meters
    Weight: 48.8 tons
    Maximum Speed: 140 km/h


    Anti-Zoid Shock Cannon   (chest)
    TEZ 20mm 2-Barrel Linear Laser Gun   (bottom of neck)
    Killer Bite Fangs   (mouth)
    Solar Generator x5   (circles on head and legs)
    80mm Surface-To-Air Beam Gun   (back)

- EZ-015 Iron Kong     

An all-rounder type, the Empire army's strongest Zoid!!


- Iron Kong Career History

    Type: Gorilla

    Rolled out in ZAC 2032. It is a large-scale Zoid of the Zenebas Empire that ended the Gojulas's era of absolute invincibility. While the Gojulas has the advantage in melee combat, the Kong's bombardment abilities are overwhelmingly superior.

    A Mk-II type equipped with high-mobility boosters to increase its manoeuvrability. It waged famous battles against the Gojulas Mk-II in the old war.

    The Empire army's strongest Zoid, and the only thing on Planet Zi that can oppose the Gojulas after many metal lifeforms disappeared and a wide range of technology was lost in the Grand Catastrophe 40-odd years ago - that is the Iron Kong. It is capable of working in any terrain and weather. Furthermore, it is an all-rounder unit possessing both excellent melee abilities and a variety of missiles, including anti-surface, anti-air and anti-Zoid weaponry. Its population is overwhelmingly large compared to the Gojulas, which is on the verge of extinction, and this difference in numbers between the Zoids is expressed in the current difference in fighting strength between both armies.

    In addition, another characteristic of the Kong is that it was designed to be remarkably easy to handle - unlike the Gojulas, which is famous for its rough temperament - so it is rated highly by pilots. In fact, many of the pilots who survived the old war recommend the Kong as the greatest masterpiece among Zoids.

Technical Data

    Standard specification Kongs use a twin-seater cockpit. One crew member is in charge of piloting, while the other controls the weapon systems.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 11.5 meters
    Overall Height: 17.7 meters
    Weight: 187.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 150 km/h


    Iron Hammer Knuckles x2   (fists)
    10-Shot Self-Guided Rocket Launcher   (shoulders)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (forehead)
    Anti-Zoid 6-Shot Missile Launcher   (right shoulder)
    TVM Surface-To-Surface Tactical Missile   (back)

- EZ-016 Saber Tiger     

Its target is the Shield Liger!!


- Saber Tiger Career History

    Type: Tiger

    Rolled out in ZAC 2036 (its model name at the time was Sabretiger). It was developed as the old Zenebas Empire's decisive battle Zoid, and made all the Republic's officers and men tremble with its overwhelming speed and melee abilities.

    The Saber Tiger's mission is to send the Shield Liger to its grave. A battle between rivals across the ages came to pass on the Western Continent.

    The Saber Tiger is the Guylos Empire specification of the "Sabretiger", which was developed by the Zenebas Empire in the Central Continent War era. At the time, its ability to pump out a maximum speed of 200 kilometres per hour despite being a large-scale Zoid gave a great shock to the Republic army. As proof, a directive from headquarters saying "if your force encounters a Sabretiger, request cover from the Air Force and retreat immediately" remains to this day. Eventually the Sabretiger lost its seat as fastest large-scale Zoid to the Shield Liger, but after being remodelled into the heavily-equipped, high-output "Greatsabre" (see page 88), it was given further output improvements and cooling system remodelling at the hands of the Guylos Empire, and has now been resurrected as the "Saber Tiger".

Technical Data

    Thanks to further remodelling by the Guylos Empire, its maximum speed has risen to 240km/h. It has attained almost equal fighting strength to its old enemy, the Shield Liger.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 15.6 meters
    Overall Height: 9.1 meters
    Weight: 78.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 240 km/h


    Strike Claws x4   (Feet)
    Small Calibre Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun   (Long barrel on chest)
    Anti-Zoid 3-Barrel Shock Cannon   (Black cannon on chest)
    Killer Sabre x2   (Fangs)
    AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2   (Shoulders)
    Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun   (Back)
    Surface-To-Surface Missile Pod   (Top of back gun)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (Antenna on side of back gun)
    TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2   (Tail)

- EZ-017 Iguan     

The core of the Empire army's ground forces!!


- Iguan Career History

    Type: Iguanodon

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034. Appeared in the middle stages of the Central Continent War to oppose the Republic army's Godos. It contributed greatly to the spread of the old Zenebas Empire's power.

