- The Western Continent Complete Map

         The Western continent, Europa. There are two reasons why this place was chosen as the battlefield. One is the strong electromagnetic sea, the Triangle Daras. Between the Dark Continent of Nyx and the Central Continent, Delpoi, lies this demonic ocean, stopping the two forces from launching an attack directly into the mainland of the enemy.

    The second reason. A myriad of ancient ruins that remained on the continent. Ruins from a superior civilization from ancient planet Zi, technology that exceeded what was available in the modern era. By acquiring it, both armies thought they could take an advantageous stand against the enemy. What is the technology of the ancient civilization? And will it be the Imperial Army of the Republican Army that gets it? Who knows?

- Prologue

    Zoids Battle Story


    October, ZAC 2098   ~   November, ZAC 2099

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