- Special Edition: Command Wolf Holotech

    The Command Wolf Holotech was released as a Special Edition for the Zoids Fuzors line. This meant it had no registration number. The kit itself is cast in a light black plastic for the body, clear black for the armor, and faint red for the normally-silver parts. It looks excellent, in person, but can actually sun damage very easily. Recommended to keep it behind UV protection of some kind.

    I rarely have anything bad to say about Command Wolves so I'll just leave it at this: They're an amazing motorized kit, even for a wind up, and they run for years! One of the best motorized kits you can pick up.

- Gimmicks

    HT has a cockpit cast in clear red. In some pictures it looks orange-ish but I think this is some slight sun damage? My HT is quite old and hes been collecting dust for a loonnngg time. Either way, it looks awesome. The interior control stick can swing forward and is cast in a faint red.

    The jaws swing open on a hinge joint. The range is good but is stopped by the fluffy neck piece on the bottom of the neck.

    A bar goes through the back of the head, acting as a hinge where it connects. Sometimes this comes loose, but tightening the neck pieces usually helps.

    The neck also swings up and down. This is connected to how fast the Command Wolf walks, based on the wind up motor. It also makes for some excellent poses compared to most motorized Zoids.

Beam Gun:
    The beam gun is one of only a few pieces that are cast in a faded red. This really brings out a nice variety in colors. Since it's mounted on a peg it can swivel 360 degrees, facing in any direction.

    Like most armor pieces the tail is cast in clear plastic. It moves up and down, able to tuck down between the legs. Two pegs on either side can mount most standard weapons.