Zoids Concept Art Book III

    Concept Art Book III carries on the Central Continental war seen at the end of Concept Art Book II. The jet-black Zoid has been recovered and put onto the battle field, resulting in a dangerous turn around that none of the soldiers are prepared for.

    In this book the Zoids are much closer to the designs we know today. Customs abound, and lots of new perspectives on the designs. They continue with profiles at the end of the book but at this time we don't have those translated. They will be added when translations are in.

Title: ZOIDS concept art III
Release Date: July 13th, 2012
ISBN: 978-4-7986-0435-0 C0076

- Chapter 1 Battle


    I am an observer. My ancestors and I have been recording the history of this planet on which we live, called "Planet Zoid."

    The Central Continent was still engulfed in war.

    But no one realized that a disaster which could destroy everything was approaching.

    The state of the war was in favor of the Republicans. The main forces of the Republic, including Trap Commandos, closed in on Darios, a fortified city which had served as a strongpoint of defense for the Imperial Forces.

    The desperate Imperial Forces in Darios fought back with all their might to keep the defense line. But the heartened Republicans overwhelmed the troops in Darios.

    After the fierce battle, the Republicans gained control of Darios.

    Meanwhile, far north of the Central Continent, there was a jet black Zoid being air-lifted across the sea. It had been salvaged by the Imperial air fortress after it stopped functioning in the Lake of Liquid Metal.

    The geologist and others who had been caught up in the awakening of the jet-black Zoid in the Lake of Liquid Metal, barely escaped wtih their lives. But the Gojulas pilot of the party was still unconscious.

    The geologist and his assistant hurriedly brought the comatose Gojulas pilot to the capital of the Republic where they gave warning of the presence of the jet-black Zoid.

    The Empire's elite unit brought up the rear in their withdrawal from Darios, holding off the Republican flyers' pursuit.

    The Republicans pursued their enemy to the Obelia Plain in the Imperial territory, but they encountered countless pillboxes forming a fortified defense line.

    Using their advanced searching ability, the Imperial Forces made sport of the Republicans with pinpoint sniper assault.

    The Trap Commandos battle was not without struggle, but they stood up courageously against the main forces of the enemy.

    As the battle between the two forces reached white hot intensity, the Republican reinforcements rushed to the plain and broke through the cluster of pillboxes.

    The Republican reinforcements advanced to Tigergauge, a choke point to the Imperial capital, but the Empire's capital defense corps stood in their way.

    In the research facilities on the northernmost solitary island, conversion of the jet-black Zoid into a mechanical battle beast progressed rapidly. But the operation faced rough going because, unlike ordinary mechanical life forms, the jet black Zoid had no Zoid Core for its nerve center.

    After a great deal of trial and error, the final adjustment was completed, and the jet-black Zoid was reborn as a mechanical battle beast, "Death Saurer."

- Chapter 2 Surprise Attack

    Death Saurer, along with a commando unit which included a superheavy ape-type Zoid called "Iron Kong" as its main force, made a sortie through the northernmost deep-sea, heading for the Central Continent.

    The Imperial commando unit landed quietly on the shore of Valecia Gulf.

    Finding a forest of trees containing a great deal of metallic elements in front of the commando unit. Iron Kong cut down the trees one after another, clearing a path for the troops that followed.

    The ace flyers received a communication from a Republican scout unit which read, "Detected unknown high energy signature in the Forest of Metallic Trees," so they rushed to the scene driving pterosaur-type Zoids known as "Salamanders."

    The moment they recognized the high energy signature in one corner of the Forest of Metallic Trees, a charged particle beam shot out suddenly from below, gringing down one of the Salamanders protecting its consort.

    Convinced that the enemy advanced through the Forest of Metallic Trees included the jet-black Zoid warned of by the geologist, the high command of the Republican Forces ordered an interception by "Ultrasaurus" a super-dreadnaught class sauropod-type Zoid which had been deployed at a supply base in Tobichov.

    Using location information on the targets from a Salamander, Ultrasaurus launched a long-range assault with its large-caliber main cannons.

    Iron Kong sprang out of the Forest of Metallic Trees and routed the Republican scout unit, dodging blasts from Ultrasaurus with surprising agility for its gigantic size.

    Death Saurer appeared from the Forest of Metallic Trees right behind Iron Kong, and advanced for Tobichov.

    Ultrasaurus concentrated all its firepower on the approaching Death Saurer, but the attack was nothing for Death Saurer's tough armor. Then the giant propeller on its back began rotating to absorb plasma energy from the atmosphere into its body.

    Ultrasaurus was incapacitated by a direct hit of a high-powered charged particle beam from Death Saurer. Then Death Saurer and its troops destroyed Tobichov and further advanced on the Republican capital.

    Meanwhile at a medical facility in the Republican capital, the Gojulas pilot who had been saved by the geologist recovered consciousness.