    Iguan, the next greatest mass-production unit after the Molga. It serves on all battlefields as one of the main Zoids of the Armoured Division.

    The Iguan is a small-scale mass-production Zoid that forms the core of the Guylos Empire Armoured Division's Assault Combat Force as of ZAC 2099. However, the story of its development runs all the way back to the era of the Central Continent War. At the time, the Godos was unrivalled among small-scale Zoids, and all the Zoids sent out by the old Zenebas Empire were utterly defeated. So the Empire thoroughly researched captured Godoses. As a result, they developed the Iguan with a close resemblance to the Godos, showing the Imperial leaders the ironic outcome that the only thing capable of defeating a Godos was another Godos.

    The Iguan could truly be called a sister unit to the Godos, but it was also given equipment distinctive of later models, such as a Flexible Thruster, and is one step ahead in overall power.

Technical Data

    Its greatest difference to the Godos is the Flexible Thruster equipped on its back. It takes the advantage in combat thanks to this unit, which doubles its manoeuvrability for a brief period.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 10.4 meters
    Overall Height: 8.2 meters
    Weight: 23.6 tons
    Maximum Speed: 200 km/h


    Thrasher Vice   (right hand)
    4-Barrel Impact Gun   (left hand)
    Small-Calibre Anti-Aircraft Laser Machine Gun x2   (head)
    Flexible Thruster Binder   (back)
    Small-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Gun x2   (middle of tail)
    2-Barrel Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun   (tip of tail)

- EZ-018 Saicurtis     

A combat helicopter-type flying Zoid!!


- Saicurtis Career History

    Type: Beetle

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034. This unit came from a period when Combat Zoid variations multiplied dramatically, and proved the superiority of combat helicopter-type Zoids against land combat Zoids.

    In terms of strike capabilities against land combat Zoids, the Saicurtis could be called the ideal unit.

    In the early stages of the Central Continent War, Zoids were still old-fashioned weapons. But when the war entered its middle stages, a technological revolution occurred. Through more developed remodelling technology and powerful weaponry, Zoids became the strongest weapons on Planet Zi in both name and reality. After this technological revolution, developers produced a truly broad variety of Combat Zoids. The Saicurtis is one of the units born in this arms race, based on the concept of a flying Zoid specifically for anti-surface attacks.

    In practice, its carefully-aimed machine gun strafing from low altitude notched up an astounding accuracy rate. The Republic's small-scale land combat Zoids came to fear the Saicurtis more than large-scale units such as the Red Horn. However, its dogfighting abilities are extremely poor, and it has no way to oppose fighter plane-type Zoids such as the Pteras.

Technical Data

    The ZAC 2099 specification is equipped with Charged Particle Guns, albeit small-calibre ones, to oppose the Double Sworder, a later model. It was designed with augmented firepower.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 11.9 meters
    Overall Height: 3.7 meters
    Weight: 17.4 tons
    Maximum Speed: 390 km/h


    Composite Sensor Unit   (glass at base of horn)
    Anti-Zoid 20mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun   (tip of horn)
    Small-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Gun x2   (sides)
    Flexible Thruster Binder x2   (wings)

- EZ-021 Death Saurer     

The legendary "death-bringing dinosaur" is now resurrected!!


- Death Saurer Career History

    Type: Dinosaur

    Rolled out in ZAC 2044. Directly afterwards, a single Death Saurer challenged a large Gojulas force to battle and destroyed them all. Riding on the momentum, it charged all the way to the Republic capital and even conquered it for a time.

    It is impossible to defend against the Charged Particle Cannon with physical armour. Even a Gojulas would be vaporised instantly if it took a direct hit.

    The mighty and unrivalled dinosaur-type giant Zoid that the old Zenebas Empire poured all its power into creating - that is the Death Saurer. Fortified with super-heavy armour, its frame repels any attacks from bullets, missiles or beam guns, and it demolishes enemies with the powerful weapons equipped all over its body. The most noteworthy of these is the Large-Calibre Charged Particle Cannon equipped inside its mouth. It is literally the most powerful weapon in history, which absorbs static electricity from the atmosphere through the intake fan on its back, converts it to energy within its body and amplifies it further, then emits it as a particle beam, breaking its target down to the atomic level.

    Ever since the Grand Catastrophe 40 years ago, there has existed no Zoid that can oppose the Death Saurer. In short, the day that the Guylos Empire completely revives this devil-beast will lead directly to the last day of the Republic.

