- The Evil Beast Death Saurer Is Revived!!


    October, 2099 ZAC         |        Summit of Olympus

    As the Shield Liger force reached the summit, the Republic army's front lines collapsed. They no longer had any way back.

    At that moment, my Wolf lost his nerve. No matter how big a force we were up against, and even when we fought that Saber, it just psyched him up, but now he was whining like this. That's how I knew. This was a monster.

    (From the testimony of First Lieutenant Tommy Paris of the Republic 2nd Independent High-Speed Combat Battalion)

    Countless ruins from a fallen ancient civilisation had been left behind on the Western Continent. Apparently their technology had been more advanced than modern science, but now it had all fallen into decay.

    "Why are the Republic headquarters and the Empire army both so fixated on that stuff?"

    The thought flashed through Lieutenant Colonel Halford's mind.

    "We'll find out if we charge in..."

    While his force was already down to half its size and covered in injuries, he and his subordinates had no hesitation. From the moment he accepted this directive, he had been prepared not to come back. But when he rushed into the ruins, he saw something unbelievable: an utterly enormous Zoid resting in devices from the ancient civilisation. The Wolves' computers calculated its identity.

    Death Saurer. The evil beast that drove the Republic to the brink of destruction in the old war. A legendary Zoid said to be invincible. Halford understood instantly. These ruins had the power to resurrect it.

    "Don't let them complete it!"

    But although the evil beast was incomplete, it had already been revived well enough to take action.

    Breaking through the Helcat and Iguan guards, the Shield Liger approached the Death Saurer. Just then, the supposedly incomplete evil beast started up.

    The Death Saurer mowed down its ally forces, destroyed the base and pursued the Liger. It didn't even have a pilot in its cockpit.

    Terrifying amounts of energy poured into the Death Saurer from pipes connected to the devices in the ruins.

- The Ultimate Weapon, the 'Charged Particle Cannon' Fires!


    Why!? Why is that thing moving!? It doesn't even have a pilot aboard yet!

    Somebody, anybody! Stop that thing. That's a precious core left in my care by His Excellency Prozen himself. If I lose it, I'll be...

    (From a transmission from the Imperial base commander as intercepted by a Double Sworder)

    The Death Saurer started up while still incomplete. It had gone berserk due to the metal lifeform's self-defence instincts. But was this thing really incomplete? The Command Wolves and the Imperial Zoids that tried to stop its rampage were torn apart like scrap paper.

    "Launch a concentrated attack on its belly!"

    Halford shouted. The Death Saurer's abdominal area had not yet been armoured. The metal lifeform's vital point, its Zoid Core, was exposed. But the Wolves that charged in vanished into a swirl of light let out by the Death Saurer. The legendary ultimate weapon, the Charged Particle Cannon, had fired.

    The Shield Liger immediately deployed its Energy Shield, but it was pierced easily, and the Liger lost half of its body.

    The Charged Particle Cannon even changed the terrain. Faced with destructive power beyond imagination, the Shield Liger force no longer had a single Zoid that could move properly.
- The Shield Liger's Final Battle!


    When I was a new recruit, I was taught that a soldier's job is to die for their country. I have never told you that - because I think that people should die for what they believe in. But now, let me say this. If your beloved Zoids can move even a single finger, move forwards, even if you have to crawl. And chew up that thing's core!

    (From a recorded transmission from Lieutenant Colonel L. G. Halford, commander of the Republic 2nd Independent High-Speed Combat Battalion)

    With a single shot, the Death Saurer's utterly overwhelming Charged Particle Cannon turned the summit of Mount Olympus into a world of death. All that lay around the area was the wreckage of Command Wolves and Imperial forces that had until a moment ago been shaped like Zoids. Half of Halford's Shield Liger had evaporated, and the Zoid Core that sustained the life of the metal lifeform was on the verge of shutting down. But even so, the Liger stood up.

    Unless I stop this devil-beast here, the entire Republic army will be defeated. No, this entire world might disappear.

    This thought gave Halford and his beloved Zoid a miraculous strength. And their fighting spirit, which they hadn't lost even in their despair, called forth another miracle. The Death Saurer suddenly gave off a strange light and began to writhe in agony.

    It was a backflow of energy, caused by firing the Charged Particle Cannon in an incomplete state without a control device. The Death Saurer was breaking down from the inside out. Halford bet everything on this chance. He made a final charge towards the Death Saurer's exposed core. The Liger's fangs seized the evil beast's core. Swinging its electromagnetic claws, the furiously raging Death Saurer sliced into the Liger's body. But even still, it didn't let go of the core. And then...

    The lion's fangs finally crunched down on the core. Rapidly losing its life force, the Death Saurer's breakdown accelerated and it disappeared amidst light and flames, along with the Imperial base and the Shield Liger that had seen its mission through to the end.

    Having fired its Charged Particle Cannon in an incomplete state, the Death Saurer began to break down due to a backflow of energy.

    Lt. Col. Halford and his Shield Liger desperately stood up, despite having lost half its body. Blazing with the last of its life, it bared its fangs at the Death Saurer's Zoid Core.

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