- The Resurrected Beast, Death Saurer!!


    October, 2099 ZAC         |        Summit of Olympus

    When the shield unit arrived at the summit, the front line of the Republican army withdrew. There was no way for them to turn back.

    At the time, even my Commander was freaked out. The large Zoid who took part in the fight against the Saber, the guy who killed it. This was it. This was a monster.

    (From the testimony of Lieutenant Tommy Paris, Republic 2nd Independent High Speed Battalion.)

    There were countless ruins that had already been destroyed on the Western continent. It seemed that they were constructed by a civilization more advanced than modern science, but none of them should have been destroyed.

    "Why are Republic Headquarters and the Imperial Army clinging to these things?"

    That thought kept running through Lt. Col. Halford's mind.

    "After crashing through, I understand..."

    He and his men hadn't hesitated, even after their troops were cut by half, to keep charging ahead. From the moment he had received this directive, he was prepared to never return. But, among the ruins that he'd just rushed into, he saw incredible things. Sleeping among the equipment of the ancient civilization, a huge Zoid. The computer began to send commands.

    Death Saurer. In the old war, it was the beast who nearly killed the Republic and put it on the verge of ruin. It was a legendary Zoid, said to be unbeatable. Halford instantly understood. It was said that this ruin had the power to revive.

    "They mustn't complete it!"

    However, while the horrible beast was incomplete, it had recovered enough that it was already active.

    The Shield broke through the escort of Helcats and Iguans, approaching the Death Saurer. At that moment, the killer that should've been incomplete started up.

    The Death Saurer destroyed his allied troops, destroyed the base, and pursued the Shield. There wasn't even a pilot in the cockpit.

    Terrible energy was being poured into the Death Saurer, from the pipes leading to the ruins equipment.

- The Ultimate Weapon, the Charged Particle Gun Fires!

    What!? Why, how is it working!? There's not even a pilot on board yet!

    Someone, anyone. Stop it. That core is of vital importance, brought to us directly by Mr. Prozen. To lose it, we...

    (A communication from the Imperial Base Commander, intercepted by the Double Sworder.)

    The Death Saurer started up in its incomplete state. It was a runaway unit, caused by the self-defense instincts of the metal life form. But was it really incomplete? Even the Commander and the Imperial Zoids who tried to stop the runaway were torn to shreds, as if they were pieces of paper.

    "Concentrate your attacks against his belly!"

    Cried Halford. Death Saurer's abdomen hadn't been armored yet. The vital point of all metal life forms, the Zoid Core, was exposed. But those that followed the command and attacked disappeared into a whirlpol of light released by the Death Saurer. The legendary ultimate weapon, the Charged Particle Gun, fired and blew them away.

    Shield Liger quickly activated its Energy Shield, but it was easily penetrated and the Shield Liger lost half of its body.

    The Charged Particle Gun changed the topography itself. In front of this destructive force, which was beyond anyone's imagination, there was no Zoid that could try to shield the troops anymore.
- This is the Shield Liger's Final battle!

    When I was a recruit, a soldier was taught that it was their duty to die for their country. I never told you about it. People think that they should die for their beliefs. But now I boldly state. Even if your machine can only move one limb, you keep going, even if you crawl. And tear out their core!

    (From the communication records of Lt. Col. Halford, Captain of the Republican 2nd High Speed Battalion.)

    The Death Saurer's overwhelming Charged Particle Gun turned into a world of death by destroying the Olympus summit. It was only a Command Wolf and the remnants of the Imperial troops that had chased the Zoid until a few minutes ago left. Halford's Shield Liger had half of its frame melted away, and the Zoid Core that supported the life of the metal life form was about to stop. But still, the Shield stood up. In this case.

    ? If they didn't stop this monster here, the Republican Army would be defeated. No. Perhaps this entire world may disappear.

    That thought gave miraculous power to Halford and his machine. Their fighting spirit, which wasn't yet lost to despire invoked another miracle. Suddenly, the Death Saurer acted suspiciously and began to struggle.

    Its body was incomplete, and firing the Charged Particle Cannon without a control device was causing a backflow of energy. The Death Saurer collapsed on its body. Halford bet everything on this opportunity. It was the last blow to the Death Saurer's exposed core. The fangs of the Shield caught the core of that bastard. Swinging its electromagnetic claws, the cockpit of the Shield Liger was destroyed by the Death Saurer's rampage. However, still, it didn't release the core. Then...

    The lion's fang finally broke the core. All of its life force flowed out of the Death Saurer and it collapsed, disappearing into light in the flames, along with the Imperial base and the Shield Liger who had completed its mission.

    The Death Saurer, who had fired a Charged Particle Gun with an incomplete body began to self-destruct due to the backlash of energy.

    While losing half of its body, the Shield Liger got up, led desperately by Lt. Col. Halford. It burned through the last of its life, and its fangs fell on the Death Saurer's Zoid Core.

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