Technical Data

    Its sole weak point is the thin armour of its Charged Particle Intake Fan, which is directly connected to its internal mechanisms. Various guns are positioned around the fan to protect it.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 32.4 meters
    Overall Height: 21.0 meters
    Weight: 400.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 90 km/h


    Small-Calibre Anti-Surface Laser Machine Gun x2   (belly)
    Hyper Killer Claws x2   (hands)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (left hand)
    Surface-to-Surface Missile Pod   (right hand)
    Large-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Cannon   (mouth)
    Killer Bite Fangs   (mouth)
    High-Precision Infrared Laser Searcher   (lower nose barrels)
    AEZ 20mm Beam Gun   (top nose gun)
    TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2   (silver back unit, top barrels)
    AEZ 20mm Beam Gun   (silver back unit, right barrel)
    Small-Bore Laser Machine Gun   (silver back unit, left barrel)
    Charged Particle Forced Intake Fan   (back)
    16-Shot Missile Launcher   (tail)
    Added-Gravity Impact Tail   (tail)
    Infrared Laser Searcher   (tip of tail)

- EZ-022 Gator     

Disrupt the enemy forces with enforced reconnaissance!!


- Gator Career History

    Type: Dinosaur

    Rolled out in ZAC 2031. A small-scale mass-production-type electronic warfare Zoid developed to oppose the Gordos. It invaded deep into Republican territory and stole great amounts of important classified information.

    For infantry forces without a Zoid escort, the Gator is the most fearsome of enemies.

    The old Zenebas Empire often suffered bitter experiences against the intelligence gathering abilities of the Gordos, so they developed the electronic warfare Zoid Gator as a countermeasure. Since the Gordos was easy for enemies to discover due to its huge body, the Gator was designed as a small-scale unit, and whatever it lacked in abilities was compensated for by mass-producing it.

    Since its radar was enlarged to its limits at the expense of weaponry, it is poor at anti-Zoid combat, but the Gatling gun equipped on its front displays adequate power in anti-personnel and anti-entrenchment combat. It was feared by the Republic's infantry forces in the Central Continent War.

    After the downfall of the Zenebas Empire, its radar functionality was enhanced further by the Guylos Empire, and it has now been released into the Western Continent War.

Technical Data

    Despite its appearance, it has a high maximum speed thanks to the Magnesser Systems equipped under its body. It can glide across the surface of the ground at high speed, though only for a limited time.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 11.8 meters
    Overall Height: 5.6 meters
    Weight: 19.9 tons
    Maximum Speed: 200 km/h


    Small-Calibre Gatling Beam Gun   (front of sail)
    GPS Magnetic Detector   (sail)
    Tail Cutter   (top of tail)

- EZ-023 Helcat     

It flourishes in mountains and forests!!


- Helcat Career History

    Type: Panther

    Rolled out in ZAC 2034. It was the first high-speed combat Zoid in history, and after the birth of the Sabretiger, they formed a high-speed force together. They fought repeated fierce battles against the Shield Liger and Command Wolf forces.

    If multiple Helcats team up, they conceal the power to defeat even large-scale Zoids.

    A unit hastily developed by the Zenebas Empire in the middle stages of the Central Continent War, after they suffered heavy damage from the Guysack and learned the importance of ambush Zoids. Unlike the Guysack, which specialises in desert warfare, it was designed with the expectation of surprise attacks in forests and mountains.

    Despite the limited development time, cutting-edge technology of the day was experimentally released in the Helcat. In particular, the silencing features applied to its legs and the exhaust systems that suppress its thermal radiation to the very limits are superb, and due to these, it received the nickname of a "jungle assassin" that approaches enemies without being detected.

    It is also worth noting its high mobility, which lets it run along the roughest of paths at high speed, and it is understandable that the Helcat continues to be a front-line Zoid even now.

Technical Data

    It is packed with features to support high-speed running, such as shock absorbers built into its legs. Much of its technology was later reused by the Sabretiger.

Technical Data:
    Overall Length: 13.2 meters
    Overall Height: 5.0 meters
    Weight: 24.0 tons
    Maximum Speed: 190 km/h


    Small-Calibre 2-Barrel Laser Machine Gun   (chest)
    Composite Sensor Unit   (upper back)
    Anti-Zoid 20mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun   (back)
    3D Radar Antenna   (tail)

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