- Chapter 3 Determination

    Death Saurer and its troops invaded Bloodrock, a fortified city which had served as a stronghold of the Republican capital defense. The Republican garrison troops fought back with all their might, but they could do nothing against the charged particle beam of Death Saurer.

    The Republican troops fought in sheer desperation, but they were driven to retreat by the fierce attack of Death Saurer, and Bloodrock fell.

    Meanwhile at Lake Wilson in the Republican territory, large Imperial Forces assembled from all quarters, waging a major offensive against the Republican defense forces.

    With the arrival of Death Saurer and its troops, the Republican defense forces were wiped out. The Empire's vast forces headed straight for the Republican capital.

    To counter Death Saurer, a Zoid armed with an anti charged particle shield was being rapidly developed at a Republican base north of the capital.

    A superheavy ceratopsian-type Zoid was equipped with the anti charged particle shield built using the particle annihilation reactor from the spaceship GIII which had been under repars for return to Earth.

    To perfect the anti charged particle shield, repeated operational tests were required. But this took time, delaying completion.

    The recovered Gojulas pilot was ordered to make a sortie to gain time. He got into the cockpit of his own "Gojulas" which had received treatment and repair for the earlier battle damage.

    The Gojulas pilot had realized the futility and folly of war, but he committed himself to the battlefield once again to protect his home.

- Chapter 4 Overdrive

    The Imperial Forces advanced and began to cross the Wilson River by bridge. It was the shortest route to the Republican capital.

    An unexpected event occurred as the Imperial Forces crossed the bridge. The bridge was destroyed in an ambush by Gojulas, bringing the advance of the Imperial Forces to a halt.

    Standing before Gojulas, which had obstructed the invasion of the Imperial Forces, Death Saurer raised a wild war cry. Confronting this intimidating figure brought out the Gojulas pilot's fighting instinct and he was ready to challenge Death Saurer.

    As the fierce battle raged, the Gojulas pilot felt his heart pounding nearly out of his chest and he completely lost control over his actions. As if in reaction to the enemy pilot, Death Saurer also lost control and roared ferociously, in preparation to fire its charged particle beam cannon.

    Death Saurer, wildly out of control, fired charged particle beams at random, bringing down its own friendly troops one after another. Gojulas was struck by charged particle beams too, but barely managed to escape a direct hit.

    The pilot of Death Saurer somehow regained control of the Zoid and it set out to sea from the mouth of the Wilson River along with Iron Kong which had barely escaped the danger. A Salamander came flying by and managed to shoot a tracking beacon which attached to the submerging Death Saurer.

    The retreat of Death Saurer from the front immediately weakened the fighting potential of the Imperial Forces. With Gojulas leading the way, the surviving units of the Republic took advantage of the opportunity, launching a counter attack which succeeded in recovering Bloodrock.

    The Salamander chased signals from the tracking beacon with a naval unit to find where Death Saurer had gone.

    "Madthunder," the anti Death Saurer Zoid was finally completed! The High Command of the Republic ordered a pursuit mission, so that their capital would never again be exposed to the menace of the Death Saurer.

- Chapter 5 Decisive Battle

    Chasing Death Saurer, the pursuit unit lead by Madthunder and Gojulas finally arrived at the northernmost solitary island.

    When the pursuit unit landed, Iron Kong and Death Saurer, with its control systems functioning again, stood in their way.

    Gojulas took on Iron Kong alone, leaving Madthunder to face Death Saurer.

    Death Saurer fired charged particle beams at the fast encroaching Madthunder but even a direct hit did not damage it. Madthunder's anti charged particle beam shield functioned perfectly.

    In the command room of Madthunder, data received from the airborne Salamander was analyzed.

    With Salamander firing at Death Saurer's fan on its back, Madthunder charged into Death Saurer's abdomen with its two horns, which retained the power of the charged particle energy it had absorbed with its shield. But it was not a fatal blow, since Death Saurer had no Zoid Core.

    Madthunder broke both its horns in its clash with Death Saurer, losing capacity to continue the fight, but Gojulas, victorious in its mortal combat with Iron Kong, rushed to challenge Death Saurer once again.

    Death Saurer lost control and exploded wildly again, emitting its store of charged particle energy from all over its body.

    The heat released by the emission of charged particle energy caused the surrounding icebergs to collapse around them, swallowing up Death Saurer and Gojulas as well.

    As the icebergs collapsed one after another, Madthunder and the surviving pursuit unit quickly evacuated the solitary island.

    On the Central Continent, the battle over Tigergauge had continued back and forth, but the Republicans' heavy attack finally defeated the Empire's capital defense corps.

    Encouraged by the victory, the Republicans with the Trap Commandos in the lead, surged into the Imperial capital.

    In a fateful confrontation with the elite unit of the Empire, the Trap Commandos finally settled the score with the adversary they had fought so many times.

    Realizing that they had no chance of victory, the Emperor and a group of Imperial subjects escaped from the capital.

    The long war was finally over with victory in the hands of the Republic.

    And on the northernmost solitary island, silence was restored and it was as if there had been no battle at